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Keisha E. McKenzie, PhD, Director of Digital Strategy for Auburn Seminary, discusses the campaign to help faith communities remain socially engaged while maintaining physical distance. A thought leader in and beyond Adventism, Keisha grew up in the U.K. and completed college in Jamaica and graduate studies in technical communication and rhetoric at Texas Tech University.

On May 20-21, Keisha held vigil online with other spirit-rooted movement leaders around the United States to name and remember people who have died from COVID-19 so far. The vigil streamed for 24 hours (

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Alexander Carpenter is a board member of Adventist Forum, the organization that publishes Spectrum.

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Dr. Mc Kenzie uses the phrase “faithfully distant” in a unique sociological and political context to describe our church response to Covid 19, The CDC finally got around to issuing " guidelines" to churches and our President just finished giving the shortest threat/promise ever uttered from the White House to the 50 governors on not interfering with churches that open up for worship saying he will “not allow for any interference” and designating places of worship as “essential”.
Let’s imagine a person entering our church in this context

  1. No handshake at the door or warm greeting with out gloves.,hurch Bulletins will be disposable,
  2. No Hymnals to be used.
  3. No sitting next to each other.Persons will sit 6 to 10 feet apart from each other,
  4. No small groups congregating.
    5 No singing or loud talking.
  5. No offering or collection plat passed around.
  6. No passing around the microphone for audience participation.
  7. No children’s classes.
  8. No rest rooms
  9. No Potluck
  10. No personal sharing
    etc. etc
    Why go to church?
    Worship is between you and God!

Mr 45 is just appealing to his base; he hasn’t had much experience with the components of corporate worship which you listed. I’m still staying home to worship.


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