Every Child Everywhere in School Education Campaign Enlists 550,000 Signatures and Counting

With a goal of one million signed petitions, the Every Child Everywhere In School campaign has surpassed its half-way mark, reaching more than 556,000 signatures.

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Instead of just signing petitions, WHY doesn’t EACH CHURCH COMMUNITY
begin a program of Reading, Writing, "Rithmetic?
Even a few kids in each church community would be a start. The kids could
then go home and teach their parents what they are learning.
Encourage OTHER denominations in the areas to do the same.
Teaching some is better than none.


While I believe literacy is incredibly important and I support it enthusiastically, I find the timing of this release ironic, given that most schools worldwide are shut down at the moment because of the coronavirus.


SDAS love their own “programs”…if there isn’t an Adventist one available then it usually doesn’t happen.


Robert Burns had something to say about situations such as this:

The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men
Gang aft agley,
An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain,
For promis’d joy!


There are many countries where parents keep their children out of school so they can earn an income or they think that their disabled or female children are not worthy of an education. There are also many countries that don’t prioritize education to the point where they encourage families to put their children in school and they spend few resources on public education. I think this petition is intended to speak against those societal ills and to encourage underdeveloped country governments
and citizens to step up.

…a great goal. People need to be educated and empowered to become masters of their own destinies so that eventually they will not need to rely on NGO’s, etc.


Signing a Petition is very easy. Also it is QUITE DESCEPTIVE. I has the
illusion of “making us feel good” of “proving we have done something
When I began visiting St. Francis Episcopal in 2005 I learned they were
promoting education in Tuan, Haiti. It began with a Sunday School class
when they were studying the Book of Acts. They began by raising $1000
a year to aid education in that little community.
Some little kids were walking up to 3 hours to school, and 3 hours home.
Many did not have breakfast prior to going. So we began with a feeding
program for lunch. but later became bigger. We financed teacher salaries.
After the Earthquake, the 2-story concrete building was not safe. We raised
$50,000 to erect a new building [something like one day SDA schools, but to
accommodate 250 students]. Every year we send down several teachers to
hold Continuing Education seminar for the teachers. Our Budget now is
close to $50,000 per year. They have better desks. Have solar panels on the
roof to supply lighting and to power the computers. They have a small garden
area to teach plant growing. Most of the ADULTS in that community do NOT
read and write. The students go home and teach their parents to read and write.
At grade 6 students have to take a test and pass it to go on to the next level
of schooling. And a student has to pass a test to be admitted to High School.
At this time we have 4 churches from 4 states assisting us with the school. One
of them is helping up to develop a Vocational Program. [These are different
denominations who heard of our program.]
We raise money for school supplies, purchase them, and then take them all
down there. Needed school supplies are not available 25 miles from Port-au-
If the group had just “Signed a Petition” and sent it to that community nothing
would have happened.
The Seventh-day Adventist church there has a “Church School” but is NOT set
up to provide the impact on the area like OUR “Church Sponsored School” is.


Every boy and girl deserves education but only boys can grow up and be ordained ministers in our SDA church.

Pastor TW, what message are you really giving our children?


this disconnect between headship and WO supporters in our church is about as thorough as the disconnect between trump republicans and dems (and everybody else)…headship supporters would most likely say that they’re following the biblical distinction between males and females when they hold that only boys can grow up to be ordained ministers in our church…but this approach begs big questions when educated boys and girls in our church both become Dr.'s, lawyers, professors, university presidents, etc…

ultimately, headship supporters, like trump republicans, resort to a denial of plain and evident facts…but i’m not sure anymore that they even register that this is what they’re doing…

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Reverend Tutu of South Africa has been promoting 1,000,000
portable desks for kids in Africa. Kids have to sit on the floor at
most African schools. This Lap Board gives them a place to
write and they can easily take it back and forth to school. It also
has a lot of instructional information on it such as help with math
He started this several years ago.
Is ADRA helping to promote this idea?
It is being promoted by the Episcopalian churches here in Georgia.

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They don’t register. They definitely don’t. It seems that they all are on a different universe, and deny that our real universe even exists.

Since you brought Trump… It’s been a bitter experience watching the Presidential morning briefings. It’s nothing but a session of the Trump’s cult. don’;t be surprised if Dr. Fauci stops appearing on that production, since he is not starting his statements with, “Following the President’s leadership” … Besides, of course, telling the American people the truth - thus contradicting what Trump says…

And, no wonder Trump hates the free Press - because he lies in the morning and by noon the Press already figured out what the truth actually is. And it always exposes his deplorable attempt to minimize the reality of the current crisis and his lack of promptness. This why there was a victim of his rage yesterday. Poor Peter Alexander…

Stay tuned Jeremy…, more to come… :open_mouth:

it’s pretty hard to avoid the perception that trump really is in over his head…and now he can’t put together any more rallies to temporarily drug himself into feeling better about himself…

i have to say, though, that it’s particularly disheartening to read that trump was warned about this pandemic as early as january…that warning was apparently credible enough for a few senators to sell stocks and avoid heavy losses…

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