Ellen White Letter Discovered at Pacific Union College; Experts Confirm Authenticity

If people are interested in the topic, they can do their own research and reach their own conclusions. My thoughts are gleaned from reading info over the last 10-15 years.

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Because of the personal and sensitive nature of the files, at one time there was a “Z file” kept separate from the other manuscripts. These have been integrated with the other manuscripts, which have been released.

However, I do not work in the Ellen G. White Estate, so I cannot affirm that there are zero remaining files to release, but I do know that the manuscripts in the “Z file” have been released. Before 2015 only certain files of the manuscripts and letters had been released in the “Manuscript Release” volumes. In 2015, all the transcribed files–including the “Z file” manuscripts were released at one time.


I am aware of many secondary compositions. I am interested in primary sources, and I believe others would also be.

It’s been a long time since I’ve delved into all of this. I’m not interested, or willing, to go searching for this information. As I said, people can do their own research.

Practical question. Anyone who worked for her was evidently considered an employee of the church. My understanding is that she would reimburse them out of the high royalty rates she received. (When she finally let Fanny Bolton return to write in here own name, she angrily wrote to her that she was no longer an employee of the General Conference.)


hi Trust_Him…i’ve just read this remarkable, stirring egw letter…it’s definitely from the pen of a very anguished egw…the speed and power of the thought patterns, and the roll out of emotion, always in an increasing, crescendoing direction, together with the spelling and grammar problems, are completely characteristic…

i’ve come to essentially the same result you have (it’s good to see someone else so familiar with the egw writing style)…here is my take of this important and highly relevant egw letter, warts and all…the only material left out is what she herself crossed out…my sense of her thought progression is slightly different from yours, hence the different paragraphing:

"Hanford Tulare Ca Cal. May, 9 1882

Dear Bro. Corliss I received your letter this morning and was glad to hear from you. I am pressed with much writing yet feel inclined to drop you a word. We are in the midst of our campmeeting The Lord has strengthened me to bear a straight forward powerful testimony which has impressed the people This people have had but few religious privileges and they have had but little preaching It was a feast to hear their testimonies this morning They had something to say Intelligent words of experience came from many that showed the Lord was working upon their hearts.

Our work is to talk much upon practical godliness. The great danger with our people who have had great light is to not prize their privileges and opportunities and as blessings from God of the highest value. The disciples did not appreciate their high privilege of having Jesus in their midst until his blessing was removed from them. Jesus then was missed. They did not know what he was to them until to late. Just so with us all. We do not know or appreciate the sacrid gift of God in the light the opportunities he grants us. If the testimonies of his spirit were prized as the voice of God to men in warnings in councils in reproof our people would not be as cold and lukewarm as they are today It is the growing unbelief in the testimonies of the spirit of God which leaves the people in darkness.

Let us consider this matter Is this the voice of God? has he signified his will? Has he warned of danger Has he presented before his people what they must do and what they must be in order to be saved? But the people pay no heed

Some who profess to be leaders explaining the scriptures to are indifferent to the word of God through clay What if they treat them with disrespect how much easier will this unbelief and this disrespect be accepted than expressed faith and why because the natural heart is in accordence with this unbelief It pleases the carnal heart to be undisturbed in their errors and sins, and if they can find the least excuse to demerit the value of these testimonies they feel easier in their selfish indulgence. O how easy for a little leven of unbelief to leven the lump.

But suffusing these testimonies are indeed the will of God to the people. Then how can we regard the work and influence of those who will not acknowledge the voice of God in the testimonies borne, but who have braced their hearts against them. Whose voice is never heard among the people urging them to give attention to the light from the throne of God. How will their work stand in the judgment? How many have these ministers drawn with them to pay no heed to the voice of God Why his work is of that charicter that it would have been better for the people of God in the end if their voice had never been heard as a watchman on the walls of Zion. He placed greater confidence in his own finite judgment than in the words that God sends

The time will come that the people will see this in its true bearing but it will be too late to undue the past They charge upon these ministers the loss of their souls And these ministers are among us today These men are exalting their own ideas and plans above the light God has given them These men allow self to come in between them and the people and to shut out heavens rays of light given to the people Where there is no vision the people perish.

How easy for the people to look to their minister rather than to go to God for themselves and serve him conscientiously knowing what is of God for themselves. One hint of disrespect in regard to the light given in testimony will go further with minds uninlightened by the special grace of God than fifty sermons to prove their validity Those who sow unbelief will reap the harvest they have sown. the seed will spring up and bear fruit a harvest of unbelief He may have his faith confirmed and then wish to gather up the seeds he has sown of unbelief and infidelity but can he gather it up? no indeed He might work with all his might from day to day but he cannot gather up the seeds of doubt of questioning he has sown

Some of our ministers choose to disbelieve because they have much earnest work to do to correct the faults in their charicters and to purify their lives It is a big job If they can only quiet their consciences that the testimonies are not from God they feel at ease to go on in their wrongs. I tell you there is licentiousness in our ranks that is fearful. There is want of virtue and honesty

Just destroy the confidence of the people in the testimonies of the spirit of god and we shall see a demoralized state of things we do not dream could exist."


Remember, this was found at PUC, not at the EGW Estate office. And the PUC archives have never been under the control of the White Estate or GC.

If you’ve been to Elmshaven (where I have spent a great deal of time), I don’t see how you could consider it a lavish home. She needed room for her staff. She entertained. And she prized the ability to have a fruit orchard on her property.

