Donald Trump: "I am considering Ben Carson as head of HUD."

President-elect Donald Trump is considering retired neurosurgen and former GOP rival Benjamin Carson for a cabinet position. Carson has been serving as a member of the president-elect's transition team. Carson was one of the first Republican rivals to endorse Donald Trump for president after dropping out of the primary race.

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Carson should accept this proposed appointment with alacrity, if genuine,. It would raise the national and international profile of the SDA Church immensely, and bring it into focus as a leading Protestant Christian organisation, on its own merit At present many people see us merely as a pseudo-Jewish little brother in terms of secondhand theology, as it were…

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i’m already disgusted with trump’s presidency…part of me definitely thinks carson should just leave trump to himself…

but another part of me is ready to believe that carson may be just the right person for HUD…as things are now, race relations in america’s cities probably needs an accomplished black man, with relevant life experience, to break through what looks like a hopeless impasse between many communities and law enforcement, for starters…if carson can make a meaningful difference, and inspire hope, despite trump’s election, it would be seen as a constructive contribution…it may even propel him into the white house in the future…

The United States Secretary of Housing and Development is the head, a member of the President’s Cabinet. The post was created on September 9, 1965, by President Lyndon B. Johnson’s signing of the Department of Housing and Urban Development Act into law. The Department’s mission is to increase access to affordable housing free from discrimination.

Robert C. Weaver became the first African American Cabinet member appointed by President Lyndon B. Johnson to the position 1966 to 1968.

Dr. Ben Carson will become the second African American appointed by President Donald Trump to the position in 2016.



Promoting Adventists is not a good reason to take the job


Aren’t we at all concerned anymore concerning inherent conflicts of faith that come with an office or position?

  1. Will Ben Carson stop and observe the Sabbath every week? He didn’t during the campaign. Instead, he campaigned calling it “doing good” on the sabbath.

  2. Will HUD be closed on the Sabbath or will tasks he has assigned be carried out, while he worships? Isn’t that what quasi Jews do? Here in New York, there are many businesses, owned by Jews, that remain open on the Sabbath, while the Jewish owner/leader keeps the Sabbath. But, there is a mega electronic Jewish store named, “B&H Photo”, that shuts down its entire operation at a 2:00pm every Friday. That’s proper Sabbath-keeping! Jews and non-Jewsish employees cease their labor. They don’t curtail or modify their operations (as do SDA hospitals… which is an essential operation), they just shut it down! Would Ben Carson do the same? Or will he approach his work from the standpoint of his own conceived expansion of the concept of “doing good” on the Sabbath day?

  3. What if Donald Trump decides to hold cabinet meetings on Sabbath? Would Ben Carson attend or be excused?

  4. Intrinsa wrote,

It would also serve to register us as yet another faith being used as countless politicians use their faith for “namesdropping”, but have no real affinity to its principles. A leading Protestant Christian organization? Protesting against what? The two errors that Protestantism continued to believe that was learned from Rome was the Sunday Sabbath, and the immortality of the soul. Isn’t “doing thine own pleasure on the Sabbath” just as dismissive of the Sabbath as keeping Sunday for the Sabbath?

Our propensity to just waive off the Sabbath has reached staggering proportions. With this dismissive approach would it not be easy to find an excuse to be compliant with the Sunday Law, when it is passed? Although, I suppose many here may side with Siebold’s assertions that our eschatology is really a product of our pioneers “19th Century nativist past.”

Walter Martin was correct in putting our church in the supplemental section of ‘Kingdom of the Cults’. He spoke of two factions within the church. One faction holds on to beliefs such as the doctrine of soul sleep and the prophet status of Ellen G. White; amongst a few other stated beliefs. The other faction wishes to embrace a more mainstream, evangelical belief systems and looks to be included and accepted by the same. Hence, he took a “wait and see” approach as to where or whether or not the SDA Church should be listed in his book. I suppose Loren Siebold’s ‘Adventists in the Spotlight’ article substantiates the observations Walter Martin made about “Inside Adventism”. But let me be clear… Some of us can care less if you put the SDA church as the first religion listed in the main section of that book… while others so much wish we could be taken out of the book altogether (by Hank Hennegraf, as Walter Martin is dead). Let’s just make sure that we are certain of the implications of being listed in one place, another place, or no place.

I think a case could be made that Dr. Carson’s advice would be more fearlessly given as a friendly confidant than as a cabinet member, but who knows?


ls the SdA church now deciding for others on what is “doing good” on Sabbath and what is doing one’s own pleasure? Does the church no longer allow personal conscience choices for individuals? While hospitals and medical work must be 24/7, who should decide what is “doing good” on that day? Are EMT’s? Are fire and police personnel? In times of fire and flood does the church decide what is appropriate and what would be breaking the Fourth Commandment?

Is a Sabbath observant U.S. President and oxymoron? Do Adventists observe all of the Fourth Commandments prohibitions as well as punishment as contained in the Bible rules for proper observance?

The Commandments were directed only to an agrarian people; yet they had to feed and water their livestock, milk their goats and other necessary “work” on that day as on any other. But they were not to gather wood for fires. Orthodox Jews are the only ones who keep Shabat most religiously and rigorously; SdA’s only are half as observant.


NO! Our church is not well represented by Dr. Carson. Nor would it be appropriate for him to allow his Adventism to influence his work as a member of the Cabinet.


The huge amount of paperwork, reading and big-picture thinking required here is probably more than Carson can handle; he has shown no interest and has had no experience in the issues related to this position; and I have a nagging feeling that Trump offered this out of gratitude for some kind of loyalty and figures that since Carson is person of color, he would know about anything with the word “urban” in it. This is a sorry fit.


When he takes the oath of office, he is bound to fulfill all the duties of that office, no exceptions. The Sabbath is the least of his potential conflicts. Urban renewal can be ruthless.


Seems like the position of Surgeon General would be more appropriate for Ben Carson than HUD. But maybe Trump, who believes Blacks live in horrible run down neighborhoods, thinks who best to direct HUD than an African American? I know, this sounds like I don’t trust Trump … I don’t!


An inexperienced President getting inexperienced secretaries for his cabinet.
How can that keep America as great as it already is?
No wonder the whole world is apprehensive and laughing at the same time…
This is just sick!


Our propensity to just waive off the Sabbath has reached staggering proportions.

I think Paul beat us to it:

“One man considers one day more sacred than another [Jewish Christian]; another man considers every day alike [Gentile Christian]. Each one should be fully convinced in his own mind. “(Rom 14:5, NIV)

Paul made it clear that the schoolmaster had punched out. He seems to say here, hang onto him if you want to, but let’s have no coercion.


I’ve been hearing a lot of moaning and crying that Trump only wants white people in his cabinet. When he offers the job to a black man, just more moaning and complaining. Sour grapes. Boo Hoo.

The more complaining I hear about how Terrible Trump is, it makes me realize just how bad Hillary must be that she couldn’t beat such a ridiculous, inexperienced, pathetic opponent.

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As if that’ll make the next presidency legit.

As I’m sure we have all seen by now, Trump did name Carson as head of HUD.