Does Spectrum Make a Difference?

Something astonishing just happened.

Every week the Spectrum team shares a variety of news, analysis, opinion, and interviews on the website and social media platforms. Four times a year, the journal is lovingly sent to donors full of in-depth articles, art, and poetry.

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Hoorah! Three cheers for SPECTRUM and its team.


that’s a generous gift, no question…


I appreciate the variety of articles you publish to keep us informed and thinking for ourselves. Keep up the good work.


I’,m impressed. Our educational institutions are smuggling. But the world need our voice more than ever now.

I have held to a more “fundamentalist” view (per C. Scriiven at least) and so challenge and argue with the more liberal folks here. I have appreciated the opportunity to do so. They have challenged me as well. You learn whether your ideas can hold water in the market place. I would not enjoy Fulcurm 7 nearly as much. Patting one another on the back does not work for me.

But minds changed? Might be more than you can expect as most who comment have already made theirs up. Sometimes a softer approach wins the day. But sometimes no day is won at all.

I am oppsoed to many of the ideas expressed here. But perhaps that is good for me and you. May your efforts result in more souls int the kingdom.


YES! I have been reading Spectrum for many years now, and I greatly appreciate hearing the different perspectives and keen reasoning of some of the smartest people in Adventism. I am grateful for the fresh alternate viewpoints to counteract the stale party line of the General Conference. I also learn much from Spectrum’s varied voices in all the replies. Keep up the good work of encouraging freedom of thought. From where I am standing, Spectrum’s articles are the progressive prophetic voice that moves Adventism forward to be more relevant and successful in reaching our weary world and refreshing our dry souls.


The best way to learn anything is to try explaining your position to someone else. Thank you for the opportunity to keep us learning.


This is a multifaceted place. Interestingly, I have not only benefited from voices of my own Adventist group but even from some of the super traditional voices here. I can better understand some of their positions now; not all of the time, but more than before; sometimes they add a new aspect about which I have never thought about.

And I have read many books that were emphasized on Spectrum. My Sabbath School discussions and sermons are changed or broadened because of the exchanges here. So is my work, my research, my self refection, my way of dealing with people of different cultural backgrounds and opinions, my Bible reading, my views about USA, American politics, and American Adventism, just to name a few.

But I am also sad about the voices that we have lost on the way. I am interested in the reason for this because this reduces variety. However, I have met some dear friends here and we continue to converse on other ways.

So thank you. All of you. Team, authors, Forum members, Online Spectrumites, former Online Spectrumites.


“Words can change lives.”

They do, every moment of every day. Thank you for providing a forum for the free exchange of diverse ideas.

Monochromatic, monolithic, monomaniacal, monopolizing movements are, in the end, less monumental than monotonous.


So glad for Newbold, but I think of the many, many struggling church schools that also could use help–which Conferences often don’t support very much. Church schools often also have debts incurred for providing decent buildings with adequate (and required) classrooms and instruction aids. How about someone taking notice?

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Clarification after re-reading your post towards me several times: My post referred to Spectrum as a multifaceted place. I answered the question “Does Spectrum Make a Difference?” I re-read my post and now get why it could be read as talking about Newbold College. Unfortunately, with the forced reductions, Newbold has lost its outstanding variety recently. I would not use the word “multifaceted” in connection with Newbold at present.

However, I am glad for the students who will get a scholarship now because of this generous person mentioned in the article. I take notice that many Adventist schools need money. I hear you. More than you might know.

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Isn’t “challenging” and “arguing” with “more liberal” people unchristian?

Wouldn’t a “true” fundamentalist, that is, someone who takes everything Jesus supposedly said literally, shake the dust from his sneakers and move on rather than debate or try to “correct” the mistakes of those who reject his “gospel according to me”?

But then again, there is no way to do that, is there? take all of Jesus’ words literally as he is also said to have said that he not only didn’t care about bringing peace into the world, or making people comfortable, he was intentionally seeking to do otherwise.

IOW, isn’t “a softer approach” anathema and an oxymoron in a Christian Soldier’s military parlance?

So I say, rage on @ajshep, and all you Spectrumistas, for that matter.

Just don’t assume or pretend you’re “on the side of the angels” or “making a difference” simply because you’ve found a memory verse or two which you think conclusively “proves” your opinion and POV.

Biblical hearsay is literally too contradictory and inherently self-refuting to make such an untenable, absolutist claim.

Good to remember when one goes looking for Jesus’ “other sheep”!!!:rofl:


Sorry, I didn’t intend this post as a response to your post. It was meant as a general post. It breaks my heart to see so much giving going to buildings on college campuses (or elsewhere) when local churches struggle almost every day to provide a Christian education for their children. Having one’s name on a local school building (or gym) could also be considered an honor.

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