Embedding Last Generation Theology in Sabbath School Lessons

(Johnny Carson) #141

Amen, and very well said :slight_smile:


Correct again! What wonderful opportunities were afforded to you by being able to become personally acquainted with such unique historical estates!
“This elegant estate on North Main Street, Lancaster, Ma, was built in 1910 as a country home for Mrs. Iver Johnson (Mary Elizabeth Speirs 1847-1915). Her late husband (1841-1895) was well known for the manufacture of firearms and bicycles and, in 1894, had opened a retail sporting-goods store in Fitchburg. In 1934, the estate became the Dr. Franklin Perkins School”

(Alice C ) #143

While I can see how you would interpret Cliff’s comment that way, my initial take was that he was simply responding to Matthew’s article and it happened to land in the comments where it did. But I can understand your sensitivity to it.

(Joyce Rapp) #144

Can it be that our GC prez and his cronies think they have already attained that last generation “purity” so that they are exempt from acting Christlike ?

(Kim Green) #145

I love the history of architecture and have visited many other historical homes on the East Coast. It tells you so much about how people lived and their culture. I also lived in a home that was built about 1901 in Leominster, Ma. The servant’s quarters were in the attic space of the home and I discovered a toilet in one of the closets. There were narrow stairs from there down to the kitchen area which the servant(s) would have used. It gave a glimpse into how the household functioned in a well-to-do household at that time.

(Kim Green) #146

Yes…that is a possibility. :wink:

(Bruce Clements) #147

I think it was Emerson who said that consistency is the hobgoblin of a simple mind.

For my part, I’d contend that moderation is equally deplorable which is why the author of Revelation finds the wish-y-wash-y-ness of the Laodicean Church so unpalatable.

Another old adage notes that a person trying to walk the middle of the road will get hit by traffic coming from both directions, so it seems that one should either be extreme in his beliefs or get off the road and, instead, enjoy watching the traffic from a reasonably safe distance, while never knowing if any of the drivers will ever reach his long-sought and supposedly supernatural destination.


Really good Darrell. Wondering, in your view, where does the 3 angels messages and the “final test” of which day you worship God fit in?

(George Tichy) #149

LGT is a terrible heresy because it does NOT give Christ full credit for His salvific job. They keep stealing from Christ part of His merits, teaching people that humans have some merit as well.

What can be worst than this? And the GC President endorses it!!! Unbelievable. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

(George Tichy) #150

Gill, I don’t even understand why this guy @CliffordGoldstein made any comment here at this time. I haven’t seen him participating here for ages, and we had so many great discussions on all sort of issues. Now he wrote something nonsensical, and just disappeared? Even teenagers do better that this nowadays!

This reminds me of those men who, when in a big crowd, suddenly tap on the butt of a passing woman, and when she looks back to catch the bandit, the guy is just looking somewhere else and cannot be identified.

I “looked back” by asking him a simple question… an so far I can’t see where he is… For some reason what comes to my mind is “intellectual cowardice.” But, let’s wait. Maybe he just went on vacation… Though we all know that he IS reading everything here…

(George Tichy) #151

Probably the best explanation for what we have seen happening since 2010!!!

(Steve Mga) #152

George, et. al. – Perhaps Cliff is taking NAMES.


Good grief!, What in the world is happening in regards to @CliffordGoldstein??
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(Johnny Carson) #154

“I will be above the Most High.”

(Gillian Ford) #155

Yes, you are probably right, Alice. I apologise for the comment.

(Elmer Cupino) #156

There will be no end to this struggle.

Isn’t LGT fueled by the desire be perfect at the end of time? The desire to outdo the rest? Could this LGT be a variant of the childhood wish of every child to own his mother and not share her with the rest of the family? It is a well known fact that this kind of “jealousy” is minimized and diminished with children whose relationship with their mother is not so close.

Is this enough insight to resolving LGT?

(Darrel Lindensmith) #157

Hi Paul, yes I believe the “judgement has come” in the three angles’ message
is referring to the executive, not investigative judgement at the end of time.


So the last generation will be judged by the day they worship on correct?

(Johnny Carson) #159

That seems to be the general idea, but is it scriptural?

(Shane Anderson) #160

I appreciate (and can sympathize with) Mr. Quartey’s pushback against those who have been abusive in the name of LGT. But nonetheless, I am curious: Why wouldn’t any of us want to be sinless? I think most of us on this thread would claim to in some sense be followers of Christ, and Christ was—to put it mildly—opposed to sin. So again, what sincere Christian would not want to be as much like Christ as possible—that is, to not merely not be a thief or not be a murderer or not be an adulterer, but to also be loving, kind, just, patient, generous, fair, free, merciful, etc., etc.? We crave to know people like this, don’t we? And to have such people elected to public office, no? Why would we then not also want to be people like this? And in such a context, would not the idea that at the end of time, there will be a group of people who will be so like Christ that they do not sin be extraordinarily nifty?

So I am genuinely curious: Is the opposition posed in this article and on this thread solely because of the abuses committed by some LGT proponents? If so, is it fair to judge a philosophy by its abuses (or abusers, as the case may be)? Is this opposition to LGT based on the belief that sin cannot be overcome, even in Christ—or that some sin can be overcome in part, but not completely? Or does this opposition come from how one defines “sin” and therefore what it means to be “sinless”? Or something else?