Do I Matter to You?

This won’t be fun unless you come clean and disclose your legal name, where you live and the SDA church you belong to so everyone knows who you truly are. You’ll have to give permission to the @webEd so he can identify who is this harryallen. I won’t take any answers from you. Only from the WebEd. Otherwise… you can have this forum.

Blessings and thanks for your interest.

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@GeorgeTichy: I have not been interacting with you either, and I probably will not.

I am sensitive to your request, though, and I will consider it.

This means I may do what you’ve asked, or I may not.

Thanks, however, for your kind wishes. Be well, also!


Well, you did it again, the opposite of my request.
I wonder if continuing this is actually some kind of attempted harassment? This time I won’t ask the Webed to look into it, because he may well end up scorching ME again.

This is a false statement. You have been interacting with me every time you use the “@” when you write your nasty comments including my name.

Look, I am seriously and ultimately requesting that you leave me alone, that you do not trigger ANY further notification directed to me. This request is legally bound from this moment on. Any persistence will be recorder as harrassment.

You will not hear from me on this forum again.


@elmer_cupino, when someone says, “Come clean,” I think of Jeru The Damaja’s eponymous, 1993 banger, produced by emperor soundscapist DJ Premier.

As you and your other clients will note, the track is mind-boggling.

In 2015, Complex Magazine rated “Come Clean” one of “The 100 Greatest Hip-Hop Beats of All Time”:

Above: That’s DJ Premier, the record’s producer, on the right, with the keyboard.



Thanks, @tekcajwolley. I’m happy to help you out.

I can’t do anything about your attention span. :thinking: But maybe what you can do is:

  • Read small amounts of my texts, at a time;

  • Make sure that you understand what you’re reading, making notes, if you have to do so;

  • Then go forward.

If you do this, in increments, you should be able to get through anything I’ve written in a reasonable amount of time.

If you have a specific question for me about anything that I’ve written, I’ll happily take and respond to it, on forum, or in private.


I can’t volunteer their time, or their interest in what I’m about to suggest, nor have I previously discussed this with them.

But I’ve found @Jaray, @Kate, @David1, and a few others to be close and compassionate readers of my work.

They all seem like thoughtful, giving people. Perhaps if there’s something that’s confusing to you, you might, in private, deferentially ask them for their help, understanding what I’ve said.

Again, I’m not volunteering the time of these persons. They have busy lives. But, because they’ve been generous to me, perhaps they will be generous to you.

And, finally, this topic will automatically close in 20 hours.

Is there anything about which you’d like to ask me, now?


Thanks Harry,
I’ll keep trying, but there are places elsewhere that are a bit easier to digest.
I appreciate you taking the time in your attempts but there’s just a certain level of difficulty here that’s probably beyond me.

It’s not harassment, @GeorgeTichy. Why would I harass you?

You reached out to me. I replied. I said I would consider it. I took it as a request.

Was it an order?

No, I’m not interacting with you. I’m posting your @handle, about things you’ve said, that you posted.

As for “nasty comments,” everything I’ve ever said in connection with your name is true. If not, point to anything I’ve said about you that was false, and I’ll immediately apologize and retract it.

If you don’t believe me, ask @elmer_cupino, when you’re wink-winking to him about me and @ajshep! :wink: I will apologize immediately about any nasty comment I’ve made about you. I take such accusations very seriously, brother.

How is this different than what you said before: Your use of the word “legally”? Or is it “seriously” Don’t you think I’m serious?

Is that a pledge or a commination?

Regards, in kind,

Of that, I am certain.

Not a problem, @tekcajwolley.

I wish you well!


As I have gotten into that age of having lived a little, I find myself wondering about things like race relations. In 1968 I was only 15 but knew that it was a political tool used by both parties to attempt two things. 1) votes and 2) leverage. Watching night after night on only 3 choices, NBC, ABC, or CBS there was no time for the networks to “ make the news”. Today it’s about making or shaping the news for your business model. Keeping the pot boiling brings in money.
From a practical sense the vast majority go about business not even thinking about race until we sit down to watch a cable news show. Suddenly our emotions get stimulated for or against a group of people because some pinhead on TV tells us we must in order to be both informed and good Americans.

The next morning we wake up, go to work, interact with all kind of people of all walks of life. We like some, love some, hate some but none of these emotional reactions center around race. It’s just people. We go home and the cycle begins again. That’s what I mean by a circular firing squad. Americans allow this to happen and use whatever statistics necessary, quote what ever paper to attempt to prove our position on a blog like Spectrum. I just don’t have time or even interest in either.



So many people abandoned ship!

Monohull Boats Vs. Catamarans | World Cat

I guess this was hanging on the boat’s restroom’s door:

37 Quotes About Dealing With Negative People | Bryce Lewis

So simple! So sad!


Answers can be simple. Complex answers may represent a certain amount of obsfication. If you are confused others probably are also, or maybe just put off.


I agree George. I stopped participating


To all, I see that this board has really degenerated to a level I have never seen before. I read George’s comments and see that people are harassing him and I wonder where the “Christians” are? But I guess this is where the whole country has devolved to. I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised. Remember: “A fish rots from the head”. This is an absolute.

Please people, if your trying to respond to a point, be civil. If your just trying to harass, then please go away.


Mr. Evens,

You must have missed the piece about 50 post above you. I will post it again because it says EVERYTHING about this problem. We are all racially biased to some degree. The older you are, the more your intrenched in your biases.


This is probably how white people, here, “in America”—“the vast majority”—experience race.

