Embedding Last Generation Theology in Sabbath School Lessons

(Kevin Seidel) #341

Galatians 5:22-23 New International Version (NIV)

22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

John 13:34-35 New International Version (NIV)

34 “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. 35 By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

If LGT or what ever form of perfection teaching, actually increased the fruit of the Spirit in peoples lives I would think there might be something to it. But I haven’t seen it do that. If it can’t do that, what hope does it have for reaching “perfection”?

(Cfowler) #342

Agreed, Kevin.

It seems to do the opposite of the fruit of the Spirit…I’ve known a few of these folks who are following the LGT belief. Love, joy and peace are definitely missing…

It is very self-focused, then focusing on others perceived faults, sins, and shortcomings. A measuring stick for themselves and others.


How did this topic get so derailed into a discussion of flat earth? Back to the topic…I find the lesson quarterlies to be timely in light of the different issues facing our church. We needed a quarterly on the Holy Spirit because of the spread of anti-trinitarian beliefs spreading through some churches. We needed the topic of Unity because many in our church are in rebellion and take the view that they can act independently of the body without consequence. Christ knew there would be a problem with unity and that is why it was the topic of his last prayers while on earth. Our church needs the study of Revelation because so many members no longer know the basics of our doctrines and end-time beliefs. We are raising generations of Adventists who do not have the slightest idea how to explain prophesy timelines leading to 1844 and beyond. If we are studying our Bibles deeply along with the lesson’s authors comments and the EGW Notes that match each lesson we will find the truth that God wants us to know. Occasionally there may be a comment made within an author’s comments that I’m not sure I agree with or completely understand where they are coming from but I don’t pick it apart and discredit it. Why must people assume that everything written is a conspiracy to promote a certain theological position? I think we have a wonderful plan in place where the entire world church is studying the same lesson quarterly around the world. I have non-Adventist fChristian friends that marvelled over this when I told them about our Sabbath School lessons prepared for every age from infancy up to adults. They wished their denomination had such consistency and planned materials.


Why must people assume that everything written is a conspiracy to promote a certain theological position?

I agree with you many members no longer know the basics of SDA doctrines and end-time beliefs. Just like the SDA founders, we use the historicism method of interpretation when studying Revelation, however the interpretation of some of the chapters of Revelation presented in the quarterly differs significantly from the interpretation of Revelation made by the SDA founders eg. Understanding Daniel and Revelation by Uriah Smith. The quarterly doesn’t provide any reason for the changes in interpretation, as a result some church members end up feeling disillusioned and lost.

In interpreting Revelation, there are 3 groups of SDA’s, :

  1. Those who hold onto the “old historicism” interpretation of Revelation . You’ll find this group of individuals on various SDA forums, complaining about how the authors of the quarterly are deviating from the old SDA interpretation of Revelation.

  2. Those who hold onto the “new historicism” interpretation of Revelation.

  3. Those who think that historicism is not a good method of interpreting Revelation. They also do not believe in the 1844, 538-1798 traditional Adventist interpretations of Revelation and Daniel.

A significant number of SDA members doubt some of the beliefs held by our founding members and the “new” interpretations of Revelation and Daniel, but due to them fearing or trying to avoid the backlash they’ll get if they air their views publicly in their local churches, they remain silent.


I am a regular Sabbath School teacher and I use the lesson, the Teacher’s edition, EGW quote helps and the Bible Commentaries along with the Bible, SS Net,Tim Roosenberg’s materials, Hope Sabbath School, Doug Batchelor and the Bruce Cameron helps, and other resources in my library. When I find views other than that presented in the lesson itself, I usually state there are several interpretations and present some of each. I often also refer to what other denominations teach and present sound Biblical support for how to address those teachings in error. The best method to counteract error is to present Biblical truth and the Holy Spirit helps the class members to discover and accept truth. I think there is a balance in teachings and leaning too far in either direction is dangerous ground.

