Elie Wiesel on Cain and God

“What is God doing in the Bible?” This is how Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel focuses his famous 1996 talk, “God in the Bible: The Fascination with Jewish Tales,” at the 92nd Street Y in New York City. He states, “There is one place from which God cannot be removed and that is the Bible.” According to the summary, “Professor Wiesel analyzes Biblical texts to discern and define God’s place in everything and in particular God’s design for His people and all people. Professor Wiesel teaches us that a Jew can be with God or against God, but not without God.”

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But isn’t this true of all humans?

If the esteemed professor thinks not, and insists that Gentiles must accede to the notion of Jewish exceptionalism, one need not study the past five millennia of human history to predict that a certain level of antipathy will continue to be the natural result of his teachings, going forward

Hypothetically, if I were to terrorize others and claim their land as mine because I had a dream or was in possession of a self-serving book saying my god thinks I’m special and has given their land to me, it seems axiomatic that a certain level of resistance to my fantastical book and unfalsifiable visions would follow.

And god forbid that anyone should be prejudged of having committed the unpardonable sin of antisemitism for expressing doubts regarding anyone’s claims about what god said or thinks, or for refusing to relinquish his belief that our creator finds all of his creatures absolutely unique, equally lovable and deserving of certain, unalienable rights.

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“As regular readers know, the Adult Bible Study Guide’s best writing usually lies in the “Further Thought” section on Fridays.”

You’re kidding, right? Friday’s lesson is almost always, exclusively, one or two quotes from Ellen White.

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