It’s certainly not how non-white people experience race. No non-white person would say, “My family and I are not even thinking about race until we sit down to watch a cable news show.”

The option to do so—to not think about race—is, indeed, a key marker of what many call white privilege, but that I prefer to call white supremacy. From my position, “privilege” is merely an aspect of a supreme position based on color, or non-color.

White people don’t have to think about race, because they have Black people to do that for them. The privilege is to a) not have to do something, and b) to have someone else to do it.

Interest is an aspect, or reflection, of one’s personal thinking, or internal psychology. It certainly never has anything to do with the value of the subject, or how compelling it remains.

One can certainly check out of a topic because they don’t have time or interest in it. When it comes to race, however, the people with the privilege to do this are white.


This makes a lot of sense.

Sometimes, responses are complicated needlessly. Sometimes, they are complicated because they are detailed.

I’ve always found that, if someone is saying something that is complex, and I don’t understand, I ask them to explain.

People who know and understand their topic are usually happy to do so.



Thank you, Harry. Very multimedia. :wink:

I don’t know about “generally,” but maybe you were thinking of stereotypes. There are these crime stereotypes, indeed, unfortunately. Examples are movies and series. Whole music industry sectors also rely on this image. The average person is influenced by that, and it is manifested in every day action toward Blacks. Are you speaking about the US in particular or about all Whites everywhere?

There are two realities, one for Blacks and one for Whites. My black friends tell me the same thing.

I get your point. Racists as a study object. But this sounds to me as if the focus is on the negative which may manifest itself in a conversation, and not on a real encounter with people.

This is so sad. You don’t even know one white person that is not racist? You are not sure regarding every single one of them? If I understand your premise for not being racist correctly (= actively act to change white supremacy which can be done in creative ways), there is none that you can think of, not even white anti-racist activists?

About racism as white supremacy (narrow view), I think you gave a fair amount of profound examples. For me, in addition to that, there is all sorts of discrimination by all kinds of people (white, non-white) against all kinds of people (white, non-white). People mix up these two or only call the second racism without considering the narrow definition that is based on an analysis of power relations.

Thank you for the transparency regarding your theological conversations. About black angels: There are some in Orthodox religious iconography. Ethiopian, Coptic, and interestingly Russian, probably more. Why are there so few? Maybe because prejudiced people took the biblical talk about light and darkness too literal and connected it to the appearance of heavenly and underworld creatures.

True. What’s your consequence then? Look and admit to myself? To others? Or not look and deny? Or look and change myself? Or? I appreciate your answer very much.

edit: I am glad that you don’t leave. Your voice is needed. And yes, your post above: we all should be civil. Thank you for the reminder now that discussions are heated!

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It seems that two things I have pointed out have really pushed your buttons.

  1. The richest group of blacks in the world are here in America. And,

  2. Any African that was offered the chance would choose this place over his own country.

I think these two statements are pretty much factual.

You then tell me to stop talking, for the reasons below:

Yes, it may not assuage here lament. But you and she may need to step back just a smidge from your blind rage against a system you see as so oppressive to note that some, even of your own brothers and sisters, living in the homeland your ancestors were so cruelly taken from, view your situation as in fact the promised land.

It may give your thinking a bit more balance.

One of the reasons I post here is to show the problems that people like you have with stats.

You note that in only 13 of he cases where officers charged with a crime. OK.

So what you need to do is do as I did with the 2019 unarmed blacks shot by police that year. I looked at each one. And told what happened.

You tell us the stats and think that the 13 cases charged are not enough. Well, unless we know the details of each one, those charged and those not, we cannot know whether that is enough or not.

Blake is a good example. Was he shot because of his race, or for some other reason? There are different interpretations. but it looks like he: 1. resisted arrest (they had a warrant for his arrest for sexual assult), 2. would not obey the police, and, 3. reached in his car for a weapon, the nature of which the officers did not know. Was it a knife, a gun? So he was shot. Even Hines, a lawyer could not explain away #3.

So, we need to look at each one to tell whether it was racially motivated. We can’t tell by just stating stats. It is just not so simple.

And I could advise you to stop posting on this topic as well, your posts are not uniformly approved.

Oh? That is a rather blanket assessment. It cannot thus be so. It maybe that it is Marxist, and needs to be identified as such.

Hmmm. Micheal Brown was killed by a police officer. He was an unarmed black. His is still held up as a racial killing. The officer was investigated by Obama’s DOJ and by the Missouri DOJ. The officer was exonerated. Brown did not hold up his hands and say, “Don’t shoot!” He was moving to attack the officer.

Hines and others do not accept the ruling of the DOJ. Brown is still cited as a racial killing.

When you decide to do that, you make your case difficult. If you are going to hold someone up as a martyr, he needs to be a martyr, not a thug. You and Harry need to discriminate better. You can’t cry wolf when there was not wolf.

I might add that I rent apartments to people in a mixed neighborhood. I could rent to all the whites that apply, but I assess each on their merits. So far it is all blacks.


I read your post carefully.

Your problem with the stats is this:

You take the 1% and extrapolate to say the police are murdering blacks. Your ice cream example shows your error. The 0.0525 oz of feces does not make the whole scoop feces.

Nor does the 1% killings make the whole of police murderous. And in fact, when we examine those 1%, we find even less racism.

And you should note, somewhere around 75% of blacks want more policing in there neighborhoods, not less.

Even Al Sharpton yesterday said,

“To take all policing off is something that I think a latte liberal may go for as they sit around the Hamptons discussing this as some academic problem,”

“But people living on the ground need proper policing,”

That doesn’t sound like a negative view of the police.