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This week on Adventist Voices, Donald Casebolt talks about his "highly revisionist" new book on Ellen White's formative years, Child of the Apocalypse (2021). Based on his extensive research into contemporaneous accounts and her own statements about her inner life, Casebolt paints a portrait of a teen girl spiritually vulnerable and captured by the certitude of William Miller, forming her identity in a community looking for ecstatic authority. We discuss confabulation, the other Millerite prophecies White endorsed, and why this matters today.

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Thank you very very much for the good advice ! I Have an official facsimiie reprint of “Spiritual Gifts” and " A Woerd to teh Little Flock" and “Solemn Appeal” have reasons enough tomtry to dive into a strange world of some XIX US people somewhere in Newm england and this envoironmentts influience onnthe worldview of EGW. .

(Nowadas here in Austria te leadership ist trying to reconstruct those respectable circumstances of a certain socitey right hree - a long time aftrewardsand far far fra ago from Topsham, Maine !) (“Revival !!!”)

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Can transpose the talk into print please?

Good idea! Podcasts do not play in certain parts of the world.

She started her prophetic business by endorsing Biblically unsound theories and doctrines by feigned visions-- starting with Miller’s teachings, Edson/Crosier cornfield IJ conspiracy, S.S. Snow’s Midnight cry, 10th day 7th month culminating in Oct, 22, 1844, and many more…thus won their confidence, and was accepted as a prophet.

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