Fighting at the Feast: A Cautionary Tale

The holiday season is a time when we gather with family and friends to enjoy a bounty of good food and each other’s company. Ideally, we put tensions aside and focus on the things that unite us. But in a climate of political and ideological division, holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas can be a catalyst for heated disagreements over topics such as healthcare, race, gender, and party politics.

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What an intriguing application of a Bible story on which we rarely contemplate. Thank you for posting and for the invitation to consider.


Thank-you, Sarah. Excellent reminders for us all.


Thank you for the timely and cautionary tale as a reminder to all. Like the story told in Samuel their are so many, even among Adventists, who like Saul are no longer able to discern injustice, lash out at those who point it out, and blame/slander those whose voices contradict them. Those who have cherished prejudice and long hidden traits of character which run contrary to the spirit of righteousness are now unbridled and their true allegiance is revealed. Like Saul their base passions have been set free, voices of reason are angrily rejected and only cause them to harden their hearts. In this state of mind we see them act against the admonishment of the Holy Spirit to turn from the path they have taken. In time many will give themselves over completely so they no longer hear that still small voice and only hear that of the enemy of souls.


“…may we be brave enough to call out injustice and abuse and wise enough to leave the table when it becomes toxic.” Excellent advice (even at church); also she notes that there is never a vacation from doing things the Jesus way - I would think this applies while driving, or at work, or putting on a mask. Always a good idea to put ourselves into these Bible accounts, i.e. how does this relate to me now?


Thank you, Sarah, for a challenging post. I agree that, for the sake of children, as well as their elders, we cannot afford to ignore hurtful statements. I would just add that we should try to make our comments in a gentle, non-condemning way, and not get embroiled in arguments, if possible.


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