Embedding Last Generation Theology in Sabbath School Lessons

(Thomas J Zwemer) #121

sin within Adventism is defined by old men. all things that they have out grown. . Also perfection is near at hand and the young men are voting with their feet.

(Kim Green) #122

I once lived in a house that was next to this Catholic School (which is literally down the road from South Lancaster Academy):


It was established by a husband and wife who were converts to Catholicism. I would say that the students got a very good education there and come from very conservative large families. :slight_smile:

My Landlady remarked once about the husband and wife School Founders, “Converts tend to be the most fervent and pius”. In the sense that Protestantism is an off-shoot of Catholicism this could be why Adventism is trying to outdo the original “parent”. Yes, who would have “thunk it”…becoming just like the parent.

(Cfowler) #123

Of course, many of them may decide to leave because it isn’t that way. :cry:

Many people find scripturally sound churches and are released from “Whiteism”. Staying might be the real tragedy.

(Kim Green) #124

This can be true…true spiritual tragedy is not listening to the Spirit and not following His voice wherever He leads. :slight_smile:

(George Tichy) #125

Well, if someone works for a Company, is paid to defend the Corporation’s best interests, then in order to keep the job… the wise thing to do is to defend that Company’s policies no matter what. Unless there are some conscience issues, of course… :wink:


Actually 1.2 mi walking distance “up the road” from SLA. This facilty at 471 Langen Road, Lancaster, MA was originally known as Crownledge, the country home of banker Eugene Van Rensselaer Thayer, Jr (1881-1937). Many other beautiful old homes all thru its environs. Thanks for stirring memories!

(Johnny Carson) #127

In Some cases, yes. Im sure you’re absolutely right. I guess my concern would be for those who might write God off altogether due to whiteism.

(Johnny Carson) #128

Only because they’ve aged out of being able to commit the sins in question. :open_mouth:

(Kim Green) #129

Thank-you for the history. The house that I lived in was next door and was literally the stables for the Morgan horses and doubled as a “show room” to potential buyers! I forget which rich family owned it. It may have been owned by one of the many Thayer offspring.

During WW2 the interior of the house was used to host dancing parties for the GIs. My landlady knew one couple that met there and married!

Great to share memories. Lancaster had many homes that the wealthy built, as well as rich American history. I believe that the old JN Andrews home is at the end of Langen Rd. He traveled to Boston to use the library taking the old route that runs in front of it.

(Cfowler) #130

Yes, atheism is a real fruit, most especially from groups who are more controlling and exclusive. As a Christian, this is a tragedy. But even so, the Spirit can work through the noise and the false teachings.

(Kim Green) #131

:rofl: A distinct possibility!


Good memory you have!, The home is located further north along Hwy 117. Known as the Capt John Bennett house, J. N. Andrews came to Lancaster after his wife died in 1872 and became pastor of the village church. In this house he worked on a revision of his 1861 History of the Sabbath which he completed in 1873.

(Kim Green) #133

Thank-you for the name…had forgotten that! :slight_smile:

I also worked at the Perkins School in Lancaster…what a beautiful estate that was! The details in the main manor house were exquisite. I remember the staircase had a gorgeous stained glass window that they removed many decades ago for safe keeping. I believe that one of the Gun makers from Boston built that home.

Such a beautiful Neo Italianate style home!

(Ray Smith) #134

The way I see it is this. LGT and the SS lessons have this in common. They focus on what we do, our obedience, our law keeping, how we overcome Satan, how we survive persecution. Both take the focus away from Calvary, Christ’s finished work, His righteousness, His grace, His love, His victory over all the forces of sin and evil.

Even a casual reading of the SS lessons on Rev 12, 13 and 14 reveal a focus in the last day events built around the 10 commandments, especially the Sabbath and how we show our obedience by keeping the law in the face of persecution. It’s not the gospel I know.

It’s God’s grace that saves us and it’s God’s grace that teaches us how to live and it’s God’s grace through the shed blood of Jesus and His resurrection that will carry anybody through life or through the last days for those who ultimately become the final generation.

Anything that detracts from what God in Christ has accomplished for us and in us is a form of idolatry.

Christ said it all in His dealings with Peter. “Do you love me?” Are you thirsty? Come! Take the free water of life - Jesus! There’s no other way.

(reliquum) #135

Have wondered if the elder brother in the prodigal story was so angry because he had not enjoyed the liberties that the younger took. There seems to be a similar rejection of grace…

(Steve Mga) #136

I think that WE OVERLOOK the First Born Phenomenon in most
families. It seems to SHOUT OUT in this Story by Jesus.
The father was OBLIVIOUS to the reactions of the 1st born growing up.
Parents say – We treat our children the same.
But the perception from the children’s side is usually different.
And so we have the Story of the Prodical Son. With LOTS of things
to discuss in Group Therapy.

(Frankmer7) #137

Yes it is. He’s been hired as doctrinal chief of police and watchdog?


(Johnny Carson) #138

And in all honesty, I’ve a few dear friends who are either Atheist, Bhudist, Hindu, Muslim, etc., who display more fruits of the Spirit than do some Xians, even Xians who walk among us here. So maybe my original statement is further off base than I first thought.

(Eric Webster) #139

Cliff, I don’t believe that Matthew was encouraging impure doctrine in his article. I think he was just calling for a greater sense of humility as we seek to uphold doctrine. We all recall the pre-1888 Conference when so many were certain that the doctrine held was pure and correct. Some were unprepared to take a step into the “new theology”. Adventism should be exciting as we seek to hold a balance between conviction and fresh impulses of the Holy Spirit.

(Gillian Ford) #140

Yesterday, in the middle of the comments, I made one about the cultic attitude of the denomination. You will note that Clifford Goldstein made a rather nonsensical reply as follows:

Thinking that the church should have pure doctrine leads to LGT? Ok…? Might have to mull over that one a bit.

I wonder what impure doctrine leads to…

Gill back speaking. Just wanted to point out a few things. Clifford’s reply was made to my comment, but he 1. doesn’t address anything in it; which means 2. he totally ignores what I said; but 3. is actually responding to Matthew Quartey’s writing; and 4. seems to want to sully my comment by linking it (and I presume Des Ford—as his wife being a woman is inconsequential) with the words ‘impure doctrine’. I also want to point out to everyone that I see this is what he did. I also note that he has not replied to other legitimate comments made to him. Clifford, God sees the games we play, and there is a judgment where our words and intentions will be examined.