I’ve spent a great deal of time with Arthur White and Grace Jacques, EGW’s grandchildren listening to their accounts of Ellen White. While I no longer read EGW or find her very relevant, I’ve never seen any reason to believe she lived lavishly. Arthur did cultivate an image of his grandmother which was not always accurate, but Grace was very candid about her grandmother.

In fact, in many ways, I would say her life was not easy.


1882 - Six years before the emphasis on Justification by Faith of 1888.

I am quite sure that all believers, this side of heaven, experience a progression in their relationship with Jesus/God. The canonized writings regarding Abraham, Moses & David demonstrate such a progression. It is not considered a defect that they changed over time, but rather an indication that God was continuing to work in their lives.

We seem to have difficulty extending Christian Charity toward those we have previously appreciated when they prove less perfect than we expected. We have a tendency to judge those who lived before us as if they had the benefit of (and responsibility for) what we currently are privileged to know (or think we know). God will deal righteously and mercifully with everyone according to his ‘perfect’ perception of the duty we/they have to utilize what we are (and know) in seeking to serve Him.

Our Christian Charity does not require us to overlook the flaws, but rather calls us to see beyond the flaws to appreciate a fellow child of God doing their best to live according to their understanding of God’s call on their life. Or to pity those who do not have God in their lives. God does not require perfect people in order to utilize them for good.

Harboring malice toward others takes a severe toll on those who refuse to give up those feelings (whatever their perceived right to have them) to God to resolve.

“And grieve not the holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption. Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamour, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice: And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.” (EPH 4:30-32.KJV)


I want to see “the eraser of revision” (meaning of course the less flattering, contradictory, or too honest other, non-published inspirations)

Itreasure the Palms. But not David. I read Ellen White but not at the same level. Her messages on education and health were more relevant than her theology which was colored by her times. Most of the time she copies from serious scholars. Her rewriters were her charm.


reading the original, unedited, unrevised egw, in her own hand-writing, is where the real egw is found…here it is impossible to miss the all-out hands-on effort, and the extreme emotion and very clear power that is the hallmark of this remarkable prophet…the finished products coming through literary assistants and the white estate probably do help with the clarity of content, but the staggering personality that was egw ends up being quite diluted…

one really has to wonder what would be revealed from a reading of prophets like elijah and john the baptist, if manuscripts in their own words and writing style were ever discovered…

i think all of this points to the raw, deadly true character of god himself…i think the sugar-coated, santa claus personality so many of us have drunk in from cradle roll on up is off…way off…

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Nathan –
This is the PROBLEM ALL Religious writers have to contend with.
Writing something in print [paper, book, internet, youtube] and later understand
more “light” and then write from THAT understanding.
A Just-Religious-writer is one thing.
BUT when we attach that writer to being a Prophet, and EVERYTHING they have
ever written taken as “Inspiration of the Holy Spirit” it does create a problem.
And presents a problem for SDAs. Especially for SDAs who Quote from all the Words
from the time Ellen was “called”.
This does NOT allow for even the Prophet’s greater understanding to have developed
and change in their understanding to THEN be their Message.
Yes, Ellen has, in her lifetime, said some harsh words to individuals and to groups.


One interesting story regarding President Daniels when Ellen lived at Elmshaven.
President Daniels spent several days on the train, getting off and a buggy ride to
Ellen’s. He knocked on the door. Knocked… Knocked…Knocked…knocked.
No one answered the door.
He was wanting a word from Ellen about what to do about a problem at Battle Creek.
She sent one of the helpers to the door with a message for him.
— Since you have been ignoring what I have written in letters to you, there is no
need for me to see you.
He went back to town, rode the train back to Battle Creek.


I think that compared to most people in the US/World, she lived very comfortably and would be considered quite lavish compared to most everyone else. Having a home with 60 acres, an orchard, private nurse, seamstress, cook, plus office staff and farm hands, sounds pretty extravagant.

Hard to really say, but millions of people don’t have easy lives. Far worse than hers to be sure.


Another big problem with these testimonies that were sent out…there is only one side of the situation presented, EGW’s side. If anyone dared to respond in a way that disagreed with her, they were skewered once again.


I don’t know which is worse (both equally bad in my view), but they are both unChristian, IMO.

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In God’s plan for Israel every family had a home on the land, with sufficient ground for tilling. Thus were provided both the means and the incentive for a useful, industrious, and self-supporting life. And no devising of men has ever improved upon that plan. { FLB 260.2}

The earth has blessings hidden in her depths for those who have courage and will and perseverance to gather her treasures. Fathers and mothers who possess a piece of land and a comfortable home are kings and queens. { FLB 260.3}

An expensive dwelling, elaborate furnishings, display, luxury, and ease, do not furnish the conditions essential to a happy, useful life. Jesus came to this earth to accomplish the greatest work ever accomplished among men. He came as God’s ambassador, to show us how to live so as to secure life’s best results. What were the conditions chosen by the infinite Father for His Son? A secluded home in the Galilean hills; a household sustained by honest, self-respecting labor; a life of simplicity; daily conflict with difficulty and hardship; self-sacrifice, economy, and patient, gladsome service; the hour of study at His mother’s side, with the open scroll of Scripture; the quiet of dawn or twilight in the green valley; the holy ministries of nature; the study of creation and providence; and the soul’s communion with God—these were the conditions and opportunities of the early life of Jesus… { FLB 260.4}

That’s the plan.


Absolutely. We’re all cray cray.

No wait…I meant to say me.

I’m crazy.



We all are to one degree or another…is there good crazy and bad crazy? :thinking: :wink: