Czech-Slovak Union Votes to Ordain Women to Pastoral Ministry, Rejects GC Document

(Tim Teichman) #101

I will leave the church if such a thing happens.


What a travesty. And how silly. To those from both the inside and the outside, this denomination with a founder who says she was “ordained” by God Himself, one who preached to thousands of people. and who was a top administrator using leadership skills, banning women from authorized spiritual leadership looks crazy! Deeply intentional, and discrimination-focused. What a tragedy for this organization! It is essentially dumping the Priesthood of All Believers and Fundamental Belief #14.

(reliquum) #103

And then there is that. I was trying to avoid that specific topic, so brought up a few other noncompliance points. His answers are so obscurantly myopic on anything pertaining to ordination!

(George Tichy) #104

Steve, long time ago (2 years?) I joked that #29 would be Male Headship.
Not much of a joke for the crazy Fulcrumites…
My prophetic gift is not that bad after all, uh??? :roll_eyes: :innocent:

(George Tichy) #105

Under Ted Wilson it may well happen… Start packing up buddy!.. :rofl: