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my understanding is that it’s pronounced keenwa, so not too hard…and i’m pretty sure it was developed by the Inca in peru…so i don’t think people in palestine heard of it…of course it may be in the book of mormon…:smirk:

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Having a relationship with Jesus or God is not hindered by a lack of physical contact. I communicate with Him when I pray and study His word. I engage in activities with Him when I witness about Him to others

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Hi Paul,
I took a nice break with family over the holidays. I just noticed your mail.
You may appreciate La Rondelle’s, “The Israel of God in Prophecy”, as I do. It is good Reformed theology on the continuity of covenants vs.the Dispensationalist interpretation.
“It is wrong to suggest the church has replaced ‘Israel’ rather the church has replaced the Jewish nation in a continuity with the OT Israel of God.” This I think bears to your question as to Rom.11. As to “shut out” the path to the kingdom is in Christ, the true vine. Christ warned the Jews in Jn.8:24 that to deny Him was to die in one’s sins. So the remnant of Israel, Jew or Gentile, has always been found in Christ the Messiah in OT promise and NT reality.

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Beverley, is it really possible to be like “friends” with Divinity…or is it another type of relationship?

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You are thinking of bread like they sell in the supermarket in plastic bags today.

“Our fathers ate THE MANNA in the desert; as it is written, He gave them BREAD from heaven to eat.” John 6:31

When the birds brought BREAD and meat for Elijah, that BREAD was not like what they sell in Walmart. What do you think? The birds baked delicious loaves, or stole them from out a baker’s window?



Oh wow, seen this ?


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Oh my word!!! The Scientology people are ruthless and vicious towards anyone who leaves, or speaks out, or even their own members still in the church. Leah and Mike will be to blame for anything, and everything, that happens. Did you see last week’s show about the way they got money from the guests? I know Leah would like them to lose their tax exempt status, and they should.

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Nope…and thanks for posting!

It appears that they are desperate to get Leah and crew off of the airways. They are a bunch of deluded cultists and will do anything to get the bad press to stop. Awful people.

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I wish that they would lose their tax status. The “church” owns millions in real estate all over the world…this is their true wealth.

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This is what I heard all my life. But, realistically, there cannot be a relationship where only one person is present. The way you describe it you are the only one present in your “relationship with Jesus,” and you may end up having a relationship with yourself - though telling yourself that there is someone else in the relationship.

I am looking for a pragmatic, realistic explanation. But thanks for trying.

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LOL, this was a great source of laugh!
I believe the female birds actually baked it, and the males delivered it.
Possible??? :thinking:

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I really want to know what happened to the KGC’s KOMPLIANCE KOMANDOS.

Have they been formed?
Have they been activated?
Did they start their persecutorial work?

It’s been way too quiet after the AC/18. The GC either hid that project in some drawer or it’s preparing a “Little Boy” to be delivered by their KGC version of the Enola Gay… :roll_eyes:

Does anyone have an update on that bombing plan??? (Or was it just a “bombastic” plan that failed at take off???)

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Here in our neck of the woods the church owns and operates what is called “The Delphian School,” a k-12 $42,000.00 per year boarding school established in 1976 for educating the kids of the church’s elite members. It’s situated on an 800 acre hillside with the school itself occupying the top of the hill and the main building being a converted monastery. I’m told by acquaintances who’ve been there on business or to perform contracted work that the place seems to have all the accoutrements of wealth and privilege. Apparently the school also boasts a list of famous alumni. The school is remote from city life, and staff and students alike don’t mix with the local small town inhabitants leaving themselves open to rampant rumor. I’m pretty sure the question “Do you really want to know” is probably much more applicable there than here.


Looks like Delphian raised their fees: “Kate Ceberano sends daughter Gypsy Rogers, 14, to $72,000-a-year Scientology boarding school…”

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Not surprising, I was quoting knowledge from a number of years back, so yeah, spendy place.

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If it was VOTED then it is a waiting TIME BOMB that could go off when least
Perhaps that is the timing – when Least expected it will go off.
Maybe there are “underground moles” who are perfecting mind control, so
when it does go off, pew members will be entertained and pleased by the
I believe they used to be called “5th columnists”

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Of course, it is “exclusive”…they are preparing for a new world with lots of money from others. Pretty astonishing just how much money…

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