Filtering Reality

I sat on the cellar floor under a cascade of water. It originated from the kind of commercially dug private well that most residents had in the small rural town of Pownal, Maine. The water was pumped into the house through a main water line that entered through the cellar wall and ran up along the ceiling.

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Because we each have a unique filter for viewing the world - society - the church - God, should we be less demanding and judgmental of the differences we see.


It’s hard, but I agree we need to put aside our judgements of each other. Only God can see us as we really are and judge us accurately.

Thanks for saying it so well.


I cannot state with adequate sentiment how much we today in society desperately need to incorporate such basic customs of etiquette in our Western relationships on a daily basis. Unfortunately, in trying to be heard ourselves, we have forgotten the ‘Golden rule’ of Christ-likeness; to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you!”
Thanks for the reminder!:blush:

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