Danny Shelton Steps Down as 3ABN President

Danny Shelton, founder of Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN), stepped down Friday, September 27, 2019, from his position as president of the international Adventist television ministry.

Shelton made the announcement at the 2019 Fall 3ABN Camp Meeting, surrounded by his wife, Yvonne Lewis-Shelton; 3ABN executives and their spouses; along with several pastors in attendance.

During a tearful transition, Shelton passed the baton to Greg Morikone, who currently serves as the network’s vice president and production manager. Morikone, who joined the ministry 20 years ago, stood next to his wife, Jill, who serves as chief operating officer.

Shelton, 68, said he was stepping aside because the time had come for him to slow down. Therefore, the board recently asked Morikone, who joined the ministry 20 years ago, to assume the position of president.

“My life is 3ABN; it always will be,” Shelton said. “So, I am not resigning, lest anybody say, ‘Danny’s quitting, Danny’s resigning.’ I couldn’t.

“I just gave them a big talk about never quitting, right?” he asked, motioning to the Morikones. “Never give up.”

The transition comes as 3ABN remains embroiled in a bitter dispute with former 3ABN Kids Time host Brenda Walsh over money raised for a proposed children’s studio in Collegedale, Tenn., a project that 3ABN has since abandoned. In a recent interview, Walsh estimated the amount to be between $1 and $2 million. While making the announcement, Shelton said 3ABN was short $1 million and would continue with fundraising activities.

Shelton said he considered both Morikones for the president position, and gave them a choice. He said Greg Morikone decided to take the job because he had witnessed attacks against Shelton and wanted to protect his wife from “darts” that she might face.

Following the announcement, Pastor Doug Batchelor prayed over the couple asking God to bless their ministry.

Morikone said he and his wife felt blessed to be a part of 3ABN and would collaborate with the Sheltons and other leaders to continue the network’s mission.

“It’s an emotional day for me,” he said, his voice breaking with emotion. “3ABN has meant a lot to my family through the years.”

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All seemed normal until I read this. Yikes.


Danny Shelton had his ups and downs over the years.
One was the divorce of his wife which sounded a little “messy”.

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There was a lot of “messy” things going on at 3ABN. I wonder whatever happened to Brandy Shelton.


Danny is a disgrace to himself and the ministry. I am surprised that Yvonne Lewis would lower herself to marry this spiritual disgrace to the ministry he started.

" I wonder whatever happened to Brandy Shelton?"

Don’t we all…
His first wife died so he was free to re-marry.
His second wife and he created a scandal over their divorce.
No one publically knows what happened to his third wife.
And now he is married to Yvonne Lewis.

I don’t see how any viable Christian would want to identify with Danny or his ministry.

That Doug Batchelor would give any credibilty to this fiasco is surprising to me.
The truth is, his ministry is so generic it has no definition of what is believed or defended.
But they must be gleaning millions of dollars as they continue to expand world wide.
Most, if not all “independent ministries” are cults raised up to correct the SDA church. It expanded with the Dr. Ford fiasco as each group was going to “straighten out the church” and save it from apostasy.

From conservative to liberal ministries they are all cults.
Why? Because none have any church membership they must answer to.
Each formulates their own spirituality and gleans supporters who have no say so about the teaching.
This is a cult. And Doug Batchelor fits this agenda as well as all the others.

None the less, some may support a ministry for a period of time until and unless they decide the ministry has gone off the deep end. This is 3ABN.

But notice, they create a family atmosphere and some are joined to the “family”.


They do have a wide TV following by SDAs.
They are very entwined in ASI [Adventist services and industries] which
has a lot of money floating around.
And as this article and the other states, many ministries use their station to
broadcast their materials.
A number of SDA leaders over time have used their broadcasting platform
to speak to SDA listeners.


Maybe it’s such gems from his site as:

“When humanity rebelled against the Creator by building the Tower of Babel, the Lord confused their languages to stop their evil work. But when God’s people cooperate with Him and each other to spread the good news, the curse of Babel is reversed!”

“Just like the vanilla orchid, there are only brief moments in life when a person’s heart is truly open to the gospel.”


3ABN is definitely not my cup of tea! Neither is D. Batchelor.

Ted Wilson seems to visit 3ABN fairly often…

Fall 26-28, 2019

I don’t get the attraction to this ministry at all!


Could the attraction be that Batchelor seems to tow the conservative, traditional line from 1950s Adventism?


You’re probably right! It is appealing to quite a few. Mind boggling! :scream:


Which part sounded “normal”, Tim? :smile:


Wow, Bill…I agree with almost everything you have said! :innocent:


What possible “attraction” would there possibly be for you, Carol? Let us count the ways why it would NOT…

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None, nada, zero…absolutely nothing! :grin:


Carol –
It is a Win-Win for both 3ABN and President Wilson.
President Wilson gets to make his speeches to many influential
By being there with 3ABN it encourages SDAs to send money to
support it.

3ABN and Hope Channel have different formats and their presentations
are so much different from each other. I think that is why 3ABN is the one
with the larger viewing audience.
No one has mentioned LomaLinda Channel on TV. I’ve watched that when
at a friend’s house in TN.


I have knows some of the “players” in this saga for some time now…and where they have ended up is surprising. Brenda Walsh is a very smart woman, well-connected, and is not destitute. I think that Danny might have a formidable foe on his hands now and is stepping down to protect himself (and newest wife and possibly 3ABN).

Having him serve as the President is a joke after his numerous marriages and lawsuits. Someone finally smartened up (and I don’t think it was Danny). Danny has also proven himself to not be overly protective of those who have supported him for decades (just ask Brenda and his second wife, Linda). :slight_smile:


Yes, it just like any other political figure who makes “appearances” that benefit both parties.

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That was my thought as well, that there was a problem that was causing his resignation. Nothing about him engenders trust or belief in anything he says…just my opinion.

I bet if all the shenanigans were known, it would make a great soap opera.


Danny probably has some type of “position” on 3ABN so he can continue
to receive a salary.


I always suspected that you were merciless… :rofl: