Elder Wilson, It’s Time to Go

Tim, do you know when will the election of the new Prez happen? My parakeets say that if TW is not re-elected he has a plan B, and his name is Erton Köhler. As you may remember, my parakeets have NEVER failed in the past years. So …

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No idea when. I don’t pay much attention because the whole process is like the voting system in a dictatorship where there is one candidate to vote for, put on the ballot by that incumbent candidate and his cronies. It reeks of corruption.


I don’t know. I just asked our old friend @timteichman because he is all interested in the Church businesses, so he must know! :rofl: Stay tuned! :wink:

By the way, good seeing you again after such a long time; I retired from Spectrum, just checking it out to see what is posted about the GC.


George, of the two possibilities you have mentioned, do you consider the maxim “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know” applicable?

Oh, you mean, Scary and Scarier? Not really sure!.. :wink:

You see the discussion right now? Who can speak, and who can’t. They should ask Putin for some guidelines…

Good to see you as well. Glad the keets are still performing their prophetic duties. :wink:
Keep us posted on their revelations!


Just like every board/church meeting I ever attended!


Part of GC is shopping! Nice to see you are still on the planet, George! I am not posting here much, all has really been said and done. I notice you are more on AT, as is a friend of mine, Jack Hoehn. Might do some posting there to stir things up… God bless you and your parakeets.

Have you asked the 'keets why Ted was re-elected in the first place? The third world likes him, and they have the ball in their court.

I think NA has 1 mil out of 25 mil, or what, 4% of the total, and Europe and Australia even less, so the more liberal among us are clearly outvoted. I don’t think WO will fly at all.

Guys, railing against this is really a waste of time. They hold almost all the cards. Accept them as the new leaders, and their attitudes as the ones that will shape the future.

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Or better, leave. If the vast majority of the church and their leadership insist on being proudly misogynistic and homophobic for “cultural reasons”, why stay around for that? I can’t think of a reason.

With this image, I’m not in any way saying leadership are Nazis. They’re just a stand in for the concept of tolerating intolerance, which I see no reason to do within the church. Intolerance should be challenged as un-Christian and un-Christ-like.

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I liked you little cartoon by Popper. Good guy.

But there is a problem. Who defines intolerance? Is opposing homosexuality intolerance? Or is it just opposition to a deadly life style? Or supporting a biblical injunction? It is logical to oppose it on medical grounds. Is it persecution to oppose it? I think not.

Perhaps opposing WO is just an effort to stabilize the culture? Certainly many cultures are more patriarchal, than our. Is that intolerance? And that does not necessarily mean they are persecutors.

There is a fair amount of judgmentalism here. You belong to a different culture, and look down on others. I am not sure the west is worthy to do that.

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We don’t have to define it. That’s been done. It has a few related meanings:

Those that apply are:

  • Lack of tolerance; unwillingness or refusal to tolerate or respect opinions or beliefs contrary to one’s own.

  • Unwillingness or refusal to tolerate or respect persons of a different social group, especially members of a minority group.

  • An intolerant act.

Intolerance is the opposite of tolerance, which is defined as:

  • A fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward those whose opinions, beliefs, practices, racial or ethnic origins, etc., differ from one’s own; freedom from bigotry:

Example, We are an international, multifaith, and multiracial school where the pupils are taught tolerance and respect for those they may consider different from themselves.

  • A fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward opinions, beliefs, and practices that differ from one’s own:

Example, The cleric preached religious tolerance and separation of church and state.

  • Interest in and concern for ideas, opinions, practices, etc., foreign to one’s own; a liberal, undogmatic viewpoint.

Tolerance presupposes taking the other’s perspective, not just being aware of it.

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And…the nominee is Ted!

The cult leader re elected. Virtually no discussion. They’ll all claim that the Spirit was there leading.

The future of the church is in local congregations where the love of God is genuinely expressed. That’s where God shows up. Not in corporate business structures where political machinations are the order of the day. God is conveniently referenced there as a veneer for politics. I can’t even look at denominational structures as having anything to do with the church as envisioned by Jesus.

What a joke!



Some unfortunate observations both in the piece and in the “discussion,” as expected from this publication…
Since when is the qualification for biblical, spiritual leadership a need for new ideas :roll_eyes:

by some comments, at least some of us recognize that these hostilities and contentions are truly signs of the times and necessary for us to go through until God accomplishes in his people what needs to be accomplished.

And certainly, language of conflict and contention is a bad sign in leadership. Some of our leaders really need to have ongoing preaching assignments.

Most elections require that the candidate reveal their position on the major issues. Our current process does not require any such revelation from candidates. Thus, we end up choosing candidates based not on what they stand for, but on other subjective criteria, such as who their father is/was, what part of the world they are from or the color of their skin. Let’s modify our system slightly and ask that anyone seeking to apply for senior GC positions submit an application which should include items such as (1) three major ideas for improvement, (2) their position on certain controversial issues, and (3) a CV which highlights their professional accomplishments to-date. Our future leaders should go through a formal vetting process just like the rest of us have to do in the real world. All voters should have access to the applications submitted by all candidates before voting on the final candidate.


Jaray, i don’t happen to think our Church is failing…from where i’m sitting, we’re doing well…my Church is packed every week (around 1,200 members and visitors each week - we had an electric sermon this past Sabbath from a truly gifted lay speaker), and we have many ministries that minister to the poor and disadvantaged, including food programs, free household items, and even a cash bank for people having trouble making ends meet…within our Church, we have plenty of opportunities for socialization and involvement for our young people (which i think is one big reason for our success)…we just took in a family from Ukraine, and members, within in one day, gave them so much furniture and other items, they had to tell us to stop…we anticipate three more Ukranian families in the near future, and I’m sure the response from our Church will be just as strong…

we have an actively supported scholarship program to our Church school…kids seem happy and well-adjusted whenever I’ve visited…we have many professionals - doctors, dentists, lawyers, musicians, etc., etc. - whose businesses minister to the community…we have an excellent reputation…

i think we’re portraying the active message of Christ in a positive way…no-one’s navel gazing where i’m at, and i’m not seeing a whole lotta fluff…

are you thinking that all adventists are burned out and looking for something different…no-one i know is in this boat…we’re all intentional about our faith…we’re all bullish on our Church, and thankful to be in it…


Oh my, first time the parakeets hit the 0.00001 margin of error! Well, “things happen”… It’s a disaster!

I haven’t been around since that fiasco by the WebEd almost 2 years ago. Stopped by today, only to hear the bad news a minute ago . Feeling like a fool for coming… That’s it, getting out, back to A Today…

This Church has no remedy.

Wishing you well!

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More “grave consequences!” …

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Your prophetic vision is still unbroken. Your prophecy was conditional on the basis that TW were replaced. Well, TW was again reappointed and wonder of wonders, TW accepted it. What is it that he thinks he can achieve that he failed the past 12 years?

This is a symptom of a fundamental defect within our church structure.