End-Time Events and the Last Generation: An Interview with Dr. George Knight

The delegates IS how the church votes, but anyhow here is a Wikipedia ddefinition of denomination
A religious denomination is a subgroup within a religion that operates under a common name, tradition, and identity
The term refers to the various Christian denominations (for example, Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and the many varieties of Protestantism). It is also used to describe the four branches of Judaism (Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, and Reconstructionist). Within Islam, it can refer to the branches or sects (such as Sunni, Shia, and Ahmadiyya),[1][2] as well as their various subdivisions such as sub-sects,[3] schools of jurisprudence,[4] schools of theology[5] and religious movements.[6][7]

The world’s largest religious denomination is Sunni Islam, followed by Roman Catholicism.[8][9

The largest denomination is SUNNI ISLAM

—almost impermeable/impervious to penetration/proselytism by Christianity.

So the Last Generation Adventists can inexorably attain “perfection” to their heart’s desire, but “until this Gospel of the Kingdom “is preached in all the world”, the END will not come!


I am sadly disappointed with the inefficient work of the LGTarians. :cry: They are not reaching their goals, they are not getting the results they are supposed to, they are just collecting but not delivering. Do you think they may be in collusion with the Russians??? :thinking: :roll_eyes: :innocent:


People who aspire to utter perfection : LGT-ers and the Japanese.

Difference being that sometimes the Japanese actually get there…

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I hope the rest of us don’t have to wait on some of the Adventists to reach perfection (is it supposed to be 144,000?) before Jesus can return.

Must be quite a burden to know that the world continues in violence and chaos because your group is keeping Jesus from returning.:scream::crazy_face::disappointed_relieved:


Do you really think they feel that burden? I’ve never ever seen it expressed by any of them dropping by here. To me it is significant.


No, I don’t, haarpa. I was being sarcastic…I need to put an appropriate “face” on it!

I don’t think they have even made the connection. The self absorption, and the putting of themselves as the lynch pin regarding heavenly decisions is delusional, IMO.

The bible is clear…“and when the Gospel is preached into all the world, then the end shall come”.

Just like the 1844 debacle of preaching a certain date when Jesus was coming, even though scripture says in no uncertain terms that no man knows the day or the hour, scripture is also very clear about what must happen before the end comes.

These self-proclaimed “people of the book” need to get back to the book.


Spot on.

One would think we could learn from one disastrous decision based on false information (1844) that resulted in The Great Disappointment. We were dead wrong. Totally. Decisions made on frighteningly inaccurate information. Inaccurate information begets horrific results. The idea that “God is waiting” for a perfect generation. Just where, let’s ask and remind ourselves, does that come from?

If we test it with the Scriptures, we find that it falls flat. The Scriptures say that Gospel must go to all the world, then the end will come. You are so right. There is no time when a Christ follower would have to “stand alone,” according to the Scriptures. “Behold I am with you always.”

To believe that God is waiting on my perfection is nothing short of arrogance. The willful substitution of non-scriptural based beliefs is stunning but not surprising.


Welcome back!

Does your wife read your posts? :rofl:


Ha ha ha. Excellent perception! But no, it was not posted under duress of any kind :slight_smile:


They are more in the “boox” than in the Book.
They can’t think out of the “boox.”


Last generation theology does not have its basis from Ellen White, some statements that she made expounds on it, but it is taken from the bible. It is a product of the sanctuary message. It is a logical conclusion to what happens when Jesus stands of from his mininstration as our high priest and is no longer interceding for our sins. Because with out Jesus acting as high priest there is no forgiveness of sin. Just like in the typical service if there was any unconfessed sin that person was cut off from Israel. So to in the antitypical day of atonement if there is unconfessed sin when the high priest is finished his work they will be cut off from Israel forever. Jesus also makes the declaration at the close of probation about he who is righteous be righteous still he who is filthy be filthy still. Is Jesus telling the truth or is he lying? He is tellling the truth. So to say that we will not grow up to the full stature as christians and have Christ’s character reflecting off of us fully is a denial of the bible and with it necessitates the rejection of the sanctuary doctrine. It is impossible for a human to replicate God’s character by themselves. But what is impossible for man is possible with God. God can replicate his character completely within us. It is only possible if God does it for us and the bible says that God is omnipotent. Saying that he can’t is saying that he can’t heal us from sin.

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Perfectionism was always considered an heresy by Adventists. The LGT is nothing but the same heresy with a facelift. The only difference is that, this time the GC President is not denouncing it as did his predecessors. Maybe he is also a LGTarian, we never know. We can’t know until he declares himself on one of other side. Which he didn’t so far. Kevin once said that yes, TW is LGTarian. But that’s just Kevin.


Well. it’s always safe to have some “documentation” ready to show if somethings get “too complicated” one day… :wink: :slight_smile:

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"God can replicate his character completely within us. It is only possible if God does it for us and the bible says that God is omnipotent. Saying that he can’t is saying that he can’t heal us from sin."

