Editorial: Why Net Neutrality Matters for Spectrum

Small, independent nonprofits like Adventist Forum, which publishes Spectrum, face a legitimate danger of being throttled by the United States Federal Communications Commission's move to end Net Neutrality. So what is Net Neutrality, and why does it matter to Spectrum and our readership?

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Then obviously God is on your side.

So what principle gives the FCC any say over the internet? The growth of Spectrum Website occurred during the era of nongovernment controlled internet. Further even under net neutrality providers can still throttle speeds. Do you really think that out of millions and millions of websites some internet provider is going to choose Spectrum to slow down it’s load time? This is political, that is all, those who feel that the government should get ever bigger and ever more intrusive pretend that net neutrality is actually about freedom of the internet. Sort of like the Affordable Healthcare Act was really affordable, A title which does nothing that the title suggests. Government intrusion and control of the internet does not make it neutral.

A good article on the subject from 2014 and the arguments seem to have changed. http://www.heritage.org/government-regulation/report/eight-myths-about-fcc-regulation-the-internet

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Perhaps the time will come when this website will be based outside the USA, in Timbucktu for example, or even Pitcairn Island! Now there is a thought !


Easy. Whatever principle is enacted by the government officials we elected.

Yes…not alone, but as one of the millions of websites it can choose to slow down collectively.

Everyone I know is voicing their objection. It may be political for you, but not for others.


Which would bring the best return for time and energy invested:

Complain to a U.S. Congress-person, or ‘Commission’ ?
. . . Or, complain to God ?

Since Spectrum is oriented more toward the universe-wide ‘Kingdom of God’, than toward U.S. politics, God’s kingdom might be consulted first. What would that ‘prayer’ look like ?

“Good morning, God.
There is a chance that Spectrum may be bullied out of doing business on the internet . . . What is the internet ?
Remember, that ‘cyber world’ that was created by Al Gore and grew in popularity so rapidly in the 1990s due to (a-hem) ‘cyber porn’ . . . ?”

It makes my head spin to think of telling God that He needs the internet to take His Gospel to the World. . . yet, the Apostle Paul walked on Roman roads. Still, I’m just not wise enough to suggest how God might use the fruits of the exploitation of women to promote things such as ‘Women’s Ordination’ in His SDA church.

What I do know is that God once owned and controlled His own successful printing presses . . . at least until the ‘Review’ fire in Battle Creek ( 115 years ago, December 1902 ) in which the printing plates for J.H. Kellogg’s new book, The Living Temple, melted. After that I’m not sure what He wanted to bless.

Even Herbert Douglass had questions regarding ‘Questions on Doctrines’ which was published by the ‘Review’. And, His book about his questions was published by the ‘independent’ ASI publisher ( Dwight Hall, CEO of Remnant Publications – who co-authored ‘Strange Fire’ with Doug Batchelor in 2014 in order to influence the 2015 GC vote regarding Women’s Ordination . . . ).

In that 2008 book , A Fork In The Road, page 37, Herbert Douglass wrote:

Washing of Hands
That morning in the Commentary office, Raymond Cottrell left the room and returned with a towel over his left arm and a basin of water in his right. Then each of us on the Commentary staff took turns washing our hands of any more input or responsibility for QOD. We didn’t know then the full implications of what we were doing together around that basin !.”

And, Wikipedia says that Raymond Cottrell, “. . . was a consulting editor to Spectrum magazine . . . .”

Well, my 3 oldest SDA sisters used to sing for ‘church’, but at home they’d sing:

"My little girl went to a party, and that night when she went to bed,
she put her false teeth on the dresser, and her peg leg under the bed.
She put her form up in the corner, and her false hair on the chair . . . .
My little girl, you know I love you, but you’re scattered every where !

If Spectrum will consent to helping God’s SDA ‘little girl’ (church) to focus on retracing her path back to those ‘forks’ where she has split apart into a thousand combinations of ‘ways’, following a confusing array of confused ‘leaders’ and their ‘partial’ doctrines. . . and to choose the right ‘impartial’ path and right Leader, home to God
. . . well, then, I don’t think they will ever find themselves on the fiery side of God without a way to be heard in this world. After all, He has preserved the ‘confused’ for over a century, now, after the fire.
How much more eager He must be to end the confusion !

There may be even better ways than the ‘internet’.