Election Process Identified for New NAD Executive Secretary

The North American Division (NAD) leadership has identified the process to elect a new executive secretary. The position became vacant when G. Alexander Bryant was elected NAD president on July 9, 2020. Bryant has notified the members of the standing NAD Nominating Committee that they will meet on Monday, August 17, to select a name to be recommended to the NAD Executive Committee, which will then vote on the recommendation on August 18. Both the standing NAD Nominating Committee and the NAD Executive Committee will be chaired by Bryant. 

On Thursday, August 20, the General Conference Executive Committee will meet to vote the name recommended by the NAD Executive Committee. The NAD executive secretary, along with the two other NAD officer positions of president and treasurer, are voted by the General Conference Executive Committee and then assigned to work for the North American Division.  

The new NAD executive secretary will join Bryant and Randy Robinson, NAD treasurer, as the leadership team of a division with more than 1.2 million members in the countries of Bermuda, Canada, Guam, Micronesia, and the United States. 

“We ask the members in our territory to pray for this process,” said Bryant. “It takes all of us working together to advance God's kingdom.” 


This press release originally appeared on the North American Division website and is reprinted here with permission. Photo courtesy of the NAD.


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There are many qualified and experienced candidates for the Executive Secretariat for the NAD. However, if the NAD is to create an historic moment in our church’s existence there is only one candidate that will be historic: Sandra Roberts. I don’t believe that the restriction of ordination applies to the position of Ex Sec. Consequently, her nomination will move to merit rather than policy. Nothing will speak to the corporate intention of the NAD to remove gender distinctions in administration selections like her nomination. This is a fulcrum moment. Will we pursue a new statement of direction or the status quo? Will we put our actions where our intentions are or just rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic? Yes, there will be qualified men who will be passed over. Most, if not all, are safe in the confines of their current jobs. They’ll do just fine. This moment is too pivotal to remain unaddressed. Women must be part of our church’s structure of leadership. Now is the time!

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It would be helpful for the blog editors to provide the names and possibly the email addresses of each member of any committee discussed in a posted article. Church members should be allowed and encouraged to share suggestions. It should not be taken for granted that members of the NAD Nominating Committee have read the suggestion submitted here by Pastor Pimentel.


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