Do It Well. Do It Often.

Dorcas. Community Services. Outreach Ministry. It has many names throughout our churches. And it often gets a bad reputation. This important department (if it even exists in your church) is often trivialized. In many congregations, bringing up community service evokes thoughts of a group of elderly women, working in some cramped corner of the church, sorting discarded clothes to give to those in need. Maybe they give out food too. Definitely not the most exciting images.

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In order for anyone or anything to be "relevant’…they or it must be “meaningful”. Figure out what “meaningful” means to you, others, or the community and there is no way that you will fail to be “relevant”. It is a matter of being.


Along the same lines, I think each person needs to prayerfully and cautiously choose what ministries God has called them to and gifted them for–and at each stage of life. We don’t need to try to be all things to anyone, but simply do what we can do well for those who are in need of what we can offer.

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