Daniel L. Honoré Named President of Minnesota Conference—And More News

Daniel L. Honoré, past president of the Northeastern Conference, has been named president of the Minnesota Conference.

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The news story did not report a most interesting occurrence where the delegates left the constituency meeting singing the following tune in unison:

“When the Minnesota Conference elects a new president
“That’s Honoré

“When the Northeastern Conference has to give up their guy
“That’s Honoré”

Kudos to the Wolverhampton Pathfinders and their Sucoteto wreath project! I’m sure this rang a bell for their community, since the Wolverhampton population is about 36% non-white. They could also promote this into a new Pathfinder honor badge - a bit higher on the scale than knot-tying or candle making.

That’s funny! Some of the less old may not get that it’s a parody of a Dean Martin song from the 1950s: "That’s Amore’ ".(When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie/ That’s amore’)

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