Doug Batchelor's 28 Fundamentalist Arguments Against Women Ministers


Well @elmer_cupino I waterboarded one of my parakeets and he finally decided to become more “cooperative”… He invited me into the cage today, took me to one corner and said this:

A video has been produced, to be shown at the GC Session. According to other reliable parakeets, it features the President and a couple of VP’s. It appears to be a very heavy handed, guilt inducing, shaming retrospective on our bad behavior as the reason Christ has not yet returned. It may not be released to the public before the GC, and may be used to influence the delegates at the very time of the voting for that “infamous question” created at the AC.

I wonder if someone else could confirm or refute this information. Those parakeets sometimes come up with some info that is so heavy that I wonder if it’s actually credible.

Any input dear Spectrumites???

I will keep torturing those parakeets because I have the impression that they have much more info than they are releasing. Two days with no millet will probably produce some pragmatic results… And if they have a breakdown, I am sure you, @elmer_cupino, will be willing to treat their disorder … :slight_smile:
@ageis7 @hopeful

(Come on, George. Stick to substantive conversation. At some point the humorous digressions will exceed our patience. I like them as fun, but sarcasm is best in small doses and some who resent your targets get offended. Please respect the conservative viewpoint, just as you seek respect for yours. - website editor)

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God help us.

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Dear @webEd ,

Before writing such a strong reproach, why don’t you first investigate the issue? I am NOT joking! This was not a sarcastic or irresponsible post. The source is VERY reliable and VERY serious.

Someone may at the end resent that I am revealing what appears to be meant “a little surprise” for later on this year. But as a suggestion, why don’t you email Ted Wilson and ask one of those YES/NO questions about this? Has a video like this been produced? Or is it being produced? Or will it be produced? Cover all possibilities, but as I understand it’s already done.

In case you didn’t notice yet, I have avoided “humorous digressions” for quite a while now but please don’t let your patience “be exceeded” when the information is serious and worth to be considered. At least check it out with your sources, to see if they can deny it, or if they are forced to admit to it. Who knows?

If such a video actually was made, you owe me an apology sometime down the road. If my source failed me, I will certainly apologize. Deal? Or no deal??
@elmer_cupino @hopeful @ageis7

(Our point has zero to do with the existence of a video. It has to do with jokes like waterboarding parakeets. If you mix the two how is it going to be taken seriously? I am glad if you have been diminishing “humorous digressions” to focus on substance. The reduction wasn’t obvious but that sort of thing is hard to measure. As for apologies, that is irrelevant as this is not about a video. - website editor)

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You know you’re into something “BIG” when even the @webEd squashes your lead. Just an opinion. :smile:

We’re holding our suspense for “the” apology, where ever camp “it” comes from.

(Let’s move on. “In the Grip of Substance” :slight_smile: - website editor)


My intuition tells me that the crusade against WO may end up being much more intense than one can suspect.

For many the formulation of that question to be voted may represent a positive step forward, a sign of openness and willingness to offer a real option to be voted on.

But, it’s been obvious that there has been also an ongoing effort on the part of the administration toward avoiding the approval of WO. This should intensify in the next couple of months. The “grave consequences” message may be expected to be proclaimed with a louder voice.

The Unions should be prepared for the (almost inevitable) NO vote, and also for a possible attempt to diminish their current authority regarding making decisions on ordination.

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No question. What is incomprehensible to me is the shortsightedness of this GC prez in ignoring the likely consequences. Some parts of the world will admire his enforcement of top-down leadership & that leader will be re-elected. But, the church will be propelled down a path of division for years to come.


Everyone gets what they ask for. Some people like to vote, but don’t always consider how grave the consequences of their choices may be.

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If it’s not about the video, I can’t quite imagine that anyone takes the “a little bird told me” references literally or as criticism against conservative viewpoints.

(You are misunderstanding, but this is not worth pursuing. The whole point is to mainly focus on substance and keep humor - while acceptable - reigned in. Let’s move on then. - website editor)

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My intuition tells me that it’s better to drop this issue for now. The video issue is serious, but for some reason it caused some discomfort on this site. Just stay put; as the events develop toward SA, the video issue will come back from other sources, maybe another site(s), and then it will be considered “substantive” and not sarcasm.

Then you will say, “Ahhh… I remember Tichy saying that there was something ‘fishy’ going on”…

Done with it.

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So Hopeful, … How did you like the later developments about the video? It popped up here at Spectrum quicker than I expected. And it was Bonnie Dwyer who posted all details. Very well written by the way.


Once again your keets prove themselves trustworthy.


They all have a name and an elevated position at their jobs! Trustful so far.
Ken @kennlutz would say,

Trust the Keets Upstairs!


A superb service at LA SIERRA UNIVERSITY on March 14, 2015. A MUST WATCH!

It’s a great message that will encourage all, pro an con WO, to reflect realistically on some aspects that have been just ignored.

I beg those who will not watch the video to abstain from making any comments, so that we don’t waste our time reading unrelated comments.

Those who don’t want to watch it, I BEG you to watch only the first 3 minutes. It’s very powerful. All those, men and women, are pastors at LSU/LSUC, some retired. The sermon was delivered by Chris Oberg, the senior pastor (already ordained).


You are right. The first 3 minutes were very powerful.

We missed you George! Welcome back😊

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I should be hired by Spectrum to be in charge of “breaking news.” The GC video, the LSU “Equal Most of the Time” preaching, and who knows what else in the future. One thing I know, that what I post IS indeed “substantive,” not “sevvy.” :wink:

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Should or could we expect a “sevvy” or “substantive” apology from Spectrum for “denigrating” a humorous bit of “coal” information that turned into a “diamond” article?

No apologies of any kind expected. I am not moved by those!

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Kevin Paulson has never responded to how Headship would be implemented:

  1. Where would Adventist ordained women be banished to?
  2. Where would the Adventist ordained women in China be banned to?
  3. Where would all the Adventist women pastors around the world be demoted to?
  4. Where would all Adventist women elders be relegated?

Kevin Paulson and all the “headship” supporters have not actually explained how they will rip women from their churches, demean their Spiritual gifts of spiritual leadership, strip them of their responsibilities, and demote them. Just how will this be carried out if headship becomes the law and policy of Adventism at San Antonio in 2015? Banishment strategies, are they already being calculated behind closed doors? How will this thrust backwards be executed? People’s responsibilities erased? Young women disposed of?

Perhaps they will be sent to that Dr. in Ghana for reformatting. I hear he’s been quite successful at it.

Trust the Process.