Czech-Slovak Union Votes to Ordain Women to Pastoral Ministry, Rejects GC Document



Doctor Renee Drumm décades ago in her doctoral dissertation ( for her PHD at Andrews ). wrote a blistering, scathing account detailing the shabby, shoddy, shameful treatment of ADVENTIST lesbian / gay offspring by their parents, ( and also their congregations and their church schools ).

Children of rejecting parents have a hugely higher suicide rate.

Self respect, self worth and self esteem are paramount to a young person reaching successful adulthood — impossible when subjected to denigration, discrimination and despicable demeaning denouncements.

Hopefully Andrews, decades after Dr Drumm’s distinguished dissertation, has finally accepted the fact that lesbian / gay offspring growing up in a secular / atheist ACCEPTING household are infinitely better off than those raised in a humiliating, rejecting Adventist family.

And speaking of self worth and self esteem, those entities boldly ordaining our clergywomen, send a strong signal of validation to our young girls / women, telling them they are equally valued members of our church

(Elmer Cupino) #22


I wonder how many of our SDA world Unions would have the courage and vision of our brothers at the Czech-Slovak Union? Let them stand now and be counted.


This seems kind of strange. Preaching service? So is this really just preaching in church or is this all the other pastoral duties that the church pays for as an employed denominational ordained pastor?

(jeremy) #24

actually, lizwi, god worked with both parts of the split under rehoboam…don’t you think he’ll do the same if modern adventism splits…

why do you think a split is such a bad thing…and why do you think it’s the opposing sides in any split who bear the responsibility for avoiding a split…in the original bible story, wasn’t it rehoboam who provoked ten tribes to leave him…that is, was it the ten tribes fault for leaving, or was it rehoboam’s fault for driving them to leave…

i think TW is driving NAD and other WO interests to leave the GC…if they do, i don’t think we can say it’s their fault…but i think we can say it’s TW’s fault…

(Steve Mga) #25

robin – Thanks!! I do know of a number of LG’s who had to be baptized by
SDA pastors not in their Union and to have an SDA church membership
not in their Union. Because their “home church” they attend Pastor and
Leadership would not allow the baptism, NOR the membership.


Very well said.
Those who are able to shed traditions of men with its misconceptions, pride, prejudiced and choose to embrace the equality of all believers as workers for His cause will be able to enter the kingdom.

(Lizwi Alpha Ntuli) #27

@SDARoadKill, It is convenient to see rebellion in others, but not your own. That is what the sinful nature does to us. Korah was convinced that Moses was wrong.

@cincerity, I couldn’t agree with you more. Cash, and the name SDA. I do not know why people think that the name carries some magic. It doesn’t. Many people have deviated from the core values of the SDA church but still sue to retain the name. Funny

@GeorgeTichy, It is natural to see the same issue from different perspectives. One does not have to be special. The angle from which you view something determines what you see. I am in a unique position because I have not taken a side like some people here. I am willing to listen to anyone who talks sense. As such I am not convinced that any side is completely right and the other completely wrong. As for the split, it is messy, like in a marriage, but it is far better to split than to kill one another. My thoughts

(Store Boy) #28

Who cares? It’s not about Ted Wilson and his failing leadership or the church as an organization. It’s about my relationship with God and being a part of the “church of God; and neither Ted nor the SDA church is in charge of that.

(George Tichy) #29

Congratulations for writing a full comment without using the word “you.” It sounds so much better! :+1:

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I thot LGT was last generation theology

(Shining) #31

Korah was convinced that God would not change who He called for leadership. Korah was for the way they usually picked church leaders over the previous 2,000 years. Korah ignored the evidence God gave that things had changed from the historic practice of the antidiluvians on.

(Steve Mga) #32

LGT Is Last generation theology initials.
LG as I used THEM is Gay/Lesbian applying for church membership.
LG’s love God just as we do. This is what the SDA Church has been denying.

(Henry Carroll Hills) #33

The factual presentation and the comments were refreshing

(Peter) #34

I suggest you refer to LGBT - because LGT also refers to “Last Generation Theology”. Big difference!

(Barry Marden) #35

Fundamental belief number 14 - “we are to serve and be served without partiality or reservation” - why is this so difficult? - let us comply with our own statement of beliefs!


The BBC NEWS is reporting that the leading candidate in the forthcoming presidential election in Slovakia is a woman.

This is evidence that Slovakian men are not threatened by female authority figires. Hence our male church hierarchy in Slovakia is boldly ordaining Adventist clergywomen .

We wish TW was as secure in his masculinity .

(George Tichy) #37

We the Czechs, and the Slovaks as well, don’t feel our masculinity being threatened by a female pastor… :wink: :sunglasses:

(Jack Heisler) #38

Christ said anyone who beleived in Him would have everlasting life !
Not just perfect people !

(Tim Teichman) #39

It might move out of the dark ages and accept reality as it actually is.

(Tim Teichman) #40

There is no valid position that includes the disenfranchisement of women within the church.