End of (Sunday Mail Delivery) Time in Loma Linda

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For 80 years, the residents of Loma Linda, California, have had their mail delivered on Sunday, instead of Saturday. But on April 23 that is all going to change.

The change was necessary because of the cost of paying employees a Sunday premium, postal service officials said. Sunday delivery also means mail is delivered a day late.

The notices have touched off debate between those who value tradition and faith and those who need a more timely and practical mail delivery schedule in order to receive needed mail.

Acting postmaster Dan Mesa said the response he’s gotten has been mostly positive.

“A couple of people have questioned why,” Mesa said. “I got a couple of complaints, but also a lot of compliments.”

The Loma Linda Patch article adds:

Loma Linda Mayor Rhodes Rigsby, who is also Adventist, said for the city government, this is not an issue.

“To me, it’s kind of nice, but not required (to have Sunday delivery),” he said. “Some Adventists get their mail on Saturday all around the world without being horribly offended. I can see how some people would be used to it and they would maybe want to petition to do it. And maybe they want to petition themselves.

“To me, the city government is Catholic, Jewish, Buddhist, Seventh-day Adventist, everything all at once,” he said. “It’s not a Seventh-day Adventist government.”

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