Esquire names James White One of the 100 Most Influential American Style Icons Ever

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Esquire has named Seventh-day Adventist co-founder James White among the 100 Most Influential American Style Icons of All Time.

The magazine's list which includes the greatest influencers on American fashion over different eras, includes White "due to his rugged but impeccably coifed beard that has inspired hipsters up to this very day to grow their whiskers regardless of ideology or worldview."

The publication stresses that White's impact on American fashion was completely unintentional. "Here was someone who worked in the shadow of a more famous wife who nevertheless managed to co-found and run a denomination; launch a magazine that is still around and publish acres of writing all while quietly bearing witness to the merits of sporting a stylish beard that would be the envy of any hipster downing a latte in Portland today."

The Esquire profile of White argues that the best thing about James White's approach to fashion was the sheer effortlessness of his style. "White was a busy man with a very utilitarian approach to dress and facial grooming who gave off the impression of having little time for externalities," said Esquire Style Editor, Edward Macramé. "That's sort of studied-yet-practical effortlessness has always been a hallmark of American style and facial hair."

Macramé acknowledges that James White's spouse, Ellen, had the far greater impact on the American religious landscape. He notes Smithsonian Magazine's recent listing of Ellen White among the 100 Most Significant Americans of All Time but warns readers against underestimating the impact of her lesser-known spouse. "James spent very little money on personal appearance but one look at his tastefully utilitarian dress, piercing eyes and unbeatable beard and you can see why he was able to woo a prophetess."

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(le vieux) #2

Does anyone really care about the opinion of Esquire on fashion (or much of anything else for that matter)?

(George Tichy) #3

Check the article’s author’s credentials before you blast the Esquire magazine… :slight_smile:

(le vieux) #4

You got me. I didn’t look at the bottom. Oh, boy. I should have known. But why does Spectrum even bother with this kind of stuff?

(Trolling for gotchas! :slight_smile: Now we’ll take the hook out of your mouth & toss you back. Catch & release is the policy. - webEd)

(Adventist Caricaturist) #5

Ya, Spectrum, you unfunny louts. Stop trying to be funny.
-James’ Wife, Angry Ellen

(George Tichy) #6

We can’t see it, but the lady on the right has a dove nesting on her hat…

(George Tichy) #7

Because it’s not very far from reality.

Remember before the AC/2014? There was an article reporting how the GC instructed the incoming members on how they should vote. Again, not far from reality…

(Peter) #8

Can’t you ever smile? No humor for you? Or do you just condemn and criticize too quickly, case in point?

(Bille) #9

Not only that, but she has a genuine friendly looking smile on her face… not the look of one who is observing someone who is spouting something “angry”… and actually, if you look closely and make allowances for the droopyness of aged cheeks… that could well be Ellen’s attempt at “smiling at the camera”.

Now the sourpuss on the left… looks a little familiar actually… … whatchathink?

(George Tichy) #10

And now, what will Pici @blc say?
Well, of course after he takes his both feet out of his mouth… :slight_smile:

(George Tichy) #11

Based on her face, the lady on the right appears to be just an “agnostic” properly disguised to spy the barracks… :slight_smile:

Now, the guy on the left looks like just one taking a ride, clueless about what is really going on…

(Bille) #12

Oh, c’mon, George… you can “read” people better than that… besides, there is the actual history of the actual photo for help. The young lady on the right is obviously there as Ellen’s companionn/caretaker… and is more than a bit bemused over the poker-faced male who is more than a bit “puffed up” at his role as Ellen’s “escort”… note how stiffly he is holding his arm for her to hang on to… ( I have to wonder what “Esquire”/Sevvy would say about his "stylish attire… LOL )

(Bille) #13

George, you seem to know quite a bit about the inner workings of the satire organization… are you acquainted with what they have said about the GC moving to Brazil?

Better hunt it up. You’re sure to be interested in it… especially the final lines… Enjoy…

(George Tichy) #14

I am sure this is the main reason you don’t post your picture as your avatar: fear! LOL And imagine that besides me there is also Elmer @elmer_cupino who could quickly jump in!!!

I first though she may have been one of her professional secretaries (aka “copyists”) that took care of her writings… :slight_smile:

(George Tichy) #15

The Brazilians would love it! They just venerate the "chief."
Actually, on a serious note, as far as I know, Brazil is the country where Adventism has grown the most for quite a while.

They actually deserve the “trophy”… Take it, Take it, please take it!!!

(Ron Corson) #16

Actually since Spectrum is not known for humor or satire and does not have a humor column It is unwise to publish articles like the above hoping that the application of someone writing for a satire blog will cover spectrum from misrepresentation. Because people can and do write satire along with opinion and fact based material.

I think a humor category would be a good addition, but just peppering satire in with opinion pieces and reporting is not the best way to run things.

(Peter) #17

Bah humbug, oh dear, tsk tsk

(Jared Wright) #18


(jeremy) #19

all kidding aside, i think james was the attractive one in the white marriage…egw, while she was blessed with a preeminent mind, simply wasn’t physically attractive…which goes to show how meaningless good looks are…

(George Tichy) #20

This is a very strange statement indeed… Let’s see how many supportive comments you will get on this one…