Dr. Desmond Ford Passes to His Rest


Obviously, your university theology department learned from what happened at Southern where those who embraced Righteousness by Faith were fired and replaced.

RBF, the main message of Ford’s opposed by the G.C. administrators, argued against perfectionism championed by Brinsmead.

Now, many Adventist University professors are champions of RBF. Thankfully.

@Sojourner are you familiar with the Merikay Silver case? Another one in which the G.C. administration championed the wrong cause and lost the case in court, making things right for the first time equally paying women.

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Thought you might be interested in this bit of wisdom that I just now stumbled upon:

Man is a religious animal. He is the only religious animal. He is the only religious animal that has the true religion–several of them. He is the only animal that loves his neighbor as himself and cuts his throat if his theology isn’t right. ~ Mark Twain

Quite apropos, yes?


I have never met Dr Desmond Ford in person, but having on some occasions listened to some of his presentations especially as they relate to the gospel, shows that he understands and knows what it means to have salvation by grace through faith in Jesus.

I believe Desmond’s Fords impact under God will be the salvation of thousands of people who may not have otherwise perhaps understood the gospel.It matters little how he was treated by the SDA Church or by anyone else for that matter- the fact that he stood for principle and exemplified the life of Jesus is what really matters,

I believe that the Lord will bless thousands if not millions through the life and work of Dr Desmond Ford. - His greatest legacy- to point men and women to Jesus Christ- the Lamb of God, the Saviour of the world.

May this be our legacy also- to uplift Jesus Christ as the One alone who can save, heal and give salvation.’ Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved,’

Andrew 123

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The answer demands a yes or no. Qualifications such as “I believe” is not permitted. The question stands unanswered, "Did any of Dr. Ford’s views discredit the Bible?

I am not a bible scholar so I will request direct and unequivocal supporting biblical evidence without requiring mental gymnastics.

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Ford’s detractor will forever keep accusing him of horrific things. There is such a lack of decency in this process that I can’t believe they are actually Christians. But one thing they cannot prove, that he taught something contrary to the Bible’s teachings. His teachings are based on the Bible. What they will not find is teachings based on extra-biblical sources.

Don’t expect significant responses to your question from people who usually never read what he published. Not even the Glacier View document.

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Sojourner, what a beautiful post.

Incidentally, he did not teach his discoveries. He was asked by the Adventist Forum to summarize the problems on this subject that keep popping up every generation or two and he acquiesced. Then Neal Wilson insisted that he present the material at a special conclave and assured him that his employment was not in jeopardy. His colleagues warned him not to trust him, but he went.

I agreed perfectly with what you say–at the time. But I noticed that the “Fordites” that I talked to knew what the Bible said between the proof texts we’re all so familiar with. In the aftermath, there was a quarterly devoted to Daniel and another to Hebrews. As a Sabbath School teacher, I studied beyond the proof texts, and slowly realized Dr. Ford was right!

With respect to reliance on your acquaintances, I have a question you might ask them.

Daniel 8 says, "__Then one of the holy angels asked another, 'When will the daily sacrifices be offered again? …The other answered, “It will be two thousand three hundred evenings and mornings before the temple is dedicated and in use again?” (Dan :8: 13,14)

Ask those same friends what sacrifices resumed in 1844 (and where!) And while you’ve got their attention, tell them that Ellen White wrote that nobody’s names and records have been permitted into the heavenly sanctuary since 1844.

Do you think that their responses will leave you convinced that what they believe/know is a fair test of truth?


I lived in Northern California during the “Ford Crisis” as many called Ford’s disagreement with the “church” in the late 1970s and early 1980s. I lived near New Castle/Auburn where Des based his Good News Unlimited. I was a teen and the debates swirled in our local church between the “Gospel Group” and “Historical Adventists.” It felt like a bitter divorce. It gripped my young emotions and psyche. It was difficult to watch my small congregation split over “law” or “grace,” “finished at the cross” or “finished at the judgment” debates just as I was joining the great Advent Movement. Our congregation eventually closed.

No doubt: Des was an amazing preacher. He is the reason my dad came back to the SDA church. In the early 1980s, a Baptist colleague at my dad’s public school asked about the news the magazine’s had that the SDA church was splitting. He knew my dad used to be an Adventist and an SDA teacher many years earlier. My dad’s curiosity lead he and I to go hear Des preach. My dad broke down in tears after several visits as he finally and deeply understood God’s love and the gospel. It was an amazing experience as a 18 year old to see the power of gospel preaching and the conversion of my dad back to Christ.

Unfortunately, I took a more “historical Adventist” route as the 1844 math of Rev 10-14 added up for me and my studies showed the judgment was all over scripture. I got legalistic over the next decade until I too experienced the gospel Des had lead my Dad to experience, oddly though, through the teaching of the investigative judgment seen through the eyes of John 8 and Zechariah 3.

Later, my Dad and I would talk about the dichotomies and disjointedness of the times. My dad would simply put it: “Des was wrong about the judgment but totally right about the gospel.”

My dad died at 89 happy in Jesus and the SDA faith because of Des. I will be eternally thankful to Des for that.

I just wished Adventists and Des could have figured out how to operate a YES AND theology instead of a forced choice between the gospel and judgment.

But as they say, one should never let a good crisis go to waste. And that is exactly what Des created in the SDA churches in the 1980s. It was a crisis, but we probably needed it. I don’t think he figured it out fully but he got some of components re-engineered. Now it may be up to us to keep this gospel legacy alive by reconnecting it to the very thing he couldn’t seem to see it connect to: the investigative judgment. At least that is what I think is where God is leading us next.

Thanks Des.

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