Defending Last Generation Theology

(David) #161

VirginiaUSA: I just want to help Normal McNulty out here.

McNulty: “It wasn’t God’s plan for us to still be here".

I’m afraid he need’s more help than you can give him Virginia. If it wasn’t God’s plan that things are exactly the way He intended them to be, then whose plan is it? McNulty is essentially saying that God is impotent. That’s not the God I know.

“You shall know that I have done nothing without cause that I have done it,” says the Lord God. Ezekiel 14:23

McNulty thinks there is something we need to do to help God out in ushering in His Kingdom; that God doesn’t know how to get it done. I have a problem with that kind of thinking. It undermines the sovereignty of God.


Christ will come back. It’s inevitable. And God will use His true church to spread the Gospel. The TRUE CHURCH is the one spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, not a watered-down, delayed atonement.

(George Tichy) #163

Do you care to identify the true church as you understand it.


The True Church as described in the Word is a body of “believers” who accept the price that was paid at Calvary in full, 100%, for their sins. Denomination has absolutely nothing to do with our salvation just as ethnicity no longer does. Denominations are man-made.

(George Tichy) #165

Thanks. This is the way I understand it too.

(Phillip Brantley) #166

Here is a write-up of his sermon: And here is the news story of SECC’s rebuke of Doug Batchelor.

(Frankmer7) #167

His theology is a proof texting mess on many issues. And, he drives the popular theology in the Adventist church for so many. It’s astounding and sad…and in this case, damaging.


(Cfowler) #168

Here’s the link to the sermon, if anyone is interested…

(Tim Teichman) #169

I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

(Cfowler) #170

Yes, I get it! I wasn’t planning on listening to it, but wanted to be sure it was the correct sermon. So, I was in for about 2-3 mins. Then it was over and out!

(Steve Mga) #171

Sorry you didn’t watch it longer. You could have watched as they panned
the audience during the presentation. Wives sitting next to husbands,
listening intently and absorbing everything he said, with no pained
expressions on their faces. But continue to beam while he demeans them.
Husbands OK that he demeans, and demotes their wives.
THIS IS SAD TO SAY – I believe that MOST WOMEN of the SDA church
would listen with the same raptured attention to what he said and NOT
be insulted!
It was difficult for me to listen to the whole thing.

Also, don’t forget later he went to South Africa and made his statements from
the floor about the event there.
I believe that Doug is seen by a great majority of SDAs as an “authority” and
is taken as such. He has A LOT OF POWER in the SDA church/denomination.

(jeremy) #172

it’s so contrary to what’s actually in patriarchs and prophets, which DB was reading from, it’s shocking no-one called him out on it…

(Steve Mga) #173

They were all enraptured with his message.

(jeremy) #174

i know…it’s hard to see what people see in him, personally…he’s not much to look at, and his voice is quite irritating…

(George Tichy) #175

That sermon didn’t cause any problem for me.
Of course not…I didn’t watch any part of it!.. :innocent:

(Leandro) #176

A kind of statement that either drives a person to think of remaining as an SDA(supposed to be Christ’s people) member no matter what circumstances are or makes him/her think that Christ will never come during his/her lifetime.A safe statement similar to what fortune tellers always make.

(Steve Mga) #177

You didn’t need to. You read all the “reviews” of the movie. Quite accurate.
Or, is it “stage play”?


What it destroys is the assurance of salvation in sin.

(George Tichy) #179

If we only could see one, just one “fruit” on the LGT tree. I would love to talk to a “perfect” person… :roll_eyes:

(George Tichy) #180


It is also an irresponsible statement because it has a huge potential to persistently discourage people of their faith. They keep being told that they must be “fidels :open_mouth: ,” but they know they are “infidels” :innocent: , and can’t do anything about it…

Christ character is Divine, perfect. How can any human being be transformed to that condition while still walking in this corrupted world? LGTarianism is a “faith killer!” Sooner or later its believers will realize that they are NEVER going to be perfect, so they will just throw the towel.

The young generation, that has not been marked with the seal of remnancy :thinking: will not put up with that nonsense for long. Those who fall for the LGT deceit are being promised progress toward perfection - which is not a Biblical proposition, it’s nothing but a heresy! When they finally surrender to reality, they will become frustrated, mad, and will even abandon any faith in any religion. Not surprised…