Do We Still Believe Jesus is Coming Soon? Our Adventist Conundrum.

Except there are a whole lot more of them! :laughing:


i’ve definitely heard that…perhaps this means adventism and catholicism are polar opposites…

but that means they aren’t confident in what they believe, which isn’t good…

i think people should always be confident in what they choose to believe, even if they discover afterwards that they’ve been wrong…after-all, faith is a learning experience…but why have anything to do with it if all it does is plunge the mind into constant doubt…

Adventism has passed its “Growth” stage and is in its “Institutional” phase which values traditions and uniformity. It is the fate of nearly any church to go through these cycles.

Looking towards the future, Adventism, like many other denominations, is beset with the same issues. It may have some unique beliefs but it is what the church can do for the outside world that counts.

The world does not care about theology but are looking for other solutions to real world issues. The Adventist church can keep on serving the same menu…but there are other places to get food.


Have you ever tried a list of similarities and differences between SDAs and RCCs?


Even these events are selective. I even think you would agree that there will be no more of these events now that EGW has stepped into the ages.

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no, but i expect there should be at least some superficial similarities…the north and south poles are opposite, but similar :wink:

actually i don’t agree…i expect many more dreams, trances and visions to occur in the future…why would they stop with egw…we’re still in this world, and we still need supernatural guidance…in fact I expect these supernatural events to increase as we approach the end of IJ, and even more so as we approach the 2nd coming…

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I wish I had the list that a friend of mine made years ago. You would be surprised…,


I think it has more to do with pretty heavy indoctrination, from birth on, at least that’s what I’ve read from some former Catholics (and SDA’s).


EGW has espoused doctrines without direct biblical basis other than from visions where she “was shown” with some mental gymnastics. Should someone receive visions directly contradicting EGW and more consistent with the Bible, would you be supportive?

That is exactly what I meant when I said no more of these visions.


and what should be the reason of showing her the vision of people keeping their golden crowns in a shelf if they are living in a place where gold is as common as asphalt? :wink:


Don’t forget the gold cards that the angels needed to get in and out of heaven.



Sure, but I’m not sure that everyone who goes to the SDA Church are after all of the items on the menu. It doesn’t matter of the leadership cooks it up as default, I would imagine that a large percentage of Adventists in the US don’t really eat it all of that food on the table.


I sincerely hope and pray that they don’t eat all of the food on the table. :wink:

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Leandro –
The Old Testament says we will “build houses and inhabit them” It also
alludes to everyone having acreage with the house to develop.
So when one is “working” it would be awkward to be wearing a crown.
Need a place in the home to keep it. Apparently the “city home” already
has a built in shelf to put it and perhaps “show it off”.
Part of the beliefs about heaven is that there will be “stars” in one’s
crown, some more than others that one can show off. A shelf in the
“great room” to show it off would help when friends/relatives come over.


Gold Cards. I wonder if they just swipe it and the gate opens to get
in? Do they have their “own” entrances?
Would keep Lucifer’s crowd from sneaking in for some “goodies”.

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What do they do if they lose it? Is there an office for applying for a replacement card? :grin:


this is an interesting question, but no, i would not be supportive…the test for whether something is true or not is the combination of what we can call law and testimony…

in the OT, the “law” was the books of moses, while the later prophets, like isaiah and jeremiah, were the “testimony” (the testimony is identified as the gift of prophecy in Rev 19:10, and implied in
1 Cor 1:6)…by the time of the NT, the entire OT was the “law”, while the NT was the living “testimony” of the apostles, who were also prophets…but now our entire bible has passed into “law” status, while egw has passed into “testimony” status…together these function as the determinant for whether something is true, or whether it is false:

“To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.” Isaiah 8:20.

if someone says something that potentially harmonizes with the bible, but definitely contradicts egw, or plainly contradicts the bible while seeming to harmonize with egw, we can instantly know that it’s false…this was the situation with the puerto rican false prophet, daisy escalante…she had a message based on an interpretation of the time, times and the dividing of time prophecy in Rev 12 and Rev 13…specifically, she dated this prophecy as a literal 1260 day prophecy, starting when pope francis spoke to congress in September 24, 2015 (she dates it from September 23, when he met with obama at the White House), and ending with a national sunday law that would activate on March 23, 2019…

Spectrum printed this story in 2017:

at the time, i already knew daisy’s message was false, because while she wasn’t necessarily contradicting the bible, she was very definitely contradicting egw, who applies the time, times and the dividing of times prophecy to the papal persecution during the dark ages, GC:266…as we can all plainly see, no national sunday law materialized in march of this year…

i think we have to accept the reality that our bible is the victim of numerous hermeneutic approaches that yield very different meanings…it is quite common to find a so-called biblical interpretation that contradicts egw - desmond ford’s non-sanctuary message comes to mind…but there is only one line of truth that intersects the OT, the NT and egw…this is the line of truth, and the only line of truth, that i believe is genuine, and that will stand the test of time, as it has for over 100 yrs now…

at some point in the future, i fully expect that a new prophet or prophets will take the stage…if he, she or they are genuine, his, her or their message will form the testimony, and the bible and egw together will form the law…but we are not at this point yet…

You create a “false dilemma”, George. People don’t get pushed away unless they openly attack the objective givens the church has defined.

And as I said, if you don’t believe and accept them, why are you still here?
Spiritual integrity demands you go your own way.

EGW is not alive today. But in her day, she simply run them out of the church. Like Kellogg, Canright, Ballenger and even Jones and Waggoner.

To work endlessly to discredit the ministry of EGW and still claim to be an SDA is a real enigma to any objective evaluation of the reality.

EGW is the SDA church. Loyal SDA’s believe she is biblical. And if not, why hang around?

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