Daniel Jackson Reelected North American Division President

The delegates of the 60th General Conference Session voted to reelect Daniel R. Jackson to serve as president of the North American Division (NAD), along with 12 other presidents of the 13 divisions that make up the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist Church. Jackson will serve another five years as the president of the NAD, a position he has held since 2010.

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What a relief and joy this is! We have a leader with integrity, humility, and guts.


this is EXCELLENT news…dan has spearheaded the movement in our church towards women’s ordination, and has been nothing but encouraging and affirming of our division, even though he’s been mischaracterized and greatly misunderstood…i think he’s had the most difficult job of all our leaders…


Dan has not been a strong leader and has miscalculated some strategic things over the last few years, but he does represent a reasonable alternative to the fundamentalist agenda.

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Jeremy, for you to use capital letters for the first time ever, this must actually be VERY good news… LOL

Yes, it’s a relief. I was very concerned with this position. Jackson’s reelection is actually a kind of a defeat to TW. But for us, it’s actually much more important to have someone good at the NAD because it affects us much more than the GC Prez.


I believe DJ will do much better when the NAD moves out of the GC’s building. This will be very healthy.


Happy for you NAD-ians for Jackson’s re-election, though we might not necessarily agree with his WO position. So can we say Dan Jackson’s re-election was God’s will, as much as Ted Wilson’s?

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yes it was God’s will, but what would you conclude? Saul was in a way God’s will. The Babylonian Exile was in a way God’s will…David was God’s will…


We humans like to throw around the “Gods will” statement a bit to much. God is a part of all that goes on. I don’t know if either election fits into assurance that this’was Gods Will. Our God is so loveing and He wants man to be happy, but He may not be controlling every move we make.


And … would you allow … in the same way as Saul, the exile and David, that NO to women’s ordination can be God’s will too?

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A rare use of capital letters for emphasis Jeremy. I hope that you will start to use capitals to show respect for people’s proper names and most importantly when referring to the Trinity.


Any chance we can get some info about the other 12 division leaders for us non NADians?

Yes, but that would not mean God wants that we continue to refuse to recognize his call of women. He sure has allowed Israel to neglect the care of widdows and orphans for quite a while.


I shared a joke with DJ in the Elevator last night.
I think that he was in tension relief mode too.

Spare a thought and a prayer for those whose sense of calling hangs on the Wednesday vote.
I see them in the Elevator too. If I read their countenance right, they smile with downcast eyes.
It must be a terrifying thing to be in a bear pit, where you don’t know which bears are friendly.


But then again: wouldn’t you prefer the inside of the cup be clean rather than the outside?


I’ve seen many a people use caps for Gods name and would not know love even if it slapped them in the face. They also love to use “amen” a lot too, and all the other jargon that goes along with it.

And how much difference will there be at the local churches because Dan was reelected?
or Ted Wilson for that matter?

Will those reelections change the sermons presented or Sabbath school programs?

DJ(?) came through Indiana a few years ago. His wife is very much in favor of WO. I personally would have liked a new face there for various reasons. I think someone said that the NAD is loosing influence and I think that is so, again for various reasons.

However I do wish him God’s blessing in all he does.

I wonder how contentious it was in nomcom - assuming that is that deals hadn’t already been struck beforehand.

I see four main issues that progressive SDAs are focused on; the reelection of TW, the reelection of DJ, the creation statement, and WO. Perhaps DJ is the deal to give the NAD something when/if the other three don’t work out the way they hoped. Replacing DJ plus voting down WO would have been beyond discouraging for many and caused much upheaval I think.


I feel sorry for your pastor - why don’t you go to a different church?


I think both are just the result of some nominating committees’ preferences.