Does God Laugh?

A note on my socio-religious quandary on the theology of laughter and the iceberg that lies beneath.

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Excellent! Thank you.

I imagine God had a staff meeting before Creation to show the angels what He was planning to create. When they saw monkeys and giraffes and hippos and elephants there was a lot of laughter and joy looking forward to these funny animals.

What about the duck bill platypus??? :laughing:

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If there is to be no laughter in heaven, what will Creator God replace my funny bone with? What will he put in my cheeks to replace my smile muscles?
Seriously, I’ve enjoyed the article and it’s food for thought. I just have to put my poetic cap on and turn the thoughts and concept into a Sabbath School devotional and power point. Then I will relax and smile.
And the comment on the critters agrees with my image of God’s creation too. In fact, I’d go even further. I’ve always wondered if some of the more ‘creative’ concepts (ie platypus as mentioned and kangaroo) were part of angels involvement and delight. Yes, God made them all, but heaven knows which class millions of us will attend a.s.a.p. Meanwhile, laugh out loud, not at, but with. Thankyou Thandazani for sharing.


Were not told but I would imagine when he was here on earth he must have laughed watching baby animals do the cute things they do or children must have brought him a giggle or two. I read he sings in heaven.

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I wonder if He had planned or foresaw the duck-billed platypus’s divergence from the mammalian lineage of development so many eons ago. :slight_smile:


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