Embedding Last Generation Theology in Sabbath School Lessons

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It’s ludicrous! Lack of SDA perfection is responsible for the ongoing ills of the world. How much more self centered can a theology get?

Oh, and how would you like to lay odds on even one person achieving absolute sinless, perfection considering that the last time that some LGTers believe it was done by one person was several thousand years ago? The odds of a perfect game in MLB is 1 in 10,287. Do you think it would be more than that? Lol!



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“So Beverly, you are a believer in Last Generation Theology, the idea that one final generation will reach perfection even above Christ’s, and that must happen before God schedules the Second Coming?”

No where in my comments did I say or imply that the people who are "redeemed " from the earth at Christ’s second coming will reach perfection above Christ’s. This is a distortion of what I said. I don’t know how you and others define LGT. Therefore, I will not use that term to describe what I believe.

The Bible and SOP are clear on the character of those Christians who will be alive when Christ returns. Revelation 14:4 says…“in their mouth was found no guile for they are without fault.” This is just one text. There are more that I previously mentioned.

Regarding the time for Christ’s second coming, I do believe if Christians had been faithful in serving Christ and carrying out the great commission that Jesus would have come back already. Ask the children of Israel if their actions had no impact on God’s plans for their lives and nation.

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"I submit that Enoch was never then, and is not now, perfect in the way that God is perfect. Enoch was born sinful, and just like you and I, he will always be perfect, only because of the covering sacrifice of God’s Son, Jesus Christ, back on Calvary.

Did enoch, and Moses, and Elijah, reach a higher walk with God than some of the rest of us? Sure, if one believes the Biblical account, but that does not mean they were completely perfect, no longer in need of a Savior. To contend otherwise, I think, is heresy."

John, I agree with you.

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Beverly I certainly respect your point of view. However to say that had Christians been faithful Christ would have already come sorta puts the blame on people unfairly don’t you think. The Bible says no man (human) knows the hour of coming of the Son of man. To me that means we have no control by either our acts of omission or commission in the second coming. Respectfully that’s my perspective.

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Bro. Evans –
Even Christ, IF the Gospel Record is Correct, said that EVEN HE did not know
when He would return. THE FATHER ONLY. And the Father apparently wasn’t

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So perpetual sinning is the goal of the battle between God and Satan? Daniel 9:24 tells us what God wants from us. Oh wait, I need to check that with my teacher since it is impossible for us to understand the Bible unless we believe whatever we are told. Your theology is still a mess, but at least you are passionate.

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It’s actually a rather small percentage. Most of the have already fallen off the edge of the world…

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So, once again you have no idea what Adventists believe. I now finally understand why your conclusions are all wrong.


This is nowhere in Frank’s posting.

A little snarky…

Condescending. Don’t you think?

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Condescending? Try very condescending.

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I am glad I didn’t jump into this conversation. It’s always the same fallacies, the same arrogance, the same distortions - only to prove that those fantasies (fairy tale) about 1844 are legit theological matters. And, of course, an attempt to make Adventism something that it is actually not: a superior religion.

I am glad I didn’t waste my time this time, and I am sorry that you and others did. :roll_eyes:

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Of course, George. You’re likely correct. I think my main contribution was agreeing with Hsrrpa on condescension. :open_mouth::open_mouth:

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I’ve found the fruit of the Spirit to be a powerful test of doctrine and theology. If the teaching produces the fruit it is good. If it doesn’t change the amount of fruit in ones life it is okay/neutral. However if it reduces the fruit or produces opposite fruit it must be rejected. It is false doctrine.

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Actually, if he thinks my theology is a mess, I find it to be confirmation that I’m on the right track. :slight_smile:



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Last year I found these 2 stories.

  1. This story is told about Michelangelo. He was at the marble quarry
    looking at all the ugly, misshapen large pieces of marble. He finally
    selects one. As he is putting it on his wagon someone asks what he is
    going to do with it.
    He replies, there is an angel inside and I am going to release him. Taking
    it to his studio he begins chipping away small pieces at a time.
    Eventually the angel emerges, and flies away.
    QUESTION: Is this another way of looking at Transformation? Slowly
    giving up imperfection a little at a time.?
  2. Another story:-- Another artist was showing a large stone carved horse.
    A man asked him how he was able o get it so “life-like”. The artist replied:-
    “I just chipped away everything that wasn’t a horse.”
    — Beholding [through meditation] one becomes changed.

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