Ellen White’s Afterlife: Author Interview with George R. Knight

How so?
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Thanks George, won’t go into details here but it seems we keep rehashing the same-old, same-old tired criticisms about EGW’s credibility, as if these haven’t been adequately responded to by Knight, Jud Lake, EGW estate and others (and why I don’t need to repeat them here).
But no, people will still focus on this stain, or that black spot, i.e. on what they want to gripe about, be it her health, her visions, her copying, etc. And throw her away for one or two things they dislike with the bathwater. These people, I think, allow the tree to blind them to the forest. Or they take the ears or tusks of the elephant to be it. Funny thing is, people who don’t or hardly read EGW (except to attack) are the most vocal critics, while those who’ve been most blessed by EGW are just grateful to the Lord for the gift of a prophet to the church, bugger the rest (as they say in Australia).

Well BP, for me there is no amount of excuses that can justify someone copying texts from others and publishing them as their own. Also, “I was shown” being declared about texts copied from others seems to me completely out of place. And then, “The Shut Door Story”… :roll_eyes:

Regarding lawyers being paid by the GC to “verify and confirm” the legitimacy and lawfulness of that copying is, for me, a joke - a disrespect to people with an IQ superior to 80… We know what lawyers can do, and, by the way, I haven’t yet met one single lawyer that wouldn’t do “anything” as long as being paid; morality and honesty is not their “forte.” I hope before I die I will meet one, just one lawyer who could be trusted…

Anyway, let me be clear, all these things I referred to are good only for me. I don’t expect others to agree with me, and I don’t consider wrong those who put EGW at the center of their spiritual life. If it works for them, great. Been there, done that!

It’s only that, for me, the only source of belief and doctrine is the Bible. I don’t understand why some Adventists are so much sold to EGW no matter what (not referring to you here) and criticize those who decided to go by “Sola Scriptura.” Isn’t the Bible self- sufficient? In my opinion, saying that the Bible is not sufficient is a concrete example of committing sacrilege.

One more thing to clarify regarding, “…people who don’t or hardly read EGW (except to attack) are the most vocal critics…” I was a hard reader of EGW for many years. I though Bible classes (HS) and preached occasionally, utilizing EGW to “substantiate” my teachings and sermons. I read basically all of her books available in those days (not the post-mortem published more recently… :roll_eyes:…). I could give people a good “lesson on the SOP.” But then…, more information transpired in the early 80’s, and I could no longer do it, I had to change and, to be on the safe side, I decided that the Bible was as sufficient for me as it had been for Hus, Luther, Calvin, Wycliffe, the Ballenger brothers, Ford, and many others.

Those who read EGW for spiritual support and encouragement do a good and right thing. I like Stott, Ford, Bonhoeffer, and a few others better. Just me…

(I apologize for the length of this post. I usually stay withing the 2 paragraphs limit… :wink: )


Adventists will change. Too many people mention EGW as their belief system. We don’t even read The Bible with as much gusto as EGW. We ignore a lot of Paul’s teachings…because, well, we don’t base our salvation on women covering their heads or jewelry. We must read EGW the same way we do The Bible…that is, knowing what our salvation is based on. Don’t even get me started on the catholic church as the beast and sunday laws. Two concepts that are going further and further the other way. https://the-undercover-adventist.blogspot.com/2018/08/why-do-we-read-bible-differently-than.html

To my mind the SDA church was founded primarily to sell EGW writings
If her messages were from God why did she receive money from ?


The article mentions Ellen G. White teachers. Unbelievable! But…maybe not. I understand that a Lutheran seminary may teach courses on Luther’s theology. But, that doesn’t carry the claims of prophetic authority with it. This just sounds more and more like a cult, with a focus on extra biblical authority that means nothing to anyone outside of the cult.




EGW Estate answers this at Ellen G. White’s Financial Affairs

Under the section " Was Ellen White a millionaire?
"More than once in her ministry, Ellen White was confronted by reports that she was accumulating great wealth because of her book royalties. Here is her direct response to one detractor, written in 1897 while she lived in Australia:

You have made reports in reference to me being rich. How did you know I was? For about ten years I have been working on borrowed property. Should I sell all that I have in my possession, I would not have sufficient to pay my outstanding debts….”

Appears to be less and less likely…
Gallup: Number Of Americans Who Are Members Of A Church Is In Steep Decline, At 80-Year Low

Paul –
“Number of persons members…” Is that more dropping out of mainline
Here are 2 books I would recommend reading on the changing habits of
church goers, and persons looking for an experience with God.
“Christianity For The Rest Of Us – how the neighborhood church is
transforming the Faith.”
“Christianity After Religion – the end of church and the birth of a now
spiritual awakening.”
both by Diana Butler Bass who is a researcher and has spent a lot of time
researching the changes in church attendance and actually interviews
members of churches about what they are looking for in “church” and also
how they feel about “church” and organized “church”.
Very enlightening. I believe you will see the SDA church in her discoveries
although was not among those that she interviewed.
she notes that although persons are leaving mainline churches, they are
“not leaving” church. Just attending a different type of church that seems to
feed their souls.
Very enlightening. Worth the time to read them.

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Interesting. Thanks.
Side note, am going to attend my mom’s SDA church “Easter service” Saturday. When they greet me with “happy sabbath” is “happy pre-resurrection day” an appropriate response? :flushed:


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