Defending Last Generation Theology

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And on this, you are so off it isn’t funny. Walter Rea knew her writings backwards and forwards. He was an EGW acolyte. So did Ron Numbers. I’d be willing to bet so did Tom Zwemer and George. So did many of us until we started to pay attention to that (wo)man behind the curtain. Lol!

You’ve practically made her into an idol, Jeremy. Your view is even more extreme than the denomination’s official position itself.


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It seems that anyone who doesn’t view EGW in the same, or much the same way as Jeremy, they have either not read her works extensively, or don’t really understand the writings, or “get it”.

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That’s possible and may be true in some cases. But absolutely not true in plenty of other cases. I’ve read a lot of EGW…even a lot of the Testimonies.

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It’s simply condescending, Carol. There are a lot of informed people on this site, who are quite familiar with her writings, with a variety of viewpoints. The ultimate problem is that for Jeremy explicitly, and for the many within the denomination implicitly, she is the final arbiter of Scriptural interpretation and meaning.

That is just plain heretical. The arguments are clever, but this shuts down all fresh interpretive insight and application of the Scriptures. It distorts the position of the gospel, the Scriptures, and the role and resposibility of believers and the body in the ongoing task of biblical interpretation. As long as one agrees with her infallible take its ok. Disagree, and you’ve touched the third rail. It’s spiritually toxic and a cult like mentality…not to mention that such a view has helped elevate her to the position of speaking ex cathedra on all doctrinal and ecclesiastical matters.

Pope Ellen l? Lol!



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Continuing the discussion from Defending Last Generation Theology:

Sorry Steve. Rev. 21:25…there shall be no nite there.

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Jeremy, in my life, I dare say I have likely read her a lot more than you.
And, I get it. She just wasnt what she was advertized to be. Not wrong on everything or right on everything. Kinda like the rest of us but most of us dont claim visions.
Sola Scriptura is the only safe path and not “extra biblical” added info by anyone. That’s what I get!

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David –
Yes, it was a “tongue in cheek” play on words. Apparently be like some cities
here on earth busy with music groups around the clock. Walking around the
“river walk”, playing in the parks. Huge square mileage to investigate. Too
much to do for staying home. Be safe to just nap under some tree. Will be
OK to be “homeless” up there.

(George Tichy) #228

When someone says, as Jeremy @vandieman) did some time ago, that the SOP actually contains the whole Bible, therefore reading the SOP would be sufficient… well, what else do we have left to talk about this issue?..

And now this BS (Beautiful Statements) that Jeremy has been making lately, that EGW’s critics are not well read of her writings. Geesh…I won’t even comment further on this absurdity.

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But one thing I admire about EGW: her ability to write new “boox” after her death. Post-mortem writings…
Maybe after all the immortality of the soul is true… :wink:

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It seems that Steve @niteguy2 is not aware that the new earth will not be rotating around itself or around the Sun, and that the population will live only on the side of the globe turned toward the Sun…

(Steve Mga) #231

George –
Is it ONLY talking about that HUGE piece of territory called the New Jerusalem?
Measure it out. Put it on the map over the Mediterranean. HUGE!!
Doesn’t seem to say anything about the rest of the earth [actually they probably
DID NOT know about the rest of the earth].
Doesn’t say anything about seasons either. Fall, Summer, Winter, Spring in
parts of the world. A lot of plants are dependent on the location of the earth with
the sun in order to do “their thing”. Even different summer months here in US have
their particular flowers and particular colors of flowers. Some like it hot, some HAVE
to have it cool or cold to bloom.
Even the trees in autumn in order to kill the cholorphyll in the leaves and show the
xanthene colors need the sun rays at a particular way. And then drop their leaves
for their “long winter nap”.
The sun, and earth orbiting are 2 very important activities since the “spirit of God
was on the face of the waters that covered the earth.”

Do you recall Ellen saying how sad Adam was with the 1st falling leaf? Did God NOT
instruct Adam and Eve on the scientific principals of HOW the earth and sun worked
together??? I have always thought about that since I took Biology in college and
studied trees and leaves and their role in making sugar.
MAYBE 3[three] “homes”. One in the New Jerusalem, a “summer home”, a “winter
home” [for winter sports]. Maybe the Tectonic Plates will stay quiet for eternity. :slightly_smiling_face:
Of course, their activity DOES make ski slopes in winter, rock faces to climb in summer.
The 5-10,000 ft vistas from which to view the world.
I don’t believe Ellen enjoyed those thoughts and ideas.

(George Tichy) #232

HaHA Steve. Tell me more when you figure out all those details!.. :wink:

(jeremy) #233

why not just read Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers…the fact that you tried to glean ministerial advice from an iconic volume like Desire of Ages suggests a general lack of familiarity with and knowledge of how to use egw’s writings…


I know right? At least he went for the red books and didn’t go looking in the one with red letters :roll_eyes:

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While I don’t usually read your posts or respond to you, since you overtly refuse to use English properly for some reason no one understands…

Wow. This judgemental assertion is flat wrong. Harry is well read and devoted to understanding Ellen. He spent a lot of years researching actual facts and such related to Ellen, and that’s where his expert understanding of her comes from.

Since I’ve been out of SDA school and no longer forced to read Ellen, I haven’t. I’ve had quite enough of the red boox, thank you very much. IMO the correct way to read Ellen is to carefully close the red book in my hands and then file it in the round file next to the Pacific Union Recorder.