Donald Trump and Christians: What’s the Attraction?

According to the transportation association in Kallstadt, “Drumpf” was indeed the original spelling of the family’s surname. However, according to them it had been changed during the reign of Napoleon around the turn of the 19th century, and was not used by Frederick Trump


Snopes has a good discussion that refutes the theory advanced by Tim Jennings and other crackpots that the Nazis were socialists.

Donald Trump is an anti-Christ. He has spoken blasphemies in stating that he is the chosen one, the new king of Israel, and the second coming of God. His supporters in their comparison of him to Cyrus regard him as a messiah, which Cyrus was. The blasphemy written by Jennings in which he claims that Trump acts at the direction of God is ubiquitous in white evangelical writings. Trump has performed great wonders, not only by becoming president even though he is not qualified to be president but by exercising mesmerizing Charles Manson-like control over his supporters, none of whom would discontinue supporting him even if he were to shoot someone in public on Fifth Avenue. Trump is a prince of lies, grossly immoral, and as such, is the antithesis of Jesus. And he has deceived the very elect, as evidenced by the large number of white evangelicals who worship him.

No true Christian supports Donald Trump. Despite the fact that he satisfies the biblical criteria regarding what an anti-Christ is, the Seventh-day Adventist Church has not expressly identified him as an anti-Christ. But the Church in its long history has never identified any singular person as an anti-Christ, despite the clear teaching of Jesus that anti-Christs will arise and that they need to be identified so that others will not be deceived. Matthew 24:24.


Fascists / Nazis and Socialists are absolutely identical, two sides of the same coin, in that they both give power / authority. / control to a ruling elite of oligarchs while the rights of the average citizen are continually depleted / drained / diminished.

The state / government expands, controls everything including business / commerce — there is no free enterprise.

Trump, the ultimate entrepreneur, is giving companies / businesses a boost with lower taxes and fewer regulations. Huge numbers are repatriating profits and expanding US factories thanks to these inducements.

Trump’s mantra / motto is to REDUCE government not increase it as in Venezuela / Cuba / Russia / China .


Jeremy, thank you for taking the time to passionately share your insights. If you would note in my article I wrote “Nationalism in Nazi Germany was, in reality, Socialism that became Authoritarianism…” It appears you were suggesting the same thing when you said, “Socialist policies were dangled in front of the populace to induce them to vote for the Nazi’s. But Socialism was quickly discarded for Fascism.”


Nonetheless, DRUMPF is demeaning, denigrating, disdainful — shades of HUMPTY DUMPTY who sat on a wall and had a great fall — —or mimics the world DUNCE.

The fake news takes every opportunity to mock our President.

I really don’t see ay connection with the word Dumpty. It is still well to remember if it sounds disdaining, it was a retaliation of he doing the same to someone else. It would seem that it is a two way street. And, well, the news is not “fake” just disagreeable with the President and his supporters at times and he does give plenty of fodder for mockery.


Umm. That remark is about as truthful as our president.


The truth is, there is no candidate that speaks the kind of truth you demand form Trump. Trump did not run to replace Jesus Christ - just other politicians who, by definition, can’t be believed. As for character, the Democratic pretty boy, Bill Clinton, was no choir boy, and who seems to have a room reserved at the Epstein BB, on his reclusive island.


My question for Tim (Dr. Jennings) is the following quote: And regarding the policies I support I wrote the following: “because I support liberty, equality, and want a government to restrain evil, not legislate righteousness.”

If you are a minority in this country this administration is a disaster. The systematic approach to eliminating language and protections that have resided within policy for many is appalling, but this is seemingly lost here. If one is from the most privilege strata of society it is hard to imagine and ever so easy to dismiss… Please explain how this administration has not advanced the cause of discrimination, by changing definitions, eliminating guidance within federal employment documents, eliminating guidance on federal websites for minorities to seek out federal assistance when discrimination is encountered, and in the most extreme cases advanced position within the federal courts to advance these discriminations.


A very good article. Dr. Jennings actually gives a thoughtful answer to the question, “how can you support Trump?” Thank you, Dr. Jennings. I suspect we do not agree about the atonement, but politically you are a voice of reason.


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Trump is always the best, the #1 on everything. Maybe Trump + one is the origin of the trombone (lots of noise…)??? :rofl: :innocent:

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Dee, then I would recommend you read my blog for this week Why Satan Hates the US Constitution. I believe this will give insight to a larger framework that will answer your question.

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Your answer is non-responsive Tim…


Um… wow! After reading this it’s obvious the author has no clue what “Liberty” is or for that matter what it means to “legislate righteousness”. How many ways are there to demonstrate one’s ignorance regarding constitutional and religious liberty issues?


I seem to recall that Trump in fact also dangled the same socialist policies during the campaign but since taking office he has only supported businesses and the oligarchs. Can his Fascist leanings be any clearer. And, the support amongst professed Christians is significantly higher than the general population. His actions and attitudes regarding the less fortunate is antithetical to what Christ preached. We have been warned that the very elect will be deceived. I’m watching carefully this could go either way, but be assured this country has been changed and not in a good way.


For me, to have a good understanding of what is being written, by whomever, how are they defining the words they are using. In their own words. In this article “…what type or form of freedom is…” is the author taking about or thinking of? I still want to know why our words do not define us, when its political. Sounds a bit like the end justifies the means. I have been taught that your spiritual life should not be seperated out, depending on circumstances. Just wondering…



How can you, with a straight face say:


have now the lowest unemployment rate IN HISTORY, thanks to Trump’s booming economy.

By limiting the influx of illegals, who are willing to undercut the wages / salaries of the working poor, the wages of this blue collar group are now rising faster than for any other demographic. Workers in their first and second jobs, are moving up the pay scale to higher paying jobs, thanks to Trump’s huge job numbers.— more Americans employed than ever before IN HISTORY.

TRUMP has initiated OPPORTUNITY ZONES in black neighborhoods, using tax incentives to encourage investment in these ghettos

is a huge bonanza for incarcerated blacks, who are disproportionally in prison…

The black inner cities, for decades under Democratic rule, have festered, with appalling rates of crime, unemployment and BAD SCHOOLS — which the Democrats did ZERO to improve.

Finally under Trump, things look brighter for minorities — school vouchers, allowing choice of schools, will further improve these minority groups.


People have their points of view, and that is fine with me, just don’t coerce me into doing or believing something. If Tim is giving his opinion, let us respect it, it thought people had freedom of speech. I don’t agree with every article I read on spectrum magazine, and that is life, I rather can learn from every article, and develop my understanding or knowledge on a topic.
Now, when it comes to the USA, world history is very subjective, which is sad, because the USA has caused so much suffering because Washington didn’t like who was in charge.
What I have discovered is that communism and socialist are the same, and socialism is something else, but that is history.


Really if this doesn’t appear as a bizarre statement, there is no reason for discussion. “In the context of the great controversy between good and evil, I see Trump being like Nebuchadnezzar — not a godly man, but being used by God to give us a few more years of true liberty before the socialists completely erode our freedoms and bring about a one-world government.”