Documentarian Martin Doblmeier Makes Religion Relevant

The last 14 months of pandemic-induced self-isolation have driven us into our kitchens to bake bread and try out new recipes; to our bookshelves to read (or reread) forgotten books or new releases; and to streaming services to binge-watch movies and television programs.

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If so, Mr. Doblmeier’s films delve into the antithesis of religion given that religion sees perpetual pontification as its highest achievement and considers statements of the absolute—as opposed to encouraging questions and placing great value in curiosity—to be its raison d’etre,:rofl:

(BTW, and before assenting to the RCC’s canonization of Mother Teresa, I suggest one read Christopher Hitchen’s Book “Hell’s Angel”. I don’t know whether or not she’s a saint and will leave that question to our creator rather than an conclave of cardinals or the pope. However, the time she spent on earth was decidedly contemptable, in some regards, to the point where she was convinced she was demon possessed and in need of an exorcism. Further, her well-documented assertion that the people in her care didn’t need modern medicine to ease their pain, but instead should take solace in their suffering and endure their afflictions, as these were “acts of god”–all while she was traipsing around the world, trying to extort funds from sychphantic “do gooders” in order to create even more of her “care” facilities–is “religious” to the point of being beneath despicable, in my unhumble opinion.)

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