Ellen White's Stature and Her Authority in Photos

I’m pretty sure that Ellen White, despite standing in front of the crowd in several instances, never spoke. She would not have disrespected Paul’s clear word that women are to be silent in church.


Hi Tom. Sadly you are using an incomplete, unfounded and biased statement there. Read this document by a plagiarism specialist lawyer Vincent L. Ramik (interestingly a catholic by upbringing though in his statement not particularly religious). I strongly recommend that you read it completely.

It has been my sad experience in life that every person who said Ellen White was a plagiarist to me, in discussion proved to have absolutely no knowledge on the subject whatsoever, and was simply repeating the summarised opinions of a small minority of supposed experts. So for those who prefer the ‘once over lightly’ approach, skip to page 15 of the report above and get your summary there, first paragraph.

Now, if you are a thinking man and have a genuine desire to know the truth, think about and ask yourself the following question.

If Ellen White was a plagiarist, how on earth did she manage to plagiarise only the good, and not the bad? For a non exclusive example, how come did she, with no medical background, educated to 12 years old, manage to pick and choose the gems (or plagiarise if you like) from the vast array of quackery and backward medical knowledge of her time - and end up with a health message for the church a century ago, that has turned Seventh-day Adventists into the longest living and most healthy population group in the USA, if not the world? It is virtually only in the last decade that modern science is starting to teach now what she taught us then.

If you seriously and honestly consider and study the subject, you will realise she was no mystic. Also, keep in mind that Ellen White never called herself a prophet, she called herself a messenger.

Ian, I did at any time use the term palagertist? I used the term dependant. that has been clearly demonstrated time and again. The sad point is she claimed other. that was the core of the concern at the 1919 Bible Conference. Fred Veltmann was chosen by the White Estate to comb Desire of Ages. he found multiple direct uses of other sources. That stands against her claim. I still read Desire of Ages, it is the best non inspired narrative of the life of Christ, I also read the book Education, and Ministry of Healing knowing full well their source. She had a excellent team of rewriters. I just know it did not come from the hand of God. never the less there remains much of value yet today. Remember she was writing during the days when the land grant colleges were being formed. The sad note is she found Dr. Kellogg as a rival so destroyed him. Even she and her husband became estranged. She was such a pest that she was sent down under. It was here that Elder Daniels observed her method of compiling Desire of Ages. it was elder Spicer that renovated her, until the church now has a cultic leadership. Tom Z


My only question regarding the credentials picture is the words “Ordained Minister”. Why those two words are different than the rest of the document?. Was that particular font available to printers at the time? We need to realize that pictures nowadays can be “doctored” to make them look real, and I’m sure that was not the case in here. But why those two wrods look completely different from the rest?.. Just wondering. Thanks!