Let us say that this premise is true…however, none of you LGTarians can produce one single contemporary example of a “perfected” Christian. I call it false spiritual “advertising”.


In the great controversy charges were hurled against God by Satan. God manifesting his character in humanity is not arrogance, it is silencing every charge of Satan for all eternity and it is a manifestation to all the universe of what the power of the gospel can do. Romans 8:3,4 plainly states what Christ wants to do in us. Paul in Galatians 2:20 let’s us know how Christ is to work in us. It has nothing to do with us perfecting ourselves and everything to do with what God will do in us when we submit ourselves to him. When Christ steps out of the most holy place to intercede for our sins and the time of trouble begins, show biblically how you can be forgiven of sin without a high priest. Because I haven’t read one scripture that shows how that is done. The typical sanctuary service shows that when the high priest is finished his work if there was unconfessed sin you were cut off from Israel forever. So if there is no high priest there can be no sins taking place or you are cut off. That is the straight from the sanctuary service which teaches us of the plan of redemption.

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What I find is that the problems in Adventism does not come from Mrs. White herself, but from her loosing her last battle against the inroads that Fundamentalism was making into the church. We ignore her counsel on how to use her writings, and we ignore what SHE actually says about Last Generation Theology.

We find that the so-called “Historic Adventists” and the teaching of LGT have in their writings tend to quote and hold up as heroes people who we find in opposition to Jones and Wagner in 1888. They pick their favorite quotes from the Bible and Mrs. White, that they take a fundamentalist approach to and see it as a message from God (while ignoring other statements). They are focused on authority and from what I’ve seen the people attracted to this type of Adventism tend to be people who are either power-hungry, or just want to be told what to do.

Now the difference between what the Last Generation people teach and what Mrs. White taught on the topic are the issues of quality and quantity. The last generation people are looking for a different quality from anyone in the past. This is based on how John Wesley had a theory that there was yet another level of sanctification that he reached or that other’s have reached. This is what the theology of the Charismatic churches believe in speaking in tongues. To Adventists it is presented in LGT. They are therefore looking for a few people who reach that quality and to hell with the rest of us. (and from this they seem to relish in the good news that the church is going to hell in a handbasket.)

To Mrs. White the issue is not quality but quantity. She does not see a quality beyond Wesley. Some theologians have seen that her descriptions of perfection sounds a lot like a description of John Wesley. She saw that in each generation there were people who had grown to a trust in Christ that has presented love to others and a steadfastness under persecution that is deeper than the majority of believers have reached. What she sees is a large number of the last generation reaching this experience.


Cincerity says_Let us say that this premise is true…however, none of you LGTarians can produce one single contemporary example of a “perfected” Christian. I call it false spiritual “advertising”_

It is quite obvious you do not understand the the word “perfected” in the context Sister White used it. Those who submit their life to God will become perfected through our Heavenly Father not of their own doing, it is a moment by moment process not a … poof I am now perfect like George Knight tried to do and was so disappointed he couldn’t become perfect that he gave up …
Becoming “perfect” is the same as sanctification…You must live your life in Christ not in the worldly things that are around you, you must make choices that go against the crowd.
We are a sinful people and our character tends towards sin, the only way to overcome is through Jesus. Even though Enoch lived in a much more sinful world than we do now he was a perfected Christian and was translated to heaven, Moses sinned at the end of his wandering with the children of Israel, asked for forgiveness, died then was resurrected and taken to heaven, these two are examples of “perfected” Christians that are examples to us

Maybe you should pray, study and read about their lives and the life of Jesus on this earth before you make such a bold statement as this.

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The idea of doctrinal purity, as if millions of people will believe all 28 in exactly the same way, is a modern phantasm. Nor is that the emphasis of truth in the NT.

When Paul spoke of the truth as it is in Jesus, he was pointing believers to the change of life, and the new, diverse, loving community they had come to experience, and needed to continue living out in Christ, not assent to pure doctrine. And within Paul’s communities, there was freedom to disagree over what he called doubtful matters… those that were ancillary to the gospel. What wasn’t ancillary was the need to accept one another with our differences, to bear one another’s burdens, to learn to love one another with appropriate accountability and freedom, to preserve a diverse and respectful unity amidst our differences…amongst ourselves, and with all other Christian groups.

Adventism values views of truth that lead to different results than this… above all valuing being right about doctrinal packages rather than the practical living out of the love of Christ in community.

Faith that expresses itself in love.




Perhaps you should study the life of Jesus and be informed as to the manner in which he dealt with others. Your condescension in your comments are palpable and you are totally uninformed as to what I have studied whether it be the Bible or EGW or how long, etc.

It is clear that you have come to another understanding/interpretation than I do as to the “Perfection” theology (LGT) and that is your privilege as well as mine to not believe in it. God can work with us wherever we are through His Holy Spirit to guide and direct us as to where we need to go. Your “interpretation” isn’t the only one…though you clearly appear to believe this.

BTW…the “BOLD” statement still stands. None of you can produce what you claim is possible here on this earth (Perfection).