Ellen G. White and Intermittent Fasting

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I guess someone forgot to read their bible:

Genesis 9:
Then God blessed Noah and his sons, saying to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number and fill the earth. 2 The fear and dread of you will fall on all the beasts of the earth, and on all the birds in the sky, on every creature that moves along the ground, and on all the fish in the sea; they are given into your hands. 3 Everything that lives and moves about will be food for you. Just as I gave you the green plants, I now give you everything."

Now I’m going to go order another one of these. Mmmmm!


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What an awesome article in testimony - that exemplifies our very important presence and example in this world. God created man, and placed us on this earth for multiple reasons; all for the glory of God.

We as Seventh-Day-Adventist’s; have been “an ever present” example for centuries. God, in his infinite wisdom and specialities; gifted us with his word, life example, and the health message. We took it for granted; the world adopted and accepted it; yet, we take advantage of God’s Grace! You have adopted it!

I first met Dr. DeWitt Williams years ago; listening in a church service as he preached about healthy living. Many pastors preach, but fail to live the message. Dr. DeWitt Williams lives the message!

Dr. DeWitt Williams has shared an astounding article compiling inspirational, medical & educational truths; and then, compelling us - to “God’s Word”; God’s Ordinances; EGWhite’s Writings; the inspiration of the Holy Spirit; and Dr. William’s life experience.

I remembered the genuineness of his prophetic offering in sermon - this was a spiritual awakening that “we must all contribute to Gods message by sharing its honor and goodness, in communicating this article in as many avenues, as allotted.”

I have a friend who has been so frightened of the diagnosis of “diabetes” - that she has refused to return to her doctor to “hear” her results. It’s been two years now; she still is in denial. Now, an undiagnosed diabetic. Living daily-dangerously. A second generational Adventist! Bad habits; bad diet; bad behavior; bad weight; and bad emotional and physical health! But, she listened to this article, as it was read.

One of the beauties of this article is, “take baby steps” - it can be instantious; gradual; or long-term; but, start somewhere!!! Trust in God’s Word! This article was a humble testimony of Dr. Williams’ own struggle. What better way to reach and teach, than to give “a living example” as he did?

He met her just for a few moments. In speaking with her, he advised her the same…start gradually (depending upon the situation). She took those baby steps and overcame that health issue. I shared this article with her and now she believes that - she too - can conquer and change her health.

Bad diet - causes bad illnesses; bad mental and emotional health; bad physical health; resulting in poor spiritual health and rationale…leading to poor decisions, habits and behavior.

Dr. Williams’ article helped her to pull from it, three things to focus on…(1) reduce to, two meals daily; and drinking water when hungry; (2) exercise daily, start small and increase each week, while getting adequate rest; (3) remove sugar and pastas from her diet; she stated - she will start with these three areas!!!

She now walks in the evening and is loosing more weight. She has noticed, clearer thinking, etc., just resulting in these small steps.

I shared this article with members at church, they are now, also hopeful!

Thank you Dr. Williams for your inspirational article in healthy eating; living; continued spiritual guidance and strength! Your personal example is within itself; exemplary!

God almighty, is not accidental in anything; but, instead - “he is precise” in his Grace! “He giveth more grace, as the burdens - grow greater…” “…His powers have no boundaries, known, unto man…”.

God is awesome; sends his prophets; inspires his people to reach “nations”! Dr. Williams, you are God’s servant, continue to save lives - thru your books, writings/articles; by living healthy - by example, and in Temperence!

by LaVita

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Seems unlikely as the church is only 155 years old.

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Oh, but we haven’t been around for “centuries” (plural) since the SDA denomination is just 153 years old. We’ve got to be around about another 47 years before we can speak of more than one century (singular). Exaggeration does not enhance the Adventist image or make it stronger.

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I wasn’t responding to a situation regarding “balance” and “suggestions”. But to the poor guy whose wife “constantly refers to EGW advice…and makes a moral case of her understanding of food and health.”

I don’t think anybody wants to live with that!


The problem is that in some cases that’s the only way to stay alive for people who have no viable base for self-discipline and who are progressively killing them selves, so they will certainly end up living they way they want to either.

If given only two choices, I’d rather someone nagged me about my eating habits, than to drop dead one night, leaving my wife and children without a father. And unfortunately, there’s plenty of that in our culture.

