Ellen White‘s Own Geoscience Tour

Below us lay the town of Green River, Wyoming. Some one hundred feet above Mike’s head towered the many layers of Giant’s Club, a rock described in 1890 as “impossible to climb.”1

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Or perhaps White’s views of geology reflected those of her contemporaries and of 1,900 years of Christian
This I believe to be true as was the case with every subject she had treated.

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Maybe Ellen White’s geological opinions were revealed to her directly by God
I totally disagree with this suggestion. I have evidence to prove it.

But she claimed, Ted Wilson endorsed it in his sermon that her writings proceeded from thevthrone room of God. But they were actually drawn from some earlier authors.
They were of human origin.


I too was privileged to be introduced to the geology of the Western and Eastern United States and Canada including the Green River Basin in the early 70’s with the late Dr. Richard Ritland. With fond memories I recall his insistence on looking not just at the formation at hand but their context in the formations above and below in the geological column, his cautions in drawing conclusions that might support our presuppositions.
It became obvious to me during three tours of Yellowstone National Park, The Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia and Wyoming, that attempts to see a world-wide flood were futile and misguided, indeed that to claim the evidence supported such had to be out of ignorance or a willingness to support the Denomination’s position despite the evidence.
Dr. Ritland was no armchair theorist hewing to a denominational line. He had looked professionally at the evidence and shared it. For that I will always be grateful. The conclusions I drew were my own.


Ironically, I just drove through Echo Canyon this morning. Pretty much the same since Ellen’s visit. Go figure, eh.

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