Dutch Delegate: Denying Women's Ordination Spiritually Harms European Adventism

Megen de Bruin-Molé, a delegate from the Netherlands reflects on how an anti-women's ordination outcome would harm European Adventism both spiritually and politically. She shares her belief that the social media power of young Adventism provides hope for change.

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Megen was NOT asking for the right to be like the most high. She was asking for the same sort of opportunities as men enjoy. She was saying, I think, that Adventist men should humble themselves in the same spirit as Jesus did.

the Bible STORY takes us to mutual humility and that’s what opponents of gender equality don’t see or, apparently, want.



Before I bow out of the discussion section on this post, I wanted to clarify the comment I make about clapping in the interview: it’s a bit out of context here, because I was interviewed right after the secretary’s report (many days ago), which felt like a subtle rebuke to the global north. The applause wasn’t so much in response to shrinking numbers as it was a response to the south growing so fast while the north appears to stagnate.

Sorry for the confusing wording!

I do not work for the church, I am not a theologian, and this is the first interview I have ever given. It’s been a crazy week.


Last I checked, complementarians believe in mutual humility, even gender equality, but of the kind that doesnt remove difference in function. In other words, “unity but not uniformity”.

She said this in the context of what others think of NAD and Europe, not what they are demanding. And she is right. Unless NAD and Europe are allowed to do ministry in a way that will appeal to the thinking of their societies, the church very well may disappear in those countries. Is that what the other division want?


as always…context!

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We don’t bend to our cultural thinking or trends, we stand alone with our bibles speaking what we believe is truth, however unpopular or unreasonable it may be to society we are surrounded by.

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But you realize how unpopular WO would be in Africa and man other countries. It would be very much against cultural thinking in the larger part of the Adventist world. My Bible says very clear that discrimination is wrong and I don’t care how unpopular this is in many of those countries.

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Calling a shoe a shoe is not discriminating. When rightly calling things as they are, or intended to be, we affirm God’s words in Hebrews 5:14 which says “But solid food is for the mature, for those who have their powers of discernment trained by constant practice to distinguish good from evil.”

With that logic, you call a slave a slave?


To refuse to recognize God’s call of women in the US and also in Europe and China, how mature would that be?


1 Samuel 15:22. God does not call his people to disobey him.

We are all slaves to Christ, that we agree on.

That doesn’t answer my questions.

It certainly does. God doesn’t call anyone into disobedience.

If it was disobedience; then what about the fruit of the Spirit, very clearly observable in China? And what about EGW, was she therefore disobedient, or are you just reading into the Bible what your cultural prejudices are…

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Having the fruit of the spirit doesn’t imply ordination. We should all be filled with the Holy Spirit and possessing the fruits of that Spirit.

These women are pastors! Something you called disobedient…but the Holy Spirit is obviously blessing their (disobedient) work…Do you really not see the great problem in your Interpretation of 1. Tim…?

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Thanks for your valuable contribution . You voice is very significant and important.

I personally think that Europe will have enough of this American soap opera about WO, and will start doing what is right instead of bowing down to other cultures that keep males on the pedestal and where women are just kept in submission to “the guys.” Time to do what is right! Go Europe!

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