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I think her writings are fanatical and very wrong and silly in lots of cases. She clearly didn’t follow her own proclamations.

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Well, thankfully most of us have more than two choices. And ''nagging" rarely works. But, for those out there who need the food police and nagging…have at it. :slightly_smiling_face:


We don’t really eat food. We eat taste. And our taste can and does kill us in our present culture where taste is detatched from things that previously had that taste naturally.

So yes. I’m very much have to be a food police for both of my children, and I appreciate a reasonable amount of food policing from people who have my trust and my interests at heart. :slight_smile:

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Of course…we teach and monitor children. As I said before that wasn’t what I was responding to. It was moralizing (through EGW’s writings) the issue of food to the point of driving the man nuts! Doesn’t seem like a very healthy, balanced or biblical approach.


Eh. It sounds like the approach may be more problematic than content.

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Not necessarily…I’ve seen lots of examples of the food police where approach and content were far less than stellar. :wink:


Thoughtfully, the online 1938 version includes several caveats at its introduction:

Peril of Taking a Part for the Whole - The fact that this volume is constructed somewhat like an encyclopedia, isolating the major presentations and grouping them by topic, makes it a convenient reference work. But the encyclopedia design also makes the book one that may easily be misused.

A Call for Everyone to Study - Ellen White did not intend that her writings along nutritional lines should exclude the need for earnest study to find the best and most agreeable diet, taking advantage of a growing knowledge, and the experience and investigation of others.

The Hazards of Extremes - Ellen White was not slow to point out the hazards of extremes, or inattention, or laxity in providing an adequate diet for the family.

Employ Sound Principles in Study - Certain sound principles must ever be applied in the study of the dietary counsels found in this book.

A Recommendation for Health Reform - True diet reform will recommend itself because of its good sense. Its fruitage will be seen in good health, strength, a sweet breath, and a sense of well-being.

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That statement sounds deluded to me. Adventists sometimes want to impress the world with their delusional grandiosity to a point of making absurd statements. Or is it just a lack of information about reality??? :roll_eyes:

I have to forward the issue to my partners at the Nutcracker Clinic (serving the GC staff 24/7…) who are involved with mental health, for proper examination: @elmer_cupino @cincerity @pattigrant

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(It applies even to those who don’t like my opinions, and the “millennials” as well… :laughing: )


Hey, thanks for the thoughtful reply. Per your question, “what about the people with a sensitive conscience”? Well, again, the whole is greater than its parts. For example, in the 1800’s and early 1900’s food preservation/sanitation was not anywhere near what it is today-- there was no refrigeration or food safety laws. So, how did people keep food from spoiling? They used A LOT of salt, vinegar, and spices. Which would be detrimental to one’s health when eaten in large amounts. As a public health practitioner and plant-based chef, I use salt, vinegar, and spices-- but in modest amounts. I don’t need these ingredients for food preservation, but simply to enhance flavors, boost the phytonutrient content of foods, and initiate certain chemical reactions in a recipe–such as a bit of apple cider vinegar with a pinch of baking soda to help pancakes rise slightly. Spices like cinnamon, cumin, cayenne, and cardamom, all have proven cardiovascular system health benefits; while turmeric is proven to enhance the bodies cancer fighting abilities. When used in moderation, these spices make food taste amazing! Our Creator did not intend for us humans to go about our lives eating bland monochrome food, while sternly marching towards Zion.

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I don’t need this kind of concern, thank-you.


Thank you, Tom. Adults can make choices for themselves without nagging. No one needs an “enforcer” unless he or she requests one. If Jesus was for anything, it was freedom to make one’s own choice.

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Thank-you. What really gets me are those who cling to the notion of a “translation diet”, with vegitarianism as a basis for translation to heaven at Christ’s second coming. Jesus probably had a fish dinner or lamb chops most likely the night before He ascended to heaven.

(George Tichy) #83

Healthy eating is not a matter of religion. It’s a matter of health. Those people who make eating and drinking part of religion usually end up being religious fanatics with tendency to dictate diet to others. And boy, do they enjoy it!!!

I eat as healthy as I can, to treat my body well, not to score points with God in order to help secure my salvation…