Daniel Jackson Reelected North American Division President

Well, since the vote will be NO tomorrow, at least in the NAD the policy will not change since DJ will keep leading and allowing the Unions to do what they have the right to do. And two of them have already done with no problem, no “grave consequences”…


Any comment on the method of election? How many candidates were proposed? Were there any alternatives from which the delegates could have chosen from.

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I agree with Dan on women ordination. But is this issue up to one individual to decide?

True, just like our President Ted Wilson. He has done a lot for the Church and we in the third world have made use of him extensively in Evangelism. Just recently in Zimbabwe, he baptised more than 40 thousand souls and participated in many other projects. That is the kind of leadership we want. He also held a campaign in South Africa where he met thousands and thousands of young people. I can’t mention all the things TW has done in the past five years

I have been rebuked for using the “apostacy” in the other thread. “Fundamentalist” sounds too strong a term to use for your fellow brethren you disagree with

NAD moving out would be regrettable but a move I am willing to support should it come to that. Many have done so before. In Zimbabwe a whole Conference got disfellowshiped and it transformed itself into Zimbabwe Sabbath Keepers Conference.

No, we discussed this at length here so you may want to review this. Fundamentalist is a specific term used for extreme views on the right side of the spectrum. Fundamentalism is not conservatism. Fundamentalism seeks to define truth in definitive terms and works aggressively to export to and assert those ideas on others. The beliefs are paramount and nothing is greater than the beliefs. You can see that play out here. People are so wrapped up in a perfection of belief that they leave a wake of tired, aching, injured souls in their path.


I could say the same about “liberals” especially those who believe in evolution as an explanation of origins. They are so aggressive with their views to the extent of wanting to force them upon those who do not believe in them. Look at Educational institutions you have Professors mocking if not persecuting students who dare challenge darwinism.

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I’m not sure what Gods will is in every human act. The vote is a human act. I happen to support WO. If the vote is No, then I will continue to study the issue. But people who assign the “Gods Will” to every human act need to be careful. Because it keeps us from continuing to study for are selfs. And that study for our selfs keeps us from becoming institutional Christians. In my view institutional Christians become influenced to a large degree by others and accepts things that they really have not studied for them selfs.

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It is interesting that nothing is said about the voting process that led to the re-election of Elder Daniel Jackson. Was there secret ballot? Was the electronic votes raised again? How many candidates were available? What do the mellenials say and will spectrum for a change ask those from the developing world about what they feel about Elder Daniel Jackson’s re-election. Thank you spectrum about the updates.

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Such objective positions are not to be expected at Spectrum. They sing the song one way when it suits them and the other when it doesnt.

You’re welcome to use the term liberal here. It is a rather positive thing actually. Liberals are certainly not wooden or definitive in beliefs. By definition liberalism embraces diversity. Not always perfectly as you point out, but that is the definition. I am very familiar with the school you refer to and I can tell you specifically that no such thing usually happens. The one student who got in trouble was violating school policy and had been given a lot of grace before the school took action.
We can laugh at beliefs, but we cannot mock the people nor call them evil, apostate, etc. It is not our role to judge. We can believe anything, but we can’t force it on others.


SDA Gulag Archipelago Syndrome?


List the presidents elected for all the 13 divisions please

You can look it up online, right?

(He probably can, but we aim to please here:

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Both Nebuchadnezzar AND Cyrus were God’s Servants.

On my Facebook, former students who are now Pastors in Australia, and others in AU are proud that Glenn Townend is President, and speak very highly of him.

I agree, even our human decisions or session appointment/resolutions might not necessarily be God’s sovereign or direct will but it might still be within His permissive will. So if lightning doesnt strike the session after the WO vote, be it yes or no, then fine, let’s progress. But to second-guess or doubt any appointment or decision by a clear majority of fellow believers (esp. on an issue that doesn’t patently break any commandment) is begin to trust in our own human wisdom.
And sure we should try and avoid becoming institutional Christians. It depends on what the issue is. There are some issues that are clear, those that are not need personal and corporate study but there comes a time when we have to allow that regardless where we might personally stand on an issue, we will stand with the decision of the body of believers. Today is such a day.

Come on, Victor, why would someone’s calling hang on the WO vote? Will they no longer be allowed to preach, do Bible studies and outreach, witness, mother, wife, teach Sabbath school, lead departments, etc just because they are not ordained? Let’s not put this ordination thing on a pedestal, as if the world’s going to crash or women will lose their salvation if they don’t get ordained. We make them become restless Eves when we reckless Adams do that.

Be positive

I am trying to give readers a sense of the emotional signals I am picking up, while trying not to be specific. Whether this is a big deal for you and I, matters not. To give you a sense of the buzz, I have just heard a well positioned lady speculate that this debate could go into the late hours. Right or wrong, people have expectations, and there will be some hurting people if they find recognition of their aspirations crushed.

Whstever your view - spare a thought for them.


BePositive, I think we agree. And I should have completed my post and said, we are still Chtristian Adventist. Because we disagree we can still worship together. My position with Gods will comes from 37 years of experience with various committees at all levels up to GC. Many times I could and others could tell that the the chair had already decided the outcome before we even discussed the matter. To then say well I prayed about it and it’s Gods will that we go this direction or this is why we are putting this person in this position is wrong. Many times I found politics made the move. So while I support WO, I will accept the vote because I am part of the whole.