Emboldened by Screenings of "The Interview," Rogue GC Faction Releases The Record Keeper

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Fresh out of a Friday afternoon screening of "The Interview" at Baltimore's East Point Movies 10, a small flock of General Conference officials decided that if small, independently owned movie theaters could stand up to the ire of the North Korean nuclear-powered propaganda machine, they could "dare to be Daniels" and "let their little light shine."

Burning rubber back to Silver Spring, the energized officials took advantage of ultra-strict Friday half-day hours at the Biblical Research Institute (BRI) to sneak into the offices and extract the only remaining copy "The Record Keeper" to which any of them could gain access.

"I'm not sure if it was some of the CIA training that Seth Rogen and James Franco received in 'The Interview' that rubbed off on us, but the BRI extraction operation goes down as the most exciting thing any of us has done since college," confided a wild-eyed member of the team.

Another rogue official added that, just as with The Interview, the extreme measures taken to prevent distribution of "The Record Keeper" had functioned as brilliant marketing for the steampunk interpretation of "The Great Controversy."

"We are already at the point where the discussion has transcended subject matter and is focused on the real issue of unreasonable censorship. It is time to take a stand."

"We decided that yet another leak to YouTube was not the way to go and that a cinematic release would likely be too ambitious a route so we opted for a free viewing format at seetherecordkeeper.com," said the most technically-minded of the GC Directors. "We aren't too worried about our jobs," he added. "Most of us were already on the way out already come this summer's San Antonio festivities. Maybe this way we can pick up work in guerrilla film distribution."

Sevvy is a writer at the anonymously-authored humor and satire blog BarelyAdventist.com.

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(Robert Sonter) #2

Excellent story! If only it were a true story rather than satire…

(Dee Roberts) #3

You’ve got to love this stuff. Sometimes I wonder what they are thinking there on Old Columbia Pike, in the relatively small, relatively nondescript office building, that is the SDA church world HQ. Bringing a little humor to it is refreshing.

(Shining) #4

Seriously, is there any way to get to see it?

(Sevvy) #5

Befriending the BRI security guy…

(Chris Blake24) #6

In another bombshell announcement, an anonymous General Conference official shared plans for an upcoming The Record Keeper sequel.

“Yes, it will be called The Record Leaker,” the source whispered from a parking garage in downtown Silver Spring. “The new film will detail efforts to censor and contain Keeper and the subsequent machinations, rationalizations, and payoffs. Russell Crowe seems the obvious choice for the lead because he began his prolific acting career working for Sanitarium Foods in Australia and has starred in The Insider and Noah.”

According to the source, the sequel soundtrack will feature Del Delker and the original Heritage Singers. Take 6 and Committed were rejected because a few of their lyrics “did not hold up to standards after intense theological scrutiny.”

The sequel is scheduled not to be released in 2016.

(Bille) #7

All episodes are still available on Youtube. Just go to https://www.youtube.com/ and type in “The Record Keeper”. A pull down list will appear. Start with Episode 1 and work your way through the list. Actually, there is more than one copy available. If I remember correctly, one has English translations of most of the multi-language spoken skript and one does not. But I may be mistaken on that.

(Bille) #8

Robert, the “true story” is probably much more intriguing than this one. Remember, it was highly placed GC officials who were on the planning committee and who approved of the production… and so far as I know, none of them were replaced. And after the first few rounds of the “catch the record keeper and knock it off YouTube” game… there has been no further action and the ones that are available now have been there for several months … seemingly completely undisturbed. I’d still recommend copying them to your own computer… just in case. (Firefox has a simple little “plug-in” which makes it very easy to do.)

(George Tichy) #9

I can’t wait to read @blc Pici’s reaction to this article.
He always takes everything in the news so very seriously… :slight_smile:

(le vieux) #10

Oh, no. I learned my lesson on the last one, and I ignored this one, until I saw your post in my inbox. Sorry to disappoint you. :smile:

(Interested Friend) #11

It was an immense lack of good judgment that prevailed when there was a decision to authorize the making of a movie that is not even remotely related to Adventism and salvation.
In The Grip of Truth

(David Read) #12

Good analogy to the “The Interview” in terms of publicity. Many more people will eventually see “The Interview” (including me) than would ever have bothered to watch it had the North Koreans not hacked Sony and threatened terrorism over what surely is a mediocre movie with a few laughs at most. Same thing on “The Record Keeper” – an amateurish production with soap-opera level acting. Trying to spike it because of its purported theological errors just gives extra life to something that would have sunk like a stone because of its bad acting and B-movie special effects.

(Carrol Grady`) #13

Chris, are you working behind the scenes on “The Record Leaker”? Keep up the Adventist humor, Sevvy! Or is it Savvy?

(Bille) #14

Did you actually watch it? Or are you going by what other complainers have said?

(George Tichy) #15

Great question. I’m really curious to see if you will get ANY answer from IT, @sufferingsunfish , or if he will wreck his credibility regarding his “evaluation” (aka judgment).

(Bille) #16

I’m really serious about the question… and I’d like for you as well as all others who have had anything at all to say about it to not only answer the simple version, but also the expanded version… which is…

How many times?

Did you get any new theological insights from it?

If so, which time through it did those insights come from?

Personally, I am not at all of the generation which finds this style attractive. But I watched it anyhow… made copies of it… and have gone through some episodes a number of times. Each time I find my theological understandings enhanced and moved to an even deeper level. I can understand the initial shock that the vehicle gives to those who are hardened literalists. But once one gets past that, the “shock value” proves its worth by the deeper comprehension that it leaves behind.

(Garnett Weir) #17

I have just finished watching it and I must confess that it has not improved my theological understanding of anything. If the General Conference owns the copyright, they should sell it to recoup some of their expenses rather than allow this film to rot in the vault. For me, this film does have some entertainment value. Further, it allowed the actors/actresses and associated participants to showcase and further develop their skills for a possible larger and more intelligible ’ controversy’ canvas. Bravo to the crew.

(George Tichy) #18

You know that some people have a different critique technique. Even here we have seen people criticizing books without reading them, criticizing theologians without ever reading a line from them. Maybe you are just dealing with a different version of the same… Will see.

(Bille) #19

Of course, I know that, George. After all, I wasn’t born yesterday… and lived all day today for nothing. I also know that some here make it a point to not even read the introductory essay before they comment on the comments that others make. I just wanted to see if it might be possible to have a legitimate conversation among those who actually watched The Record Keeper episodes. But I don’t really have any real hope that that will happen.

And … what about you, yourself? Did you watch it? If so, how many times? If not, did you watch any part of it? If so, which part?

(George Tichy) #20


Some time ago I watched one of them, and it didn’t click for me so I didn’t follow the issue. This is why I haven’t made any comments either way. I am just observing the dialogue between those who watched it all (or parts) and those who probably didn’t but are still combative about it based on their own nihilism.