Exiting the General Conference Presidency—Part 2

In this two-part article, Dr. Gilbert Valentine explores the particular circumstances surrounding the exit from office of General Conference presidents Daniells and Butler, and then surveys the circumstances involved in the exit of the other occupants of the office of GC president since it was established in 1863. Originally published in 2019 to give historical context as the next General Conference Session approached, it is republished here as the twice-delayed 2022 Session is now imminent. 

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This is a wonderful presentation of facts related to General Conference Presidents and their time in office. However, I would like to ask a few questions:

  1. What is the legacy of Ted Wilson as he demits office very soon?. What are his successes or failures?

  2. Who are the new candidates being considered for the presidency of the SDA Church?

  3. What are the key or main issues that need to be addressed at the up coming GC session?

  4. Does anyone predict a change in GC policy with respect to the ordination of women as pastors or will it be more of the same?

I was impressed to ask these questions in light of the above presentation. While the statistics are impressive and useful in setting the historical context ,I would like to see some a deeper analysis of major issues confronting the SDA Church at present.



He’s done everything he can to return the church to the 1800’s.

Does he have a son?

Understand the difference between uniformity and unity.

Oh, I’m sure it’ll change real soon now. I’m holding my breath…


i think BarelyAdventist has announced TW’s resignation because he accidentally clapped in church, but i don’t think he himself has announced any such intention…

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