End-Time Events and the Last Generation: An Interview with Dr. George Knight

(Richard Ruhling) #123

I dispute Knight’s view that the church is more open to discussion today–maybe to him and what people want to hear, but we are NOT seeing God’s answer as reflected by the change of Ellen White’s last title to a meaningless “Prophets & Kings” when her title carried a serious message that addresses Knight’s problem (and 99% of SDAs–how to have the perfection that may be needed?) Her title & biblical context show how!!

Her title, “The Captivity & Restoration of Israel” (changed after her death) is based on Jeremiah 30:3 where God says, “I will bring again the captivity of my people, Israel and Judah, and cause them to return to the land that I gave their fathers, and they shall possess it…though I make a full end of all other nations…in the latter day…” Jeremiah 30:3,11,24.

That is the context of the New Covenant Promise to put His law in our hearts as seen in Jer 31:1,8,10,16,17,31–This is the key to perfection is we want to do what God wants–only then will we be ready to meet Him in the sky–blind Laodicea does NOT see this and is so self-satisfied with their possession that they are not interested in Truth knocking at the door, but when New World Order is set up, they will sell out to trouble and torture rather than being a part of a “covenant-keeping people”-- “to them will be fulfilled ALL the covenant promises made by Jehovah to that ancient people.” PK 714.
PS: the covenant involves the land of the covenant, and “If ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.” Gal 3:29.

To be interested in God’s promise (did we laugh at Israel’s fear of giants as why they didn’t want to go to the Promised Land?–our turn is coming)

Christ recommended the book of Daniel for end-times and its first six chapters have life and death issues. Isn’t it time that we woke up to consider a different scenario than “Sunday is next”–I heard that 30 years ago, and it ISN’T SO.

In the impending judgment, God is going to give His side power for 1260 days to shut the heavens and turn water to blood (Rev 11:3,6) and THEN the beast (New World Order ridden by the harlot, Rev 17) gets power for 42 months (equal time) and I don’t want to be here when the “full end of all other nations” is made, Jer 30:11–the US is NOT the promised land and after aborting 60 million and approving gay marriage we should expect Judgment to be impending–

“Judgment begins at the house of God” (1Pet 4:17) and Jerusalem (house of Judah) will be first, as seen in Matt 24, Zech 14:1,2. Seeing it THIS summer should make some interested to know why judgment on the US will be next spring, “as the days of Noah” (2nd spring month) and “like a man traveling to a far country” (compared Matt 25:14 & Num 9:10,11)
7 mini-parables ALL support a time of judgment [Passover[ in the 2nd spring month-- like “when summer is nigh” for the fig tree, and after Noah’s clue, “THEN [same time] shall two be in the field–one taken…” (martial law) etc.
As EW said, “we are poorly prepared…” 1SM 406, and precisely because the church has used mind-control–if you control the pulpits and presses, and discussions in a carefully defined SS Quarterly, how will people learn. The door is indeed closed to a lukewarm church.
Call to discuss if you wish, 928 583 7543 or Ruhling7@juno.com

(George Tichy) #124

Not really. Unless things changed a lot since I was in college (class of 1972, Theology). As far as I know, nobody can be disfellowshiped for not accepting EGW. I never heard of a single case, ever.

But, it seems that you may know something more then we do. Do you know anyone who was “dismembered” (:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:) for losing faith in EGW and stayed just a “Sola Scriptura” SDA?


Get in line @GeorgeTichy :wink:

(le vieux) #126

No, Dr. Tichy is correct. Belief in the SOP is not a test of faith, and I’ve never known of anyone who was disfellowshipped for not believing it. But it is often the case that those who reject the ministry of Ellen White, end up leaving voluntarily.


'if a member does not hold to EGW as an inspired prophet as a conscience issue, depending on how vocal they are, they will be disfellowshipped.

I wonder how Walter Rea , if he were alive ,and Dr Ronald Numbers would react to this statement?

(George Tichy) #128

The same way they reacted in the past, I think.

Usually people are baptized into the SDAC after receiving Bible studies and EGW studies. Because they are complete neophytes to Adventism, they don’t know the “fine prints” and just jump into the tank…

But, if later on they realize that there are serious fine prints, and decide (as, for example, I did) to become Sola Scripture SDA Christians, there are no grounds for “dismemberment” of that person. The Church is actually stuck with them (us)… :upside_down_face::innocent:

(Kevin H) #129



"'if a member does not hold to EGW as an inspired prophet as a conscience issue, depending on how vocal they are, they will be disfellowshipped.

I wonder how Walter Rea , if he were alive ,and Dr Ronald Numbers would react to this statement?"

I am not sure what happened years later, but as of January 1982 when he came to Lancaster MA to debate John Wood, he stated that his membership was still in the Seventh-day Adventist church and that he still carries on the custom of taking his shower for Sabbath before sundown on Friday.

(George Tichy) #130

Someone has to be the first, huh??? LOL

(Carolyn Wesner) #131

The 144,000 in Revelation are all unsullied men, having never been defiled by women. (sigh)

(George Tichy) #132

Oh shut!!! I do not qualify…, :roll_eyes:
Well, if I did, I wouldn’t be celebrated tomorrow, Fathers’ Day!!!

