Exquisite Film Had the Edge at SONscreen

Grant Perdew, whose film won at the SONscreen Film Festival this year, talks about the inspiration of Wes Anderson, the power of film to change the world and the amazing opportunities at Walla Walla University.

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Kudos to Grant and hooray for all young Adventist auteurs! Thanks for this interview, Alita, and for providing a platform for viewing the film/s. What makes this film especially delightful is the obvious “backing” from WWU administrators McCoy, McVay, and McBryan.:smiley:

Creativity comes from the Creator in whose image we are made, so from our individual contexts let’s get behind freedom and authentic artistic expression in the Adventist Church.


It is interesting to note that Seventh day Adventism as a whole does not promote creativity among its members. [Whatever that Creativity might look like]
It does not encourage the local churches to have classes and seminars on promoting creativity from the right and left brains.
We dont do that for Adults. We dont do that for those in children, youth, young adult ages.

4/18-- At my sunday Episc church of 150 members we have had an Art Center for about 2 years now. Members and non-members [this year we have a bunch of teen girls coming on tuesday afternoons to do arts and crafts] take part in various mediums of painting. the past 2 years we have had an Art Show with judging and prizes, and newspaper write up. Beginning last week began a 13 week course on developing Creativity. Promoting Creativity. One exercise for 13 weeks is to every day write 3 pages of what ever one thinks, and not look at those pages for 8 weeks. Nothing is right or wrong in writing. A professor is teaching this class. This will be his 5th time to teach a class like this.
A couple years ago someone taught creative writing. And it was fun. But was only for 6 sessions.
I just finished an 8 week program on Reversing Diabetes.I had 2 doing by correspondence with them. Lived out of town. Saw the Ad in the paper. We have a huge Alcoholic Anonymous group that meets Mon, Wed Fri evenings. They have their OWN room and no sharing with others.
It is a community doing healing of Body, Mind, Spirit. And is doing something 7 days a week.
We DO have a healing service on Wednesdays at Noon. The original [1826] Epis. in down town does a healing service at noon on Wed. and is well attended. Once a month at Sunday Eucharist those who wish can be prayed with and anointed with oil.


We don’t to much at all for children, youth, young adults. We haven’t since I was a youth. That’s probably why as soon as I could I stopped going to church at all for 20 years. There was nothing there.


Very nice film, and great outdoors around WWU, but my favorite parts are the eeny weeny sleeping bag and the eeny weeny knit pants. We need more of this creativity fostered in our schools, churches and homes! I recently took an icon painting class at my local Episcopal church (mine was Ruth Bader Ginsburg), and just saw a bumper sticker touting the St. Clement’s Ukupalians (“come pray and play with us”) ukulele band. More is better.

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Just delightful! And the film is the perfect length. (I find Wes Anderson a bit cloying/precious when the movie goes on for two hours.) Thanks so much.