Elijah Cummings: Thoughts from Washington Adventist University's President on the Congressman and Civil Rights Leader's Life and Legacy

Remember that plagiarism is not considered a problem in our midst… :innocent:

Yeah, I forgot about that! Carry on, Alan… :wink:

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I think I can make this a little clearer:

Let say the Republican candidate (A) is a woman, who used to be a democrat, but who goes to church every week, and has been married to one man, with no hint of scandal, but who says she thinks liberal thinking is deplorable, and will try to do away with affirmative action because it is discriminatory.

The Democrat (B), on the other hand, is a man who really does not attend church, has had a few affairs, and has had some shady dealings in the past. He’s been bankrupt a couple of times. But has a list of judges from the ACLU, and will work with them for any SCOTUS nominations. He will make it illegal to fire LBGT folk for orientation, and will work to get the Dreamers citizenship.

So, who would you vote for, A or B?

i think i can make this a little clearer still: the 2020 presidential election will occur on the 232-yr anniversary of the ratification of the constitution…232 was today’s winning vote in the house to proceed with the public phase of the impeachment of donald trump…

there’s no way to spin voting for trump as a positive thing…the stars are aligning against him, as are an increasing number of government officials, one of whom is testifying today, after resigning yesterday…reports are that tim morrison’s testimony today is worse than alex vindman’s testimony tuesday, which was worse than bill taylor’s testimony last week…if john bolton testifies next week, that could be worse still…

at some point we have to consider the meaning of the reality that’s unfolding…will trump be the first president to actually be impeached and removed from office…let’s think big everybody :thinking::thinking::thinking:


It would be nice to see the gaslighting stop. When I hear someone say that 45 is the most moral president we have ever had, I know I am being gaslighted.


Jeremy, I heard that before Bolton testifies, Putin is sending the asylum papers to Trump… The airline ticket, courtesy of some Russian oligarchs, is a one way trip to Siberia. Melania is going back to her country of origin…

Giuliani is said to be going to Italy this weekend, on vacation. Also one way airline ticket.

The airlines are suspicious that something strange is going on… but the GOP is assuring them that "everything is just ‘perfect!’ " :wink: :innocent:

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ha ha…it’s interesting you mention russian asylum…i was just thinking a few days ago that the best way out for trump, considering the laundry list of indictments just waiting for him when he leaves office, even if he isn’t successfully removed from office through impeachment, may very well be asylum in russia…maybe that’s what trump and putin discussed in private, off the record, in helsinki…

nicole wallace just mentioned a nightmare scenario possibility: trump will be impeached and removed from office, but then run in 2020 and actually win…tonight is halloween, so perhaps this is why this ghastly thought occurred to her…

OMGosh, let’s not even think about such a nightmare. I would have to move to Calgary! :wink:

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(I hit the wrong button above!) Actually I had the privilege of voting for Elijah Cummings for many years and am glad for his integrity. God bless his family and give them comfort in their grief. He was a significant part of my locality.

I won’t read the “disgusting” article as I would only find it upsetting. I am not sure what Elijah Cummings could do to change Baltimore (my birth home). His representation included more than Baltimore which was under local government and had had troubles for decades.

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Whoever was responsible for putting this “disgusting” piece on here should be ashamed of themselves. This was to be a memorial for Elijah Cummings and not a place to demean him. I voted for him for many years.

Even though I support much of the democratic (not all) platform, I am no longer a democrat because of their hypocrisy and unfair treatment of our president and their use of the media.

They once supported many of the same things this president promotes, but their hatred for him is almost pathological and they deny their past… . It is a dangerous trend and I am disturbed that so many Adventists believe everything they hear and are so easily manipulated to be extreme in their thinking… This president is no more immoral than those in the past. He is more transparent and as an outsider in politics says what he thinks. His biggest fault is believing the government could be run like a business and he could insult his enemies publicly. Any republican would have been hated for winning so unexpectedly, but his demeanor made it easier.

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Well, I try to believe in what I hear him, Trump, say - which is way more beyond necessary to become disturbed.

I sure can see him being so. Especially when he does not produce documents asked by the House, or a true transcript (not a summary) of his phone call with Zelensky, or when he forbids people to testify, or when I see that he hid the content of his call with Zelensky in an ultra secret electronic site.

Yes, he is certainly very transparent and is not afraid of revealing the truth. Sure. He is so good that I am even thinking of voting for…, well…, oooops, not really! :wink:


You mean the ones owned by his son-in-laws company?


@cincerity it is probably simpler than that…the enemy of my enemy is my friend. As long as DT stands for the things that the conservatives want most (end of Roe v Wade, conservative justices in the courts, restrictions on environmental action, free market forces) he will have their support. When it is clear he can’t (or wont) deliver on these, they will hitch their wagon to another horse. DT knows this. He will deliver big visible items and “slack” on the not so visible.


The thing is so insane that I am starting to conjecture that DT actually does not believe in any of those things that he supports. His only goal, as always, is his own gain. And since he truly believes that he can be above the law due to his power to buy people’s loyalty, he just created an imaginary route toward how to enrich himself and his family by being on a position of extreme power. At one time I had the impression that he was suggesting that Ivanka should be his successor, as the first woman President - maybe following his era of dictatorship (undeniably one of his fake dreams).

Well, apparently things are not going that well for him these days. Part of America voted for this insane not-a-genius but rather a mentally disturbed individual (severe personality disorder). His base will vote for him again, but…, well, just look at who is in his crowds… :roll_eyes: BUT, this is still America, and finally Congress has the ability to do something with his crimes. He and his Rep minions complained about the close doors testimonies? Well, now everything will be exposed to the great American public. What a back-firing will it be on DT!!!

The Senate… well, his minions there will have the opportunity to show America who they are as well.

At the end of the day, many people will end up in jail, with enough time to re-think their moral values. The “three amigos” are already almost there:

And I believe that soon DT will have the opportunity to say this too, in Court:

Nixon is certainly right on this one. :+1: :+1:

All Presidents must “deliver” or they will not remain the current President. To distill things down to the most common denominator…this “fact” holds true for every elected official or head of companies/organizations. They all have constituents or board members they must answer to.

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