(b l d) #133

GraceVessel- Where to begin… @7thdayissabbath , to state that all are accountable… well yea everyone has to answer for themselves. And yes, it is because of SIN … AND the choices we make… how many perfect people were present before, during and after the flood?.. Um… wasnt Noah… I digress.

My bible tells me that Noah was perfect-

Genesis 6:9-These are the generations of Noah: Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God.

Perfection is to imitate a model to perfection (Jesus) in every way, He came to this earth as a babe to show us how it is to be done, He was our example, that is why we should spend a thoughtful hour every day in studying the life of Christ, we need to focus on Him continually and when we sin we ask for forgivness and repent
(Theol.) (repent) To be sorry for sin as morally evil, and to seek forgiveness; to cease to love and practice sin.
Except ye repent, ye shall likewise perish
John who came before Jesus preached for the baptism for repentance for the remission of sins Luke 3:3

There will be a last generation of people who will be perfect in Christ, none will have done this on their own but only through Jesus Christ, anybody who believes in the bible and reads and studies it line upon line with faith and prayer will see and understand what God has shown in his holy word.

George Knight has misled thousands of people down a wrong path by writing books like his latest. One day he will stand in judgment and have to answer. I pray he realizes what he has done, repents and starts leading people to the right path.


(Kevin H) #134

I have not forgotten your post, and still need to answer. One comment is that Seventh-day Adventism is in a lot of ways an application of the American Revolution, especially Jeffersonianism/Madisonianism applied to religion instead of politics.

But also, getting back to the Bible, I believe that the issues of religious freedom does appear in the Bible a bit more than we tend to notice with superficial reading.

(Kevin H) #135

But it’s the same path Mrs. White lead people down and where she disagreed with the leaders who’s thoughts developed into the so called “Historic Adventists” and “Last Generation Theology” movements in Adventism. Although I will give you credit for turning to Noah as an example. Because the big different between Mrs. White and LGT is that LGT tends to look for a different QUALITY then ever before, while Mrs. White expects the same quality as seen in people who have come to fully trust in Jesus over the years but a larger QUANTITY of people reaching that level than ever before.

(Elmer Cupino) #136

You might want to ask your students whether this is true or not. In my clinical experience my adolesennt patients tell me closing one’s eye or not is not necessary to visualize what the mind wants to see.

(Elmer Cupino) #137

Any person who takes Revelation 14:1-5 literally needs to see the likes of our psychologist-in-residence Dr George Tichy @GeorgeTichy or call our office at NUTCRACKER (688-272-2537) I find it hard to conceptualize seeing the names of Jesus and God tattooed on the foreheads of 144,000, walking around earth. And to have sex literally with women is defilement?

Concrete thinking is the first formal task children have to master. As development continues, object permanence develops, the ability to think about things not present and it ushers the age of abstract thinking. The development of abstract thinking is a gradual process necessary for children first to understand emotions, then being able to understand more abstract ideas such as math, metaphors and philosophy.

Abstract thinking is critical for normal development, and exclusively concrete thinking can severely inhibit a person’s ability to learn, empathize, and relate to other people. The development of empathy, the ability to place oneself in another’s shoes and guess what they are thinking or what it is like to be them is crucial and is a key for developing strong social skills. Why must empathy be lost to be an Adventist?

In my clinical practice, i’ve met a number of personality disordered individuals referred by court with tattoos of Jesus and God but never have I met a spiritual and religious person in church with Jesus and God tattoos in his forehead. Has there been any sightings in large meetings such as GC session or GYC meetings? Perhaps our good friend Kevin @kevindpaulson a staunch LGT proponent may offer his opinion.

(reliquum) #138

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(Elmer Cupino) #139

Timo, this NUTCRACKER name was bestowed on us by Victor Pilmoor years ago. George @GeorgeTichy and I took it and ran with it. It’s been an ongoing joke between us including that clinic to open at the GC headquarters. But if you do need to contact me you may do so by email.

(reliquum) #140

Perhaps i shall, just to explain my at times almost not slightly arcane and obscure humour…

LOL concrete thinking also causes people to either miss the punch line entirely, or take it hyperliterally…

(b l d) #141

Mrs White was a prophetess inspired by the Holy Spirit just like those mentioned in the bible. God does not change He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Adam and Eve were on probation in the garden of Eden, their requirement (probation) was to NOT eat of the tree of good and evil, they were to be obedient and they were not, what was their punishment? They had to leave their Eden home and life became a struggle instead of “easy street”.
God does not change, He requires no different from us, to be obedient to Him. Ecclesiastes 1:9 tells us “There is nothing new under the sun”. If a person prayerfully studies they will come to the truth, God promises all that He will lead us into truth, that does not mean that along the way we will make plenty of mistakes, being perfect in Christ requires a moment by moment relationship with Him, it requires that we keep our minds focused on God not the things of this world. Satan is the one who introduced selfishness…That is one of the greatest problems and battle that we have.
May God bless you and I am praying for all to see the error that GK has introduced into the church that God raised up to give the end time message.

(Elmer Cupino) #142

Obedience has its own developmental pathway. What kind of obedience do you perceive God is requiring of us? A robotic non-thinking obedience that demands following leaders without questions or obedience according to our spiritual discovery and journey?