Embedding Last Generation Theology in Sabbath School Lessons

Various texts that allude to the authors’ belief in the nature of the cosmos.

In the creation story, the images of the primordial waters being relegated to the underworld and to above the firmament.
In the creation story, the ‘firmament’ is described, with the sun and then moon ‘fixed’ to it.
In the flood story the description of the ‘flood gates of heaven’ being opened.
Various texts that locate God beyond the firmament/the sky.
Various texts that refer to Sheol, the foundations of the heavens and foundations of the earth, the gates of heaven (actual gates, mind you, in the firmament), the heavens, and heaven of heavens.

Here are some images:
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Well there’s that stuff about a firmament, which we know doesn’t exist.

So no Biblical evidence the Earth is Flat.
“Allude to” isnt evidence.
I use fact not opinions when making statements.

Interestingly science has only recently concluded that the universe isnt eternal.
LOL…The Bible for thousands of Years has said that.

Wow. That’s a strong reaction to a post that took quite awhile to collect for you. Sheesh. You know you can look this stuff up for yourself. There’s lots of information and history on the internet, some of it is quite scholarly.

Reading the text of what the bible says, along with a historic understanding of what the words mean, is evidence of what they thought.

You can find many publications and serious websites that discuss this.
Here’s a good place to start, and it includes about 150 references to supporting material:


I bet she has never travelled outside of continental north america, either.

I wonder what her explanation would be for the climate types at the poles and the tropics. I am not aware of the Bible addressing ice or snow.


The flat earth solves the problem of a 48-hour Sabbath on a round world. So where did the creation seventh day start and finish? Perhaps it doesn’t pay to take things too literally on issues we know little about.


Oh they have it all worked out:

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Is a flat earth in any way related to LGT and the SSQ? Or is this just an interesting sidetrack of the original discussion? :slight_smile:

And I didn’t learn that the earth was round until I went bravely off to first grade with Mrs. Palmer when I was 7 years old. Until then the earth was most definitely flat much on the order of the pictures shared by @timteichman

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The story of the tower of Babel. The tower was suppose to reach the heavens. It kind of makes sense if heaven is just beyond the dome and the dome isn’t that far up. It makes no sense with the modern understanding. Even if the tower got to low earth orbit altitude, heaven isn’t just on the other side.


Mostly a side track, but they both have a certain literal inerrant interpretation of scripture.


No reaction. Just calling it out.
Opinions run Rife my friend.
My claim is simple. The bible does not say the earth is flat.

Are you looking for a “Thus saith the Lord, the earth is flat?” or are you looking for an in depth study based on the meanings of Hebrew, Greek, words, the context of the applicable scriptures, and the context of prevalent beliefs at the time of the scriptural writings in question?

Because I’ve got to say that if you’re looking for the former then you’re probably not being an honest student of the Bible. The honest student of scripture takes all of those factors into account when studying the Bible.


Snow – I believe the OT observes snow in Jerusalem area. And on one of the

I`m looking to not reading into the bible whats not there in the first Place.
How about you?
The Bible doesnt say the Earth is flat…fact.
The Bible doesnt say the earth is 6000 years old …fact
Wecome to have your own opinions brother but not your own facts.

But you avoided addressing what I said, Mad. Clever :wink:


True…but it seems to never stop some. :slight_smile:

Oh I am so clever, you are right.
I am always looking to avoid answers cant you tell…
Give me a Break…
Whats you most pressing question that I haven’t answered if I havnt already?

I`m looking to not reading into the bible whats not there in the first Place.
Wecome to have your own opinions brother but not your own facts.

Interestingly…the American Indigenous peoples did not necessarily believe in a “flat earth”. Most of their oral stories included a “creation” that usually involved water of some sort. The Vikings for a fact were great travelers and the sagas make it clear that they did not see the world as “flat”:


Anyway…yes, a total diversion from original topic which we know can happen. I think mostly it has happened because there are few here who would deny that there could be no “embedding” of LGTism in SS Lessons. Might as well talk about other interesting things. :wink:


The ancients looked to the sky and saw balls not discs…perhaps.
I would imagine some knew something of the earths shape.
I dont know what history books say before telescopes.