(Kim Green) #346

If you remember, Carol, they were repeatedly asked through the years without having a substantive answer. The only real “answer” was to “believe in faith” that what was written in the Bible was true and therefore possible. They know that they are incapable of coming up with a contemporary source but KNOW that it is possible.

(Kim Green) #347

But it does keep them busy navel-gazing as well as micro-judging other’s lives. It does give a sense of purpose to many people’s lives. I wouldn’t consider it truly spiritually productive but I am know that the Last Generation Theology adherents would disagree.

(Tim Teichman) #348

Well, I don’t know. The bible teaches the earth is flat, so it must be, right?

(Kim Green) #349

It’s your fault, Tim…lol

(Tim Teichman) #350

My bad. …Hey look!

(Kim Green) #351

You are so…well…divisive with all of those heretical ideas that you pass along! :joy:

Keep up the good work I know that you have more in you. :wink:

(Cfowler) #352

That will keep a person busy alright! And for these folks, almost everything is a sin…so, it’s a non-stop mission.

(Kim Green) #353

You got the essence, sister! :grinning: The sheer negativity of it all is astonishing…

(Beverley Joseph ) #354

I thought that we are not to trust what we see, think and/or hear over the word of God. The people during Noah’s time did that and we know the outcome. The children of Israel saw water in front of them as Moses told them to go forward when they were being pursued by the Egyptians. If they had used what they know about the depth of the sea to be the basis for following Moses’ command they would not have obeyed.

The fact that I have not met anyone who has attained Enoch’s degree of holiness does not mean that no other person has not nor never will. Our responsibility is to trust and obey God and allow Jesus to reproduce His character in us, not as a means of our salvation but as a result of it. There’s nothing impossible with God.

Also, those who attained this degree of holiness will not be the ones to point it out. That is God’s prerogative.


So, Beverly, you are a believer in Last Generation Theology, the idea that one final generation will reach perfection even above Christ’s, and that must happen before God schedules the Second Coming? In other words, a small group of Adventists is preventing Christ’s return because of their lack of perfection, and are, thus, responsible for pain, suffering, death, war, sex trafficking, and on and on because they have not tried hard enough to reach perfection?

(C. Evans) #356

So Beverly you have not met anyone who has reached perfection. In fact you don’t know if there is someone out there who has reached perfection since the OT story of Enoch. ( before Christ ). But you believe it is possible?

See I don’t think that anybody is perfect or we would not have needed the cross. No one was perfect leading to the cross. The cross allowed us to accept salvation not perfection.

(George Tichy) #357

It will be a distinguished honor to be introduced to one, at least one member of that selected group of perfect LGTarians… :roll_eyes:

PS- Please hurry up…, this thread will close in 8 days!!! :laughing:

(Steve Mga) #358

George – One of the Major Problems with this idea of “perfectly reproducing”
is there is no Definition or Description of what it is “having the character of
Christ” that ALL world-wide SDAs might be able to tack up or scotch tape up
in the home and look at every day.
So we are left with the Old Testament prophets, the words of Jesus in the
Gospels, and Paul, Peter, James, John, Jude to figure it our for ourselves
until the “General Conference In Session” can Vote on it.

(Johnny Carson) #359

The question then becomes, what was Enoch’s degree of holiness. I submit that Enoch was never then, and is not now, perfect in the way that God is perfect. Enoch was born sinful, and just like you and I, he will always be perfect, only because of the covering sacrifice of God’s Son, Jesus Christ, back on Calvary.

Did enoch, and Moses, and Elijah, reach a higher walk with God than some of the rest of us? Sure, if one believes the Biblical account, but that does not mean they were completely perfect, no longer in need of a Savior. To contend otherwise, I think, is heresy.

(Tim Teichman) #360

Well put. Note also that the English word “perfect” as used in these texts may be misleading. At least some texts that refer to being perfect or striving to be perfect mean it in the sense of “perfect for the purpose” or “mature and wise” or “that’s just perfect” or “ritually perfect/clean”.

The passages don’t really refer to some sort of mythical state of God-like perfection. No bible writer taught that humans were supposed to become god-like.