Daniel Jackson Reelected North American Division President

Long ago the “decision of the body of believers” said that in many areas Unions could be autonomous as to who they agreed to ordain into ministry. Ordination further filtered down from just pastors to Elders, Deacons, Deaconess.
But in these cases it was Unions going at it alone with no “acceptance” by the larger church body.
What the Unions want with this Vote is receive the BLESSING of the Larger Church Body on the direction that some of them went.
What the Unions want with this Vote is to receive the Blessing of the Larger Church Body on ALL the Unions, ALL the Divisions on the practice of Ordination of Ministry regardless of Gender.


George, I understand Delbert from Oakwoood was not re-elected as a GC VP.
Do we know why?

This article at Adventist Today hints at a possible reason.

Tomorrow? I thought it was suppose to be today. Do you know what time tomorrow the vote will take place?

Btw, nothing against you George. But I hope that tomorrow you turn out to be a false prophet :smile:


False prophet? Nahhh, not a chance Tony.
Yes, I understand that the vote will be tomorrow around 4:30pm. People will be waving the yellow cards like crazy.
Actually, they should use red cards tomorrow, like in soccer. Red cards to the “sisters” in church!!! :wink:


Sorry Garee, but I have no clue on this one.

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Elmer, I heard that there will be another “Ratsara Maneuver” after the GC is over… He is going back home and will tell people that he was not re-elected… ::smile:

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What time do the shopping malls close? 5:00PM? People should be rushing out 4:00PM to get those sale items and save.:smile:

I’m with you. The vote will be a resounding NO.

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Yes, today will be remembered as the "D-Day."
Another shameful day in SDA history, when D = Discrimination of women was upheld.
I wonder if SDA actually means Still Discriminating Against…

Next: Unions taking action, using the powers they always had.


Apparently you have forgotten, Tony, that tomorrow on the east side of the date line is today west of it. Which of course makes this timing thing a man-made invention and is regardless of God.

Trust The Process.