Dan Jackson Shares Wishes for NAD

In a special video edition of the NAD Newspoints bulletin from the North American Division Communication Department, NAD President Daniel R Jackson reflects on the past five years and shares his thoughts and wishes for the members of the Division heading into this summer’s 60th General Conference Session in San Antonio, Texas.

Watch his recorded statement in the video below:

Thoughts Going into GC Session from NAD Adventist on Vimeo.

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Dan Jackson needs to be elected the next GC Prez of the SDA church. He has the vision and heart of a true servent/leader similar to the qualities of former GC Prez Jan Paulson. " People will never care how much you know until they know how much you care." Theodore Roosevelt


This is an excellent campaign speech. what a contrast to the current leader… If North Anerica holds its place, He will be the refreshing new President. if not It will be a valuable valedictory… God can and does work through and with feeble man, but how refreshing it would be to have someone who didn’t insist on running ahead of The Lord. Tom Z


As a woman who is concerned about a small number of men running the show, I think we need to consider how the majority of the Denomination would think about an Anglo-American or European’s running everyone else. Of course, in the developed world, women have the same access to resources as men, including both informal and formal education and management experience, when we can’t say that about the peoples who have not yet advanced far beyond the damages brought by the colonial experience and the various responses to that. We do need someone from a progressive, developed nation, but I fear that Jackson, who would be an insightful and inspired leader, is too “central,” to the internationally preceived power stucture. Maybe the ideal is a three-generations back member of a developed-nation division or union who is not of Anglo- or European heritage—I’m sure developed Asia has Denominational talent, for example. We should make choices on the basis of proved talent and broad experience, but politics doesn’t work that way. Also: does Jackson have mission experience? I think that’s a requirement.


He included 5 “RED BOOK” quotes compared to 3 bible ones until the wrap which included 2 more bible verses…which were not read by him.
1:45–RH 1905
3:08–TM 23
4:34–JN 13:35
5:07–LUKE 11:13
7:05–HEB 12:2
9:07–TM 25&26
10:28–COL 11
END-- PHIL 1:9, 2 TIM 1:7

7:26 Do you agree that Jesus is in the most holy place ministering for us?
2:52 Advice to check scriptures. If one uses scriptures only is it pro or con W.O.?

5:30 Mention of Holy Spirit being poured out…(.ACTS 5:32 is the condition and not being met.)

7:15 Advice to keep eyes fixed on Jesus…rather than those who disagree with others. Is this message a damage control short speech to counter those who are spreading fear about SDA collapse if WO passes?

All of the fuss on WO, IJ, LGBT, LGT, evolution, contemplative prayer, emerging church, new age…

I challenge this speaker, Ted Wilson, Jerry Page, and all ministerial secretaries to implement sermon surveys ASAP to see if these are the vital issues or is it the quality of sermons weekly preached by SDA clergy.

SDA surveys reveal that the top reasons people go out the back door is that their needs are not being met and conflict with pastors.

1 Corinthians 3:3 For ye are yet carnal: for whereas there is among you envying, and strife, and divisions, are ye not carnal, and walk as men?

The very first quote cited launches the speech agenda which is to counter fear.
The SDA denomination is obsessed with fear/paranoia. I have lost track of the times people at church have said when discussing contemporary events…"That is scary"
Just yesterday the "time of trouble " was mentioned in Sabbath school again.

Close of probation, mark of beast, death decree, SUNday law.

What will almost all who hear the constant phrase…"Jesus is coming soon " like mentioned in this short speech think…? Am I ready/prepared for heaven or the close of probation??

Fear leads to control obsession… good luck dealing with it in a reactive, haphazard manner.

Typical dealing with symptoms and not root causes.

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On another thread is being discussed the inability of standardized testing to improve the students capacity to learn, and actually distracts them from true learning but imposing irrelevant data upon them for answering test questions. It seems that you would apply this same short-sighted solution to congregational preachers. Sounds to me that we might as well go back to the pre-Protestant liturgy for our sermonizing. Do you find that helpful?

Trust God.


I am just saying that his talk was a campaign speech, and far superior to the current model. it has nothing to do with my beliefs. it is an institutional improvement potential plus nothing. Jesus entered the Most Holy Place upon His return to His Father not on Oct 1844. If that matter to you. it does to me.


I agree that it sounds like a “campaign speech”… but for what office? I’d suggest it is for keeping the office that he already has. I agree with others that our next GC President needs to come from outside the NAD. Maybe we should revisit Jan Paulsen’s home Division for another like him.


i actually think ted wilson should be re-elected, but that sandra roberts should be our next nad president…this would put a real face on the new direction in women’s ordination our church is taking, but stay connected with our older traditions…and it would be a constant reminder that god raised our church through a woman…

as nad president, sandra could do a lot prove to divisions opposed to wo that their opposition is cultural, not biblical…and if she can establish a close working relationship with ted, our world church would coalesce around them, and we’d be more united than ever…

What I suggest is not a solution , it is for evaluation and assessment.
The solution is a different matter altogether.

I really don’t think it matters who is elected leaders…except to the few agitators in local churches. What drives the spiritual health and agenda at the local level is the quality of the presentations of the pastor(s) and SS teachers.

What a great man of God! I’d swop him for Ted any day!


Or how about Jan Paulsen again. He is retired, and at 78 many may consider him too old. But Winston Churchill was 77 when he became prime minister of Great Britain a second time in 1951. Ronald Reagen was 70 when he was elected to his first term. EGW was 74 when she came back from Australia in 1901, and was still a strong voice in the church till her death 14 years later. With age comes wisdom and a lifetime of experience, that if coupled with a desire to be a servent/leader, a visionary, and a contemporary thinker can still lead this church to it’s finest hour and out of the current abyss of theological debate.

But it could be that someone will rise that we don’t even know who it is. More often than not God does not call the qualified, but he most certainly qualifies the called. ie. Moses, Gideon,


A good speech.
I didnt hear much about the NAD except he believes God might intervene with some super power on the Brains of members if things dont “go right”. Do this to keep the church in line and going straight.
But we have been hearing the same voices by different people for months.

Our Scripture reading for today was 1 Samuel chapter 8.
God did NOT work a miracle on the Brains of the leaders of Israel at that time. He said, OK! You Want It? You Got it! And, God gave it to them. Their King by the name of Saul.
"There [at Gilgal] they sacrificed offerings of well-being before the Lord, and there Saul and all the Israelites rejoiced greatly."
Men rejoiced!
God wept!

Will men rejoice?
Will God weep?



It must be said that this audio-visual offering is in response to very recent scared sermons by Doug Bachelor and Stephen Bohr (who I understand is retiring in a month or two). These may be viewed on YouTube.


May this never be! It would be sort of like Jan Paulsen, phase 2, only worse.

Dan Jackson’s words mean little to me. He lied straight to my face one year ago this month when he gave me his word that the NAD would not go into the GC session with an agenda on WO. Amazingly, I believed him.

Regardless of his stance, when one gives their word, it should mean something.

He is now running scared for his job… as well he should be.

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I found your comment more than a bit enigmatic. Maybe you might explicate more of what you have in mind?

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Would you (whoever you are) like to see Dan Jackson lose his job?


You may be right. After all, the NAD presidency has some meaning. But, what difference does it really make who is the GC Prez?