Do You Really Want to Know?

(Kim Green) #384

Kade, we may not always agree…but I do know that your particular background makes you quite knowledgeable about certain topics. James cannot keep up with you when you go down certain pathways because he simply lacks the knowledge. It is interesting to watch. :slight_smile:

(Kim Green) #385

Curious…what is “legalism” to you?

(Tim Teichman) #386

Oh thank goodness.

I wonder who gets to determine “misuse”?

(Kim Green) #387

I am sure that, in time- there will be a Committee for “Misuse”. :thinking:

(Cfowler) #388

This comment jumped out at me too. This is so…I’m having a hard time finding the right word! I think James needs to broaden his horizons! I’m speechless right now. :zipper_mouth_face: I may have to get back to this later.

(Kim Green) #389

I thought that you may be astonished. He obviously hasn’t seen pics of some of the evangelical female leaders. :smiley:

(Cfowler) #390

I know…they aren’t shy about their make-up, etc.

It doesn’t seem to be a problem for some SDA’s to have expensive homes, cars, suits, etc. But heaven help the woman who dares to wear an inexpensive piece of jewelry.

(Kim Green) #391

It is a sort of an SDA compensation…we shouldn’t wear jewelry but we have these other things. :slight_smile:

(Kim Green) #392

Just curious, Carol…how do you identify as a Christian?

(Kim Green) #393

This also reminds me of the Duggar Family with all of their females wearing dresses, makeup and jewelry. I don’t think that you could possibly find a more conservative Evangelical group!

(Cfowler) #394

Or the (no makeup) FLDS women. Long dresses, no make-up, no hair cutting…ugh!!!

(Kim Green) #395

Yes…but no prohibitions against jewelry. They simply can’t afford it, bearing one child after another. :frowning:

(Cfowler) #396

Have you been watching any of the new season of “Scientology the Aftermath”? Last nights was really good, although they all are.

(Kim Green) #397

Absolutely! I watched last night and it was disturbing…Leah R. is doing the world a huge service. I was in Ca. last weekend and we drove by that “base” that was shown where the women escaped from. It was very strange, everything is manicured to perfection there but almost no person is in sight. My friend that lives nearby said that people in town think that the Scientologists there are strange. She also said that they (Scientologists) tried to buy the road through their compound but were turned down! The town didn’t want to lose their roadway.


The sabbaths corresponding to the feasts were fulfilled since they pointed to Jesus. The Sabbath corresponding to the fourth commandment is different.

First of all, it was inside the ark of the covenant and not outside like the other ones.

The sabbath is called the Holy Day of the Lord and was inscribed in stone by God himself whereas the other sabbath laws were written by Moses.

The Sabbath was sanctified before sin. There was no Jews at the time. And before sin, there was no need of a savior. The other sabbaths were established after sin and and pointed to the Savior because man was in need of salvation.

Nowhere in the Bible is there a text saying that the first day of the week was now holy and that we had to honor it.

Jesus didn’t say anything before his death. He didn’t say anything after his resurrection. He could have said something about it. He appeared and taught the disciples several times before his departure. Did He say anything about the first day of the week? No, not a word.

(Cfowler) #399

Gosh, I don’t even know! I think I’m a pretty basic, orthodox Christian. I’m not strident about the non-essentials. I appreciate differences in groups and individuals. I think it’s supposed to be that way. Different ways speak to different people…different ways to come to faith, but with no watering down of the essentials of the Christian faith


Haven’t kept up. Was that town south of Hemet, CA? Can’t believe the run that show has had. Just kicking myself not tapping in to the SDA version that could have done similarly, starring @cfowler :heart_eyes:

(Kim Green) #401

I thought so, but I have never asked. Your attitude is basically mine.

(Frankmer7) #402

I like that , Carol!


(Kim Green) #403

Yes, it is on the outskirts of town. It is a show that has a loyal following and has a lot of interest because of the different people and stories told. Could easily be going for a long, long, time. I noticed that the Scientologists have created their own channel now…with programming like, “Meet a Scientologist”. :tired_face: I am sure that it is an attempt to counter all the bad publicity